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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)!
SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community.

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Linden Lab

"Years ago, four in fact, I wanted to do a post discussing capping and the information on offlines to emails, and how nothing should actually be missing, if done correctly. There will be times when SL does something odd, or when you are logging in and someone IMs you and you may lag out or even crash and that would not be saved, but all in all my 13 years in Second Life, I have probably missed less than half a dozen things in all that time. "

<Read more on Sasy Scarborough's blog>

Linden Lab


"We first visited Elvion, designed by BoZanoNL in February 2019, back when it was a quarter Homestead region. As I noted in Elvion: an elven sanctuary in Second Life, back then it offered the look and feel of a elven sanctuary, steeped in mystic magic and with little places for visitors to sit and spend time. More recently, the setting has moved to occupy a complete Homestead region, and in doing so has obviously expanded."

<Click here to read more on Inara Pey's blog>

Linden Lab
“I decided to stay in bed until noon. Maybe by then half the world would be dead and it would only be half as hard to take.” 
<Click here for more on the Twisted Euphoria blog>
Linden Lab
"Today’s post is home decor featuring furniture items from Fancy Decor, What Next and a touch of Ionic. I don’t know what you would call a room like this but it was put together on how I felt at the time."
<Click here for credits and more on Kurimu Kuma's blog>
Linden Lab
High on a snow-covered mountain
From her throne she looks down at the clowns
Who think youth can be found in a fountain
High on the wings of her rhythms
She will smile at the guys who come on with their eyes
But she'll never dance with them
And in smoke-filled rooms of electric sound
A legend is built around
The Snow Queen
~ Carole King
<Click here for more on the Sugarcoated Pixels blog>
Linden Lab
"The Frost Queen came about because I wanted to create the image of a powerful Snow Queen who wields her powers with icy prowess for The Lost Unicorn Gallery Opening at the Enchantment Snow Queen round on Nov 9th. " 
<Details on the Threads and Tunage blog>
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