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A showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers in the community. Are you a blogger that wants to join the Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)? Fill out the submission form today! https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2627-introducing-the-second-life-blogger-network"

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Strawberry Linden

Virtual Bloke - 1.jpg

"Anyone who has been a resident of Second Life for more than a few days will have been there: you have a question about a product, whether it’s a query before you decide to make a purchase, or an issue you’re having post-purchase. You need support from someone, and since I work as a CSR (Customer Support Representative) for a major mesh brand in Second Life, today I have some tips from my metaphorical CSR’s desk to help you get the most out of your support contact and get your issue solved/questions answered as smoothly and painlessly as possible… for both of us. Think of this post as Help Us to Help You advice ;-)" Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden
"Gogo recommended the Halloween Experience over at the MILLBANK sim and I decided that once I had a cup of coffee it was time to get in the spirit. After all – this is one of my FAVORITE times of year on the grid. There is a haunted tour which is delightfully spooky." Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"I’m actually not a great fan of the Halloween season. I’m not sure why; it’s just something that has never really held any significant appeal. However, within Second Life, there is one part of the spooky season (to use the overworked expression beloved of local news anchors on the TV) that I absolutely do enjoy each year – and that’s the annual Calas Galadhon Halloween region that Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith put together as a creative tour de force for everyone to enjoy, both by exploring it and in attending the entertainments they and their team lay on throughout the month." Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"Ok..so that actually isn't the name of the build.....and I started out with a much different scene....soon the house was suffocating with all the clutter...so took all the "stuff" away, and here we are with simple...it becomes quiet without all the noise around it....seems that works for a lot of things in life, not just decorating..." Read more on Flickr.
Strawberry Linden

Home & Garden
"Decided to throw down in the kitchen and whip up something for the family that will most likely place them in a food coma. It's been a while since I took the time in the kitchen and I can't wait to dig in!" Read more on Flickr.
Strawberry Linden
"Throughout my life, I always felt it therapeutic to write down my thoughts, ideas, goals, etc. It feels like you are cleaning up the clutter in your brain,clearing up some space to store more information that is bound to come up in the future. I love writing or doodling down how I felt on a specific day, how I reacted to it. It helps me grow, to learn from my mistakes and to become a better person." Read more on the blog.
Strawberry Linden
"Welcome to the Glitch Motel, a cozy little place nestled among the trees just off the main road. They have many amenities on offer, like their bike hire for an easy way to travel around the grounds. There is also a large bathroom for their guests, however it’s currently undergoing maintenance. " Read more on the blog.
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