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Linden Lab

As many of you who play PaleoQuest and Linden Realms already know, Second Life has had a terrible rash of incidents lately involving comets falling from the sky. The obvious question from Residents has been, “What do I do if that happens to me? Will my home be burnt and decimated like Linden Realms?”

This is an unsettling prospect for obvious reasons and we hear your concerns.


While the risk of comet damage in Second Life is very low, this is a world where the only limit is your imagination. So if we can imagine a comet crashing to earth in Second Life, then it is theoretically possible.

In an effort to protect our Residents from such pandemonium, we are unveiling a new benefit exclusively for Premium Members. Should a comet fall from the sky and destroy your home in Second Life, we will cover the cost of your home and the items inside. It will be replaced by a home identical in every way to the home you had before. In fact, you may not even notice that your home was ever hit by a comet!

This new benefit is automatically included in your Premium Membership at no additional cost to you. This is just one more benefit in the long list of valuable perks that Premium Membership provides our Residents. And, if you upgrade today, you can go premium for 50% off the first month’s regular price!*

Pandemonium 2.jpg

Pandemonium 5.jpg


April Fools! While we're joking about the comet insurance, we aren't kidding about the one-day-only premium promotion happening - so go premium today!

*TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR 50% DISCOUNT This offer begins on April 1, 2018 at 8AM Pacific Time (PT) and expires on April 2, 2018 at 8AM PT. To qualify for this promotion, you must 1) have an existing Second Life ("SL") basic account or create a new account, and 2) select monthly (every one month) billing for your SL account. The fifty percent (50%) discount will be applied to your first month's bill and future months will be billed at the standard Premium Membership price (currently US$9.50 per one month). For new accounts or accounts not previously upgraded to Premium Membership, after initial login through the Second Life viewer following upgrade to Premium Membership and: 1) following your first full week, the L$300 weekly stipend will be deposited to your account every Tuesday for the duration of your Premium Membership; and 2) after your account has been active for forty-five (45) consecutive days, the L$ sign-up bonus will be deposited to your account.

Linden Lab


Something is wrong, something is amiss! Can you uncover the cause of the mysterious catastrophe that is causing chaos in Linden Realms?



In “Linden Realms: The Wrath of Ruth,” you'll need to navigate through smoke and debris to collect crystals and earn Linden Dollars. Along the way, you’ll have to dodge rock monsters, fireballs and other fiery obstacles to save Linden Realms.


So, how did this all happen? While the rest of the grid was busy catching magical Glytches, the evil Ruth used this distraction to her advantage. Using Magellan Linden’s coffin, Ruth altered the course of a comet to come crashing down on Linden Realms. Now the region burns with flames as hot as her wrath.

Can you put an end to Ruth’s madness?


Linden Lab



We’ve got some exciting news for both aspiring and existing Landowners who think the cost of land is too darn high in Second Life. Effective immediately, we’ve reduced Mainland costs by over 10 percent. 

But, wait...there’s more!

Premium members now also get DOUBLE the Mainland allotment! That’s twice as much space to build, create and design your own home, business or experience in Second Life at no extra charge! Premium subscribers now have 1,024m² included with their membership: you could keep your Linden Home and still have another 512m² left over, or use your entire 1024 allotment towards a parcel on the Mainland.  To learn more about specifics of this change, view our Pricing and Allotment Comparison chart.

We know that costs associated with land ownership can hinder some people from realizing their full creative vision in Second Life or even keep them from participating in Second Life as much as they’d like. In 2015, we decreased land setup fees by up to 40% and restored a 50% discount on set-up fees and ongoing maintenance fees for educators and nonprofits. In 2016, we offered a limited-time “buy-down” opportunity that rolled back maintenance fees on full islands and homesteads.

As Second Life begins to celebrate its fifteenth birthday, we hope that this latest price drop will be welcome news to those who aspire to explore their creativity in 2018 and beyond.

To learn more about Premium benefits, visit our Premium page.


Linden Lab

As the end of 2017 draws closer, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on just a few of the major beats that made this another great one for Second Life. From technical improvements to new features, to community happenings, the virtual world’s 14th year was a busy and fun one!

Baby Got Backend Enhancements

We rolled out a number of upgrades to SL’s backend and build systems. This behind-the-scenes effort helps to improve stability and performance, and also is part of the future-proofing and prep work needed for the “Brave New World” project - i.e. moving SL to the cloud.

