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A showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers in the community. Are you a blogger that wants to join the Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)? Fill out the submission form today! https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2627-introducing-the-second-life-blogger-network"

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Linden Lab


"Good morning folks! I’m already late for work, but I had to post this today and get it out of the way. I have been spamming you with Arcade posts lately but can you blame me? There are so many goodies in this current round and only 20 days left for you to go check them out. I’m sporting some of them today so take a look below for all the details and enjoy your shopping!"

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Linden Lab
"Part two of my adventures in visiting sims and taking pictures. I rarely do it. I tend to like to make it very hard for myself and come up with scenes myself. It’s a nice challenge though but ultimately I have control over everything. Almost."
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Linden Lab
"2019 marks the 10th Edition of 2Lei’s annual campaign to raise awareness of the plight of women the world over who face violence – physical, sexual and psychological – on a daily basis. The event, mixing art, music and talks, runs through November and December each year. I’ve already provided an introduction to this year’s Edition (see: No Violence! the 2Lei 10th edition in Second Life), and wanted to take a little time to focus down on the largest collection of art within the event, which can be found at the Black Label Exhibition Corner and urban city."
Click here for the full article on Inara Pey's blog.
Linden Lab
"The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. One of my favorite stories when I was a child. I was in love with her dress. But as I grew older, I started understanding the true meaning of the story. To me, this is a story of how hate can so easily invade your heart and how difficult it can be to let love back into your heart. " 
Read more and get credits on Seren's World.
Linden Lab
"Ok…so if I was someone who really believed in reincarnation I would be certain I was a phenomenal figure skater in that previous life.  I have always had a love for figure skating…loved doing it (poorly) and watching it on TV whether is was movies or sports.  When I watch it during the Olympics I can actually feel my limbs wanting to move in unison with the skaters.  Weird, I know, but it’s a really strong sensation."
Read on at the Pretty Things, Nice Life! blog.
Linden Lab
"While it has yet to open to the public once more, The Babel presents a musical construct of boxes, elements and levels. Each box is a sound – an instrumental or vocal note or chord – which is played when touched. Some will play once when touched, others work on a toggle – they will play until touched again. These boxes are arranged in musical elements, with the lowermost boxes in an element representing bass notes or chords, and the boxes above containing percussion or melody elements. By touching the boxes in an element you can create various harmonies. It’s a place I last visited shortly before it was first retired from Second Life in (if I recall correctly) 2013; as such it is a place I’m looking forward to revisiting once it re-opens to the public."
Click here to read the full article on Inara Pey's blog.
Linden Lab
"The Christmas season is officially here!  I know a lot of other bloggers beat me to the first official Christmas post and lord are their pictures looking amazing!  I’m excited to have my first one done and will be oohhhing and aaahhhing over everyone else’s picture for the next several weeks. "
The Blended Beauty blog has all the credits and details.
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