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Linden Lab

"In today's Vlog I am actually not talking too much. I am showing you the amazing destination in Second Life called Bayou du Chat Noir. Totally worth a visit. "

<Watch the video and read more on Isabelle Cheren's YouTube channel>

Linden Lab


"I remember the first time I went to Wales. While I had heard the jokes about Wales and sheep, nothing prepared me for just how many sheep I seen in every field I drove past from the ferry to the place I was staying. Thankfully they stayed in the fields and not run ย down the village street because I am sure it would not look as easy as ย the picture above looks catching them."

<Click here to read more on the Just Stuff blog>

Linden Lab


"So after going all ghoulish last night, I needed to get back to my girly ways tonight.

Between what I went through with Dozer a few weeks ago and a couple of people I know who are struggling as their pets going through some difficult health issues, I have been thinking a lot about how important or pets are to us. ย Thankfully, this time the thoughts arenโ€™t in some panicked spell like they were a few weeks ago for me."

<Click here for more on the Blended Beauty blog>

Linden Lab


"* LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE * Hey Robins It's the weekend! and with so much to do this season, what a better way than to start with some fall activities. From appel picking with my family, sharing a small fall recipe, revising my knowledge on creating content in Second Lifeโ„ข, to setting up a relaxing bathroom for me to retreat to after a long day of work and so much more. Join me as I work through my to-do list "

<Click here to watch the video on Quincy Robin's YouTube page>

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