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A showcase of some of the amazing things going on in Second Life - from snapshots, to gifs, to edits and landscapes. If you're interested in being featured, submit your pics to the Official Flickr Group. Looking for places to visit inworld for pics and adventures? Check out the Destination Guide for places to explore. 

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Linden Lab
1. What inspired Olds Airforce Base?

At the time we planned Olds, there was no specific sim for modern jet combat. That was our first aim. As we started all places for dogfighting been World War II-themed.The ground combat part came a bit later into consideration as more and more residents asked for such a feature. The general storyline of Olds AFB is that of a remote US/NATO airbase in the mediterran to counter USSR/Soviet threats in the Cold War.
Our scenario is a late 1980s-early 1990s Cold War gone hot one. The Warsaw Pact and NATO countries engage in conventional non-nuclear hostilities and Olds is one hot spot in this war because of the strategic value of the base. This all got mainly inspired by things like: The novel "In the Eye of the Storm" by Tom Clancy, the movie "Red Dawn" and actual games like "Homefront" and "World in Conflict." The idea is appealing because in Cold War times, lines drawn in the sand been alot clearer. I grew up in West germany near the border and we lived allways under the impression that "the Ivan" might come around for a stroll. There been us and there been them. Likeweise on their side. These times are over, thank god. But nontheless this makes for a very clean and clear setup for a team-based gameplay.

Another question not directly mentioned here but which i got asked A LOT is: What does the name Olds mean? Short answer: The base is named after the famous air force fighter pilot from Vietnam, Robin Olds. The gentleman maverick with the mustache!

2. What can Residents do there?
Simply put: Engage other players with modern vehicles or as infantry within the VICE combat system

In our sims we got alot of manufacturers of VICE combat vehicles and infantry arms. A whole lot freebees are aviable as well and we got demo rezzers for all sort of things. This all takes place in 9 sims which get overseen by 9 admins and mods to make the gameplay as fluent and as enjoyable as possible.

The gameplay is team based with 4 base teams:
Team 1 is the NATO forces located in the mainsim Undine States.
Team 2 is the Warsaw Pact and Arab League troops in the Sim Undine Shore and North
Team 3 is the so-called Undine Liberation Front (for short ULF) which are a little ragtag rebel force located in Aeronautica Straight.
Finally there is Team 0, or Team 4, which is open game – just want to blow off some steam and blow things up. Just lock that team and go in – but be advised you, are on your own.

These teams come into importance with our interactive flag system. The capture-the-flag system has 16 sectors with 48 flags all over the estate. An interactive map shows progress of each team on how much ground they hold.

In our sims there is a multitude of vehicles aviable and to be seen in engagements. Foremost, naturally, all kinds of jets and attack helicopters, but also tanks, artillery and natually infantry. Unlike many places our gameplay is not very infantry-centric. In our sims infantry is quite vulnerable and you really need to get some teamwork going to succeed.

3. Have you remodelled the sim since it first debuted a few years ago?

As we opened Olds we did had a desert set up. It was very low-lag for jets and helicopters but it lacked the cover for ground forces. As this part grew larger and stronger in the community we decided to "green up" Olds and now feature a rich and flush green, Mediterranean setup with plants made by the extremly talented Uni Ninetails and her brand Forrest Floor. We allready plan a new outfit which most likely be the Estate covered all in snow. But when and how this will happen remains to be seen.

4. How large would you say the modern military combat community in SL is?

I am not shy to say that Olds kicked off some dust. After Olds opened and succeeded it showed the community another way to do combat games. Subsequently other sims came up: Gungnir/Prypyat, Oceana and the large Outcast community. Times where not allways easy but as a whole the modern combat community profited from the development. There are alot of small and large groups with different topics inside Modern combat, from more role-play oriented groups to pure combat teams and simple user groups. The community is live and prosperous, and usually open-minded to newcomers and help out with freebees, advising and training.

Visit Olds Air Force Base inworld here.
Linden Lab

1. What is a Simboard?

A Simboard is a mix snowboarding, skateboarding, and hoverboarding, with a sci-fi twist. The FS model lets you customize nearly anything on it, with engine settings to change physics as you see fit. The CS Simboard is designed specially for SimBall, a sci-fi game concept of a high contact sport on Simboards with weapons. Thus “CS” model, or the Combat Simboard. The rules are simple. Grab the ball and score it for your team! Avoid opponents weapons and pegs. The game strategy comes from board types, and mixing board types to work together.

2. How can someone get started to play?

There is a free basic CS board available at Vetox HQ or at many affiliate vendors near public arena's around Second Life. These allow anyone to play in the arenas. Paid-for boards will have special powers and/or weapons depending on the type bought.

