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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Strawberry Linden

Daniel Voyager - 30.jpg

"The Mirror Pond region over at the new Fantasy sub continent in Second Life is being worked on by the Moles. In early August 2021 the Mirror Pond region was empty and now there are new fantasy Linden homes surrounding a big pond in the center. The Moles are still working in the area and may take some to finish. In recent weeks work is still being carried out across the Bellisseria continent and now newer developments are happening. Yay." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

The BBB Gazette - 1.jpg

"Ever wonder if an immersive multi-stop tour is available to not only collect multiple BBB Passport Stamps, but to also see the way in which numerous stamps are connected via the numerous Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) roadways, coastal waters or airway flight paths?  Well, wonder no longer!" Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden
"In its Hey-Day, the Chelsea Hotel in New York City had summer ‘beach’ parties on the roof, mostly just half clothed people sitting around drinking. The roof-top “End of Summer” Beach Party held at Virtual Hotel Chelsea on Saturday the 18th included 4 hours of live music on a real beach with surf, sand and even sharks. No doubt the real life residents of the original bohemian hideout would have been even more delighted." Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"*MONDAY, September 27th, at 7pm: THE WEIGHER continues with Gyro Muggins.
*TUESDAY, September 28th:
   ~ at Noon: RUSSELL EPONYM, Live! with music, and poetry in Ceiluradh Glen.
   ~ at 7pm: Alice Hoffman's NIGHTBIRD  continues with Willow Moonfire. 
*WEDNESDAY, September 29th at 7pm: More Selections from Terry Pratchett's THE WYRD SISTERS with Caledonia 
*THURSDAY, September 30th at 7pm: ABANDONED with Shandon Loring
*FRIDAY, October 1st at 7pm: GHOSTBUSTERS Begins with Shandon Loring and Caledonia Skytower
*SUNDAY, October 3rd at 1:30pm: TEATIME ~ A Night In The Lonesome October Continues, live on stream in Ceiluradh Glen.
Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"I’m happy to announce that I’m joining the second SL Renaissance Festival this year as an official blogger. The Renaissance Festival is a charity event for Making Strides agains Breast Cancer. We are looking forward to 15 special event sponsors, over 50 merchants showing their awesome creations for historical roleplay, 68 hours of entertainment from 60 of SL’s best live musician and DJ’s" Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"The gallery at Elven Falls seems to specialise in exhibitions involving four artists. The latest, called (for no particular reason we can discern) Banksy Goes Wild at Elven Falls, opened on Sunday 18th September. Fenella attended the opening party and checked out the exhibition while she was there. The show features work by Zia Sophia, AmandaT Tamatzui, Tom Prospero and Jamee Thomson." Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"Firebrick.  That sounds familiar, doesn't it?  Nooooo. That was "Fired Brick". Oh my. So many color names.  The two have differences of course. This is a more normal red hue, not near brown at all. Looking back at all the reds we have done on this journey this would probably be my choice if I just had to pick a color to represent RED." Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"I love how this photo came together as I starting building the scene.  I imagined a rustic and lovingly worn out building in the middle of an orchard….something cozy and comfortable, an escape from the rain or heat while harvesting the apples…..somewhere to enjoy a fresh slice or two of the day’s harvest and at the same time a place to store a small variety of gardening tools." Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden

Home & Garden
"I cannot believe that Scarlet Creative has been around for 15 years! Snoop and I joined in 2010 and I remember falling in love with all the homes created by Charlotte. I always loved to decorate and this designer always had wonderful homes to fill." Read more on the blog.
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