Tons of Fun Inworld

We launched our first-ever grid-wide game experience: Tyrah & the Curse of the Magical Glytches! Thousands have already enjoyed playing so far, and there’s even more to come.

This year also saw the introduction of a brand new group of starter avatars, and some awesome events inworld, including great shopping events like the one going on now, our annual Linden-vs-Resident snowball fight, the Halloween creepy-crawl, and some massive celebrations for SL14B - our 14th anniversary!

We hope you had as much fun in SL this year as we did. Next year is SL’s 15th birthday and we’re planning an absolute blow-out to celebrate. Stay tuned for more on that soon - we’re talking way more than one month’s worth of parties...

More Primo Premiums

In addition to regularly rolling out fresh gifts exclusively for subscribers, we added new benefits to Premium membership to make it even more, well, premium! We launched Premium Access to full regions, and extended the L$ transaction history for Premium subscribers up to 90 days.

We’re very pleased to share that as a result, we did see some growth in Premium account membership this year. Happy as we are, we think we can do even better, so look forward to new initiatives in 2018 aimed at making the benefits of going Premium even more valuable.

But Wait There’s More!

This year, we introduced a whole of new features and capabilities as well. For example, Animesh (which you can now test on Aditi using our Project Viewer) allows independent objects to use rigged mesh and animations, just like mesh avatars, and Residents have already used this feature in impressively creative ways.

We also rolled out more land features - Estate owners have more control over their land, we improved region capacity, and introduced Place Pages to help make your favourite SL places much more discoverable on the web.

Along those same lines, we brought back an improved version of the Community Gateway Program (and RegAPI), enabling communities to grow their ranks (and SL’s user-base) by registering and onboarding new users.

Last, but not least, we revamped our Support Portal and Community Forums to make it easier for Residents to get help when they need it and connect, discuss, and share with other users on the web.

Onward to 2018!

Not only does SL celebrate our 15th birthday next year, but we’re also working on some exciting new initiatives and enhancements we can’t wait to share with the community. As we announced earlier this year, we’re investing many millions in SL and 2018 is going to be a big one.

See you inworld!


Linden Lab
We're excited to introduce Linden Realms, where Residents can dive directly into exploring the towers, caves and valleys of the Lab's first-ever game prototype. Dodge rock monsters and fierce fireballs as you cross deadly, toxic rivers to complete quests and cash in your crystals for Linden Dollars. And that's just the beginning...

Quests take you through the basics of game-play in Second Life while you earn Linden Dollars. You’ll start at Basecamp on Tyrah’s Island, where you’ll have your pick of exciting destinations to choose from!
Sunspire — Investigate a tower of experiments in teleportation and astronomy. Shattered Cavern — Go deep into an intricate system of caves that snake down under a small mountain. Devil's Canyon — Brave a  dangerous valley of fire and rock monsters, where the courageous are rewarded. Whisper Hollow — Hike through a forest full of secrets and obstacles. Banshee Peak — Soar above it all at the northernmost point of the island and admire the view of Whisper Hollow. Tyrah's Peak — Scale the snowy peak overlooking the center of the island and the Basecamp. Dark Moon Bay — Explore this southernmost point of the island, where Tyrah wrecked her ship and hopes to eventually escape.
Our teams dove deep into the inworld creation process during development, and are eager to share some improved tools that came out of this effort. Residents will soon be able to use those tools to create even richer original experiences in Second Life.

Dive in, explore — and experience the wonder of Linden Realms!
Xiola Linden
Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! We have a box of treats lined up for you this holiday, and you can read on for all the details.
Our annual Valentine’s Day shopping event is back! Discounts on clothings, hair, accessories, decor, and more, plus gifts from many of your favourite Merchants and brands are available from now through February 26th. Drop by the Gilded and Golden shopping regions to collect your gifts and get some great deals. Many of our participating Merchants are also putting items in their Marketplace for sale, so be sure to visit them. Marketplace participants and links are available here. 
Shop Your Heart Out.
Shop Your Heart Out!
Second Life's annual Valentine's Day shopping event is back! Collect special free gifts from all your favorite merchants as you shop for clothing, accessories, decor and more - up to 50% off! Event open until Feb. 26.
Visit in Second Life  