3. Are there advanced tricks that one can do once they get comfortable on a Simboard?

Yes. Simboards have an open control system. This means you can mix any set of keys, up to about four at once, and get a result that changes how the board reacts. Typically the best way to think of it is that holding the E or C keys (Page up and Page down) will change the primary control which are WSAD to a new actions. Turning left or right becomes spins or rolls for example. These effects are instant and only active while holding the E or C keys down, which allows for fast action and reactions. There are also weapons, or powers, in the CS model that are active only during an arena game. By pressing Page up and Page down at the same time. These weapons are usually AOE (area of effect.) And anyone nearby will be affected.

4. What locations do you recommend for the best simboarding?

For Simball, there are new arenas that pop up every week. There are too many to keep track of at the moment! However, there is a list of recent games at this global log here. Note that this feed may soon change over to our website at www.Vetox.biz. Also, some locations can be found on all arena servers in the pop-out community panel. Currently SIA is one of the top arena's ran by SLTV in the Japanese community, run by mato Jetcity. There are also the JBall tournaments. There is also a small example arena located above the Vetox HQ store. There is a Simball Network panel located there as well. The Vetox HQ is at this location. I do not own a Sim – rather, we let the community build arenas as they see fit on land they own – another reason to own land?) :) – and then network their games to the global log. Soon there will be a list of top used arenas which we will feed back to all game servers inworld.
Visit Vetox Outpost inworld here.
Linden Lab

1. Neo-Realms Fishing is one of the very first games in SL! Yet, it remains quite popular. What inspired you to develop the game originally?

I joined Second Life in 2004 because it sounded like a cool place to create games without having to do a lot of the complex graphics coding that would be required on any other platform. I was an avid fisher in other MMORPGs at the time, and my friends and I thought that Second Life needed a fishing game too! It turned out Second Life was in fact a great place to make games, and after a few months of development the first version of the fishing game was up in December 2004!

2. How has it changed over the years?

In 2004, fishing started as a game where players packed together in a sim while their rods talked to a local buoy that ran the game, but over the past 7 years, Neo-Realms Fishing has evolved with 5 major updates into a global fishing system. Nowadays fishers can participate in daily global tournaments and minigames at any fishing location on the grid, enjoy a personalized fishing page on our web servers where they can track their real-time rod stats and catches, join fishing leagues and more!

One thing that has not changed over the years is the awesome community surrounding the game. We still have many fishers that were here near the beginning. It is our community of wonderful fishers that really keeps fishing going!

3. How many types of fish are there to catch? Any secret or rare types of fish?

There are 5 different categories of fish to catch, plus quest items. In all there are about 450+ fish and other items to catch, plus custom fish that the community has created and distribute at their own fishing locations. In addition to fish and quest pieces we have fishing charms that grant xp to your rods, reward points that can be traded in for prizes like arcade tickets, and XP crystals that have the chance of triggering global double XP days for all locations.

There are several super rare fish that only spawn at certain times, or are only
available if other fish are not available. Our highest tier of fish, the Super Epics, are only available with special Super Bait that has to be won or earned via quests and rewards.

We also have a fishing quest where the reward is a "Spawnometer" that tells you if some of our rare fish are available or not.

4. How does one get on the “leaderboard” to show off their accomplishments?

To make it on the leaderboard, all one has to do is place in an official Neo-Realms tournament. Official tournaments are global tournaments run at a certain time every week with guaranteed prize money. We have run over 10,300 official tournaments since fishing started!

We also track lots of individual achievements on our Hall of Fame page, where super rare catches, highest rod scores and the latest daily best catches and minigame scores can be found.

For fishers who are more team-oriented, we also run the Neo-Realms Team Fishing League. Players compete in 2v2 matches over the course of a season, with prizes going to the league victors. Our past team leaderboards are available at tfl.neorealms.net

Other ways of showing off their accomplishments in-world include Achievement Hats, which display fishing badges earned by completing achievements.

5. Explain the “Gold Camps” concept and how other locations can participate.

Gold camps are a premium service that expand the features of the standard fishing camp. With Gold Camps, we offer a higher commission rate on sales (25%) as well as our popular mini-games with a ton of daily prizes for the winners provided by Neo-Realms. These minigames include Crabbing, Depth Charger, FishGolf, Simwide Small/Medium/Best Catch, and our newest minigame: Clamming!

Gold camps are also entered into a twice-daily drawing for XP Happy Hours which grant double XP bonuses for catches to their sim for an hour.  Gold owners are also eligible to host Global Fishing Tournaments based in their sim, which acts as a central hub for all fishers to register and receive prizes during the competition.

Our Gold Camps are a great way to draw traffic to an area with contests and prizes run by Neo-Realms that take place around the clock.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions about Neo-Realms Fishing please contact Sweegy Manilow or visit our website at fish.neorealms.com
Visit Neo-Realms inworld here.
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