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A showcase of some of the amazing things going on in Second Life - from snapshots, to gifs, to edits and landscapes. If you're interested in being featured, submit your pics to the Official Flickr Group. Looking for places to visit inworld for pics and adventures? Check out the Destination Guide for places to explore. 

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Linden Lab


One of the most innovative games we've seen in Second Life is the limited-time "scavenger adventure" game "Horror Night." Grab your free HUD when you arrive and then seek-to-find the hidden items to collect them all and complete your quest. Once you do, you'll get a special item that you'll use to collect your reward and solve the mystery.

While scavenger hunts are in abundance in SL, "Horror Night" employs some innovative techniques to assume control of your camera during triggered "events" in your journey. There are scares aplenty in this fun adventure, which runs through the end of August.  

Visit the developer's website to find more info on this game and the backstory-- but be sure to use Google Translate since it is in Japanese.



Linden Lab


Calling all Second Life artists! Visit the Linden Endowment for the Arts Full Sim Art Series, running from October 2011 through March 2012. Here you'll discover various art projects and exhibitions from different SL artists. Submit your application today to be a part of the action! Submissions are due by Sept. 10. If selected, you'll get a full sim to use for your installation. Find out more at http://pdx.be/c9cb. Check out the Destination Guide entry here

Linden Lab


Check out the Men's 24 — one of the most fabulous fashion events for style-conscious men in Second Life. The fun began on Aug. 19 and will wrap up on Aug. 27. More than 24 well-known, talented menswear designers have created delightfully divine, limited-edition items for this fashion fête. Come explore the fantastic sartorial creations inworld here, and check out Strawberry Singh's site for more details!

Linden Lab


Photo courtesy Zada Bury

This year's Zindra Expo promises to be a mix of creative and interactive experiences for Residents, as the four regions of ZEXPO are transformed into a land of surprises and innovative creations. Games, contests, rides and daring attractions will all be in the mix, along with art galleries, concerts, live discussions and exotic play areas. ZEXPO is a celebration of Zindra, the sophisticated adult mainland of Second Life. Zindra will host this Forbidden Carnival, offering 10 days of fun. Be there as ZEXPO 2011 celebrates Zindra and everything adult in SL.

To visit these sites, you must 18 years of age or older.


On the web


Linden Lab

Mesh Showcase


Have you visited the new Destination Guide Mesh Showcase?

It’s only been two days since the formal rollout of mesh in Second Life, but some amazing creations are already starting to surface. For example, artist claudia222 jewell has created the surreal and sticky Mesh Mellows, where human-bug hybrids dwell in a creepy underground abyss. 



The SL fashion blogosphere is also abuzz about the many form-fitting mesh fashions starting to roll out, such as those by Jane, Dirty Lynx, Curious Kitties and LaRosa.



To see these advanced mesh creations in action, visit the Mesh Showcase in the Destination Guide. However, you’ll need to use a mesh-enabled viewer, such as Viewer 3.

Are you a creator who is using mesh in a new and innovative way? If so, tell us about your designs, fashions or environments using the Destination Guide Suggestion Submission form to be considered for the Mesh Showcase.


Linden Lab

We’re making Second Life Premium better than ever with new added benefits — and, for a short time, membership is now 50 percent off*.


Now is a great time to sign up! In addition to saving 50 percent, members will enjoy more rewards than ever — including exclusive, Resident-created gifts. You’ll also gain access to Premium-only Sandboxes, special areas inworld where you can build objects, rez purchased items and meet other new members — all on specialized land where you are free to express your creativity.

Plus, you’ll get your own Second Life home to furnish and Premium-only access to Live Chat support. You'll also enjoy a L$1000 sign-up bonus and weekly L$ rewards to spend however you like. Read more details about Premium benefits here and keep your eye out for even more benefits on the way soon.

Pictured: These are just two of the many styles of Second Life homes that you can select
as a Premium member. What style will you choose?

Learn more and upgrade to Premium now. >>

*Terms & Conditions for 50% discount: This limited-time discount offer is available only for memberships on the Quarterly billing plan. Discount will be applied to the first quarterly billing cycle only, and all future charges will be at the regular Premium price. To qualify, Second Life members must have an active Basic account or create a new Second Life account. Discount offer begins on Friday the 9th of September at 12:00 pm (noon) Pacific Standard Time (SLT) and expires on Monday the 12th of September 2011 at 08:00 am Pacific Standard Time (SLT).

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