Love is a complicated creature — inspiring poetry, prose, songs, and art since the beginning of time. The Isle of View celebrates this complex feeling once again with the hub of all things Cupid and hearts - the Isle of View!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come hug and dunk some Lindens
At the Isle of View!
On February 14th from 10am-12pm SLT, join us at the Isle of View for a chance to hug and dunk some Lindens. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your one and only - when else are you going to get the chance to cozy up to a Linden or splash one into a cold tank of water? An opportunity like this comes around about once a year — so don’t miss out.
Dunk-A-Linden & Hug-A-Linden Event
Party with us at the Isle of View on February 14th from 10 a.m. to Noon (Pacific). Meet your Valentine, enjoy music, and don’t miss the Dunk-a-Linden and Hug-a-Linden booths!
Visit in Second Life  
While you are at the Isle of View - you can hunt for some limited special Glytches. What’s a Glytch, you might ask? Part of a grid-wide experience that launched last September - Glytches are collectible little creatures that you can capture with tools that you can upgrade with gems. Get started (if you don’t already have a weapon and hud) at portal park, then bring your hunting spirit to the Isle of View to capture these adorably cute little rascals.  

A gorgeous gift of Glytches awaits those with Premium memberships - Just drop by the Premium kiosks to claim to your Love Bugs!

That is an overview of all things lined up this Valentine’s Day season - and if that’s not enough - you can always visit the Romance category in the Destination Guide for a treasure trove of places to celebrate~ 
P.S. Isle of View.
Brett Linden
As the holiday season draws closer, the creators of the Second Life community are already celebrating with fantastic festive events and several snow-filled sims that are only viewable through this holiday season. There are over 80 winter-themed attractions to visit in the Destination Guide -- so grab your mittens and get ready to explore these hot (or should we say “cold”) spots before the snow melts! 
One of the biggest highlights this season is our annual Holiday Shop & Hop event, held through Jan. 1. This exclusive event features special discounts and free giveaways from about 60 participating merchants!
Holiday Shop & Hop
Second Life's annual Holiday Shop & Hop event is back! Fill your stockings and your shopping bags with clothing, hair, furniture, decor, and more. Don’t miss special discounts & free giveaways from 60 merchants. Event held Dec. 15 to Jan. 1.
Visit in Second Life There’s also the annual Snowball Fight, held TODAY (Dec. 15) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Join us in the Snowball Fight Arena and prepare to get pummeled!
Snowball Fight
Holidays have traditions - the gathering of families, the giving of gifts, the food and merriment, and - in our case - the Linden vs. Resident Snowball Showdown! This is your chance to arm yourself with some sweet snow-slinging artillery, take to the sparkling ice and attack your friends, fellow Residents and some Lindens with snowballs galore! But, you had better be prepared to get pummeled in return, because much of the joy of the holidays is giving - even if that means giving someone a snowball sandwich when they are least expecting it. Join us at the Snowball Fight Arena on Friday, Dec. 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Pacific) and prepare to get pummeled!
Visit in Second Life One of our favorites this season is The Dickens Project,  a tribute to the works of Charles Dickens presented by Seanchai Library. There are several live performances scheduled this month including readings of “A Christmas Carol” and Christmas caroling!

The Dickens Project
Seanchai Library presents The Dickens Project in Second Life. a tribute to the works of Charles Dickens, and specifically of "A Christmas Carol." Held through December 30. See the full schedule of events at irelandslstory.blogspot.com/p/the-dickens-project-sl.html.
Visit in Second Life Looking for something a bit different? Check out the Winter’s Hollow fashion event, which brings together several top designers for a seasonal event with a bit of a darker edge. In addition to shopping, participants can look around the event grounds to seek out the lavender snowflakes to find special hunt prizes. SL blogger Astara Lovecraft recently toured the sim and filed this video report with highlights:

Winter's Hollow
Something wicked this winter returns. Winter's Hollow returns Dec. 8 - Dec. 28. As the seasons change to winter. many forget of the dark beauty and magic of this season. Get 25% off discounts, exclusive items, 5L$ hunt prizes and even a few free Solstice Tree gifts closer to Dec. 21st. Entertainment shall also pop-up throughout the event. More info at darkpassionsevents.wixsite.com/secondlife.
Visit in Second Life Another fan favorite this holiday season is The Forest’s Winter Wonderland. Jump on the trolley cart and explore this snowy sim -- or take a sneak peek in the video below.

