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A showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers in the community. Are you a blogger that wants to join the Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)? Fill out the submission form today! https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2627-introducing-the-second-life-blogger-network"

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Linden Lab


"It’s official – Halloween is in full swing. In case you haven’t noticed, the blogging community is committed to show us some of the amazing creations and the Good Gorean is no exception; just because we live in a world of fairies, mermaids and highly intelligent golden-insect-like creatures, doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate Halloween. It’s not unusual for role-play regions to host Halloween events or decorate their landing areas with cool-looking knickknacks. No matter where you call home, celebrate this contagious Halloween season by decorating, dressing up your avatar or pick up the hundreds of free gifts you can find in hunts, stores and events."

<Click here for more info in the Good Gorean blog>

Linden Lab
"I genuinely love my Linden home and I'm so incredibly thankful that LL decided to launch these. I do wish they'd add more though so everyone could join in on the fun of choosing and decorating one. I've actually chosen to go nuts decorating mine for Halloween. If you want to explore it, I'm on the Washburn SIM! I'd love to have you over for some candy and maybe a tarot reading!"
<Click here for more on Apple aka Ossia's Flickr> 
Linden Lab
"We visited ChatuChak, a relatively new region design by Lotus Mastroianni and frecoi (aka Fred Hamilton) earlier in October, but it has taken me a while to get around to writing it up. Lotus and frecoi are responsible for developing a number of regions I’ve covered in these pages, and so while it has taken a while to write about it, ChatuChak had been a place I was keen to see, a desire somewhat increased because of the region’s subject matter."
<Click here to read more on the INARA PEY: LIVING IN A MODEM WORLD blog>
Linden Lab
"The sweet scent of human blood hit her as she stepped on the passenger car and every breath she took burned her throat. Each second that she stood there threatened to reveal her to the oblivious mortals around her. “This should be interesting…” she thought as the veins on her face started to be more visible and her scarlet eyes burned through the contacts that masked her true predatory nature."
<Credits and more on Jang Sungyoung's blog>
Linden Lab
"Lines for a photographer are a very useful composition tool, they can be used to draw the viewers eye to a subject, they can be used to create a sense of motion in a photo and a photographer can even use crossing lines to create tension in an image, making it more interesting for the viewer to look at. Essentially out entire world is made up lines and as photographers we chose how to use those lines to tell our story."
<Click here for more on the alyss whitewood blog>
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