The Forest - Winter Wonderland
Step into a magical wonderland this holiday season, and feel the cold air dance across your face. Warm yourself with a mug of hot cocoa, as the frosted air pinks your cheeks and nose. Step away from the ordinary and feel yourself transform within the festive environment.
Visit in Second Life ...and, of course, there’s much more to explore! Here’s a few more spots that we added to the Destination Guide this week.
Stardust Collective - A Winter Adventure
The Stardust Collective proudly presents its Winter Adventure. From the Mystical Underwater mermaid kingdom to the wedding venue and glorious dance hall, you'll want to explore every inch of this quirky Asian-inspired village.
Visit in Second Life WillowVale WinterLand
Winter has come to WillowVale and Santa is stuck. The mothers of WillowVale need help to get him home! But not before he brings gifts and joy to all the people and visitors of WillowVale.
Visit in Second Life SMA Christmas Train Ride
You are cordially invited to attend the 2nd Annual Christmas Ride. This year you will take a train ride through the countryside viewing the sites and seeing the amazing models showing designs by top designers in Second Life. Please join the fun at this most magical time of the year.
Visit in Second Life Gacha Market
Visit the Christmas Gacha Market in Maple County. This gacha event is filled with shopping and other attractions, including a cafè, skating and more.
Visit in Second Life GRMC's Classic Christmas Wonderland
Visit this snow-filled winter wonderland and check out the tree farm, a life-sized nativity, a Christmas carousel, Santa's workshop, ice skating rink and more. Ride a guided sleigh tour of the sim or venture on your own self-driven sleigh that flies!
Visit in Second Life Southern Roots - A White Christmas
It's Christmas Time again at Southern Roots. Come have fun and enjoy dancing while shakin' your boots. The weather is cold and the cider is hot, so grab a hand to hold and visit the tree lot! There's lots of activities to enjoy including sledding, ice skating, building a snowman and much more!
Visit in Second Life Devon
Every Year Devon is open to the public to celebrate all that is festive about Christmas. This year, they have opened a Gacha Market for designers to sell their creations. Don't miss Santa's workshop! You can also play bumper snow cars and shop!
Visit in Second Life The Naughty List 2 Shopping & Gacha Fair
This event is all about Santa's list! Have you been naughty or nice all year? Here you'll find everything you need for the holidays...and just remember: you can't fool Santa -- he knows if you've been naughty or nice! Visit this red light district for the holidays and discover goods from over 90 designers and tons of gachas!
Visit in Second Life Gacha Good Winterfest
Winterfest has 30 merchants with over 60 gachas for your shopping pleasure. Each booth has an exclusive item that can only be purchased at the event. Everything from home decor to full perm items.
Visit in Second Life Welcome in Gosau am Dachstein
Welcome to Gosau, one of the most beautiful places in Austria. Here you will find the peace and relaxation and a cozy small alpine community. In Gosau village shop, you will find whatever you need - everything from traditional fashion to winter clothing and sporting goods. During the Advent season, you can buy beautiful Christmas items. Even in the warmer months, Gosau offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.
Visit in Second Life 2017 Christmas Town
Christmas Town is a sim-sized town with shopping and entertainment all in the spirit of Christmas & New Years. An updated time travel ride will take you through an ice castle filled with tunnels and passages transporting you through the magic of Christmas.
Visit in Second Life Christmas 2017 by Seven Seasons
Seven Seasons have re-opened for Christmas and are pleased to bring you a scenic winter wonderland complete with skating, skiing, live music and so much more. Come explore everything from the magical themed sky islands to Santa's village and the skating pond on the ground level. Not your average winter playground...
Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Sil’s Project Corner.
Linden Lab
Bundle Up and Go Premium

Premium subscribers enjoy special upgrades in Winter Wonderland as well as exclusive new gifts! To enjoy your upgrades, first stop by one of the Premium Kiosks to grab your bag of premium-only gifts and Premium Winter Wonderland Badge. This badge is the key to some very cool upgrades in Winter Wonderland - from high power snow-slinging weaponry to super fast thrill rides  - so don’t forget!  You are going to want that extra power come Friday, December 15th for the Linden and Resident Snowball Showdown from 11- 1 pm SLT.

In addition to unlocking some super snowy powers with the Premium badge, right now you can grab this super cool Glytch Bus! What is a Glytch Bus? It's from the new game Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches. In the game, one of the ways magical creatures known as 'Glytches' escape from Residents attempting to capture them is by casting a spell. One of those spells causes a bus full of Glytches to appear and run the player over. Well, this winter, you can drive yourself and up to 6 of your friends across the grid in your very own Glytch Bus!
Glytch Bus Features:
Drivable Seating for up to seven - that’s you and six friends! Two versions: one decorated for winter one without winter decoration
Not a Premium member yet? Well now is a great time to upgrade! For a limited time only, save 50% on your first quarter’s payment for a Premium Second Life Membership subscription.*  As a Premium member, you’ll enjoy rewards like preferred access to full regions and events, access to Premium Sandboxes, your own private inworld home, a L$1000 sign-up bonus, and weekly L$ rewards to spend on whatever you like. Exclusive gifts like the the one above are also part of what comes with going Premium.  You can read more about Premium benefits and upgrade your account here.
Don’t forget that Winter Wonderland is full of vendors with free gifts for everyone! While you're there enjoying the - collect them all!
This offer begins on December 14, 2017 at 8AM Pacific Time (PT) and expires on January 2, 2018 at 8AM PT. To qualify for this promotion, you must 1) have an existing Second Life (“SL”) basic account or create a new account, and 2) select quarterly (every three months) billing for your SL account. The fifty percent (50%) discount will be applied to your first quarter’s bill and future quarters will be billed at the standard Premium Membership price (currently US$22.50 per three months). For new accounts or accounts not previously upgraded to Premium Membership, after initial login through the Second Life viewer following upgrade to Premium Membership and: 1) following your first full week, the L$300 weekly stipend will be deposited to your account every Tuesday for the duration of your Premium Membership; and 2) after your account has been active for forty-five (45) consecutive days, the L$ sign-up bonus will be deposited to your account.
Brett Linden
Winter festivals, snowball fights and holiday hunts are among the highlights of this week’s Destination Guide additions. The Winter Activities category continues to grow with over 70 snow-filled destinations to explore.

Don’t miss these new spots:

Snowball Fight
Holidays have traditions - the gathering of families, the giving of gifts, the food and merriment, and - in our case - the Linden vs. Resident Snowball Showdown! This is your chance to arm yourself with some sweet snow-slinging artillery, take to the sparkling ice and attack your friends, fellow Residents and some Lindens with snowballs galore! But, you had better be prepared to get pummeled in return, because much of the joy of the holidays is giving - even if that means giving someone a snowball sandwich when they are least expecting it. Join us at the Snowball Fight Arena on Friday, Dec. 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Pacific) and prepare to get pummeled!
Visit in Second Life Adoration: The Nativity in Art
Showcasing 20 paintings, prints, and manuscripts, Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroque showcases this popular art subject. Most old masters were familiar with the nativity, and painted their own interpretation of it. See how artists from different time periods and regions used different methods and took on the story of the nativity.
Visit in Second Life A New Babbage Winter
For a couple of months of the year, the usually fog-bound and sooty city of New Babbage turns into a Dickensian scene of Christmas from a bygone age. Come explore the 11 regions of the City State of New Babbage during winter!
Visit in Second Life Mieville's World Winter Festival
Mieville's World Winter Festival features six different areas of nearly 100 shopping booths plus entertainment, gachas, dancing, amusements, food and drinks and much more! Come join the fun in Mexico, Africa, Australia, Japan, Germany and North America! There is also an ornament mini-hunt.
Visit in Second Life Winter Festival & Hunt - Team Fox for Parkinson's
Share holiday cheer with your friends at the Winter Festival & Hunt. Experience the enchanting rides. Fall in love in the romantic winter garden. Find all the fabulous gifts in the Winter Hunt. Get a head start on holiday shopping. There are free skis and ice skates for exploring.
Visit in Second Life Advent Hunt 2017 Presented by Larnia
In this Advent Hunt, Santa is dropping off a gift each day until Dec. 24th. Wear the HUD, find the gifts and receive a special final prize for Christmas! All gifts will remain until Jan. 2 once they appear, so come anytime you like! Pick up your own tree, go skating, explore toyland and more!
Visit in Second Life 2017 Winter Showcase & Art Show
Join Team Diabetes of Second Life for 10 days of fundraising, live performances, ice skating, two hunts, shopping, art and winter fun! Event ends Dec. 10. For more info, visit teamdiabetessl.org/winter-showcase-winter-artshow.
Visit in Second Life The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure!
Come celebrate the 7th year and experience an SL tradition filled with magical scenes and classic Christmas memories. Enjoy a delightful sleigh ride that commences in a pretty natural setting; winding its way down to the North Pole village passing delightful Christmas-themed scenes and ending on the doorstep of Santa's workshop. Stop in for some ice skating, a holiday meal and a visit with Santa.
Visit in Second Life The Frozen Fair 2017
The Frozen Fair is an annual event for shopping holiday gifts and much more - everything is inspired by the winter. You'll find gifts in each store including discounts and exclusive designs. More info at eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com. Event runs Dec. 9-23.
Visit in Second Life BinemustSnow
This beautiful two-island winter wonderland is filled with surprises in all corners and under the surface. Explore Binemust now to see it covered in the loveliest of snow.
Visit in Second Life Lyndenfeller Center
Lyndenfeller Center is Hard Alley's newest holiday area! Take pictures, ice skate, or have a little fun in the cafe, or Santa's house! It's all here for you through Dec. 31.
Visit in Second Life Christmas Market
Come on down to Tropical Sands' Christmas Market! Looking for a place to sell your Christmas goodies at a responsible price? If so, then this is the place for you! There are multiple stalls at only L$50 per week for a lovely 20 prims, along with some festive music and hot cocoa!
Visit in Second Life Pagans Winter Wonderland
Pagans Winter Wonderland is an amazing place to come take your winter pics as there is lots to see and do. Grab a sled and have fun racing up the track or play in the snow! There is also a paintball dragon arena.
Visit in Second Life [ I N S P I R E D ] Winter Resort
[ I N S P I R E D ] presents its first seasonal sim. This picturesque place features many activities such as skiing, ice skating and even a chocolate bar to get you into the holiday spirit.
Visit in Second Life Christmasville
The magical land of Christmasville has opened its roads to the citizens of Second Life. Visit the beautiful winter wonderland and gain a place on Santa's nice list. Complete the current rendition of SL's oldest scavenger hunt and finish various puzzles to prove your worth to Santa. Will you get on Santa's nice list? Come visit Christmasville before the town closes its doors after the holiday.
Visit in Second Life Chedderbarrel Project SANTA
The man we know as Santa Claus has a history all his own. Today, he is thought of mainly as the jolly man in red, but his story stretches all the way back to the third century. Find out more about the history of Santa Claus from his earliest origins to the shopping mall favorite of today.
Visit in Second Life 3D Republic Christmas Market
Over 80+ vendors come together to present their creations for the season at the 3D Republic Christmas Market. Strolling through the market, you will find everything from full perm content to the latest designs. Bringing together so many designers at once gives the shopper a glimpse into what great talents are here in SL.
Visit in Second Life Christmas Fair
Enjoy the feeling of holiday and the warmth of Christmas at this special event. Experience holiday activities, dances, live music, gifts, ice skating, carousels and much more.
Visit in Second Life The Cove Experience and Event
Come Experience the Cove! Go shopping at Merchant's Row or find those rare gachas at Trader's Corner. Pick a tree or build a snowman and take them home. Filled with fun activities, including a gift hunt, ice skating, carriage rides, a sledding hill and even Santa!
Visit in Second Life It's Winter!
If you love nature...this is it! Skate or snowboard in a scenic winter environment. Teleport to relax in a winter bungalow in the sky...and don't forget your camera.
Visit in Second Life Christmas at Brunel Hall
Experience Christmas in the longest-running grand dining hotel and restaurant in Second Life. Bring your partner for a quiet dinner or use the hotel as a base to explore the surrounding steampunk city of New Babbage.
Visit in Second Life Pure Love
Drift away with your lover or hang out with a friend at Pure Love. Cuddle, Dance, walk around, bring a horse and ride together or enjoy the winter-themed landscape.
Visit in Second Life Grey Magic
Grey Magic is a sim full of surprises, Winter is not coming...it has already started! Here you'll find ice skating, dancing, shopping, photogenic spots and more!
Visit in Second Life Ren Faire - Winter Wonderland
No winter is too cold if you have plenty of love! Come cuddle or explore this winter wonderland by yourself or with someone else. There are plenty of places to keep warm and relax...or explore and find something new!
Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Moai Jinja + Beach.
Xiola Linden
Cool fun is spreading its icy grip across the grid. Frozen tundras are packed and ready for winter sports, and glistening snow powder has settled quietly across many Regions. The growing spirit of the season and winter holiday shopping is around every corner. Take a break from checking off your list, and have some fun at Winter Wonderland - we double dog dare ya!
Settle in with a warm beverage and your favorite blanket, because we have a trove of twinkling winter treats to share.

Holidays have traditions - the gathering of families, the giving of gifts, the food and merriment, and - in our case - the Linden/Resident Snowball Showdown! This is your chance to arm yourself with some sweet snow-slinging artillery, take to the sparkling ice, and attack your friends, fellow Residents, and some Lindens with snowballs galore! But, you had better be prepared to get pummeled in return, because much of the joy of the holidays is giving - even if that means giving someone a snowball sandwich when they are least expecting it. Join us at the Snowball Fight Arena on Friday - December 15th from 11 am to 1 pm (SLT) and prepare to get pummeled!

Holiday delights are some of the best, and your journey begins in the Village of Lights - a quaint little town with spectacular lights, that buzzes with the charm and warmth of the season! Click the red gift packages that you encounter here for some freebies and gifts to enjoy. Once an hour, the Village of Lights pulls out all the stops for a spectacular fireworks show you don’t want to miss and most certainly will want to share with a special someone.

While the scheduled Linden and Resident Snowball Showdown isn’t happening until December 15th - the arena is fully loaded with snow, snowball arsenal and some ‘capture the flag’ type castles for you to get lots of practice and training in! Many an epic snowball showdown (and one pumpkin smash fight!) have graced these fair lands - and this year will prove to be among the most epic! Grab a few friends and family members, and make some memories!
Attention thrill-seekers:this may be just the spot for you! Grab a snowboard and/or snowmobile from the nearby vendors and hit the icy slopes at high speeds! Swish and whoosh as you through the glinting snow tracks. Be sure to hold on tight as you race other Residents to the finish line. 
Glide with the grace of a swan across the frozen lake at the Ice Skate Arena - we’ll even provide the skates -  free from nearby vendors. This romantic spot is the perfect place to take your sweetheart for a spin before some hot cocoa and a snuggle at the ferris wheel.
The Linden Department of Public Works did an incredible job on creating breath-taking views all over Winter Wonderland, and you will be hard-pressed to find one better than the romantic view gleaned from atop the Ferris Wheel.  Have your snapshot finger ready, and your special someone at your side because between the lights, sights, and delights of the fireworks show, you are sure to witness some magical moments you’ll want to preserve.
Stay tuned for more wintery fun to come - and watch this blog for info about our upcoming inworld holiday shopping event, and much more.
See you in the snow! (I promise that’s not a snowball bazooka I am hiding behind my back).

Xiola Linden
The holiday season is nearly here - and that means cheerful greetings, warm mugs of cocoa, and the spirit of giving are upon us.
We’re winding up for a winter inworld shopping event - and we’re now looking for Merchants who would like to participate! For SL14B we held a similar shopping event that was a great success for both customer and Merchants alike - and we are hoping to do the same this winter.
This event, which runs from December 15th, 2017 through January 1st, 2018, is an opportunity to introduce new customers to  your brand. We are looking for merchants willing to offer a discount on some of their items (think Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!) and possibly provide a little non-exclusive gift to holiday shoppers.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out this form as soon as possible and no later than Monday, November 27th, 2017. The cut off will be at 12:01 am (SLT) on Tuesday the 28th.
We are excited to host this event and look forward to putting it together!

Pic by Kathy Nikolaidis
Linden Lab
Today, we’re happy to share a brand new benefit for Premium subscribers: longer L$ transaction history! Starting today, Premium subscribers will be able to see their L$ transactions going back 90 days (basic account holders will continue to see 32 days of transaction history).
There’s a ton of activity in Second Life’s L$ economy: every day, the Marketplace alone sees more than 20,000 unique buyers purchasing more than L$16,000,000 worth of goods from more than 15,000 unique sellers. That’s a whole lotta Lindens changing hands! And that’s not even including inworld transactions.
With all that activity, transaction history can be a handy reference for shoppers and merchants alike for bookkeeping, providing customer support, or just keeping track of your own purchases and L$ spending. To see your L$ transaction history, just log in to SecondLife.com and visit your Account page.
Longer transaction history is just the latest benefit that Premium subscribers enjoy. Other perks include weekly L$ stipends, priority entry to crowded regions, more group slots, exclusive gifts, a Linden home or tier allotment on the Mainland, and much more! Learn more and upgrade to Premium today at: http://secondlife.com/premium
Linden Lab
As we recently announced, we’re making multi-million dollar investments in Second Life that will benefit Residents in the near and long term, while also ensuring that the virtual world’s bright future ahead is even more awesome than its 14+ year history has been. Exciting times!
Today, we want to update the Resident community on some of the initiatives funded by those investments, and also announce two fee changes that will enable us to invest in even more Second Life improvements in the future.
Updates to LindeX and Credit Processing Fees
Second Life’s vibrant Linden Dollar economy and the ability to process credits has a very real impact on the lives of many around the world. Residents have built extremely successful businesses in Second Life, charitable organizations have raised millions of dollars for important causes, and a great many creators earn enough L$’s to fund their hobbies and shopping habits.
Underlying SL’s user-to-user economy and the ability to buy and sell L$’s for real currency is a significant amount of ongoing work to ensure that everything remains compliant with applicable laws and regulations, while also preventing fraud and money laundering. This work comes at a cost, and we are adjusting related fees in order to help cover those costs and enable us to continue to invest in Second Life’s future. The changes are as follows:
Effective today, the fee for buying L$ on the LindeX will be $0.99 per transaction (previously it had been $0.60 per transaction). These changes impact only buys on the LindeX, and the fees associated with buying L$'s during SL Marketplace transactions remain unchanged. On January 3, 2018, the fee for processing credit transactions (i.e. paying real money into a PayPal or Skrill account) will be 2.5% per transaction, with a $3 (USD) minimum, and no maximum. This fee is currently 1.5% per transaction, with a $3 (USD) minimum and a $25 (USD) maximum. New & Upcoming Improvements to Second Life
We’re investing across a number of areas for SL, including new features, engineering support, customer support, billing systems and upgrades, and customer acquisition outreach. Some of these will be long-term initiatives, but here are a few updates on some of the improvements you can enjoy right now (or very soon!):
More fun, for everyone in SL. We introduced SL’s first grid-wide game Tyrah & the Curse of the Magical Glytches, giving all Residents a new experience to enjoy throughout SL. The game is designed to encourage a grid-wide level of participation and exploration, and already it’s been played by nearly 5,000 Residents. Very soon, we will enable Resident-owned locations to host portions of the game, and we will announce those details when ready.
New creative tools. We recently released Animesh in beta, enabling creators to use skeletal animations with non-avatar objects - like wild animals, pets, vehicles, and scenery objects. Coming soon is EEP!  (Environmental Enhancements Project), a series of extensions to Windlight that enable you to trade or sell your own environment settings. EEP will also allow Parcel-based environment settings and an extended day cycle too!
More value for Premiums subscribers. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a new perk for Premium subscribers (hint: it’s a feature that’ll be helpful for merchants and shoppers...).
More customers for your businesses. We’re making changes to help get new users active in the SL economy more quickly and easily. The sooner a new user has L$ in her wallet and understands how to use them, the sooner she can become a customer for every business owner in SL, and so we’re working to streamline user flows and update tutorials to make that happen.
New ways to stop the bad guys. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for successful platforms to attract cheaters and bad actors. Some of these villains attempt to hurt Residents’ businesses by bypassing creator protections in SL, and we’re continually developing new tools and techniques to combat this. Recently, we closed an exploit that fraudulent gacha re-sellers had used. Our governance team can now catch them when they attempt the cheating method that we have already fixed. Many bad actors have already been banned from SL, and additional changes will soon make our team even more effective. Protecting your creations and your SL businesses is important to us!  
We continue to make progress in the massive upgrade to SL infrastructure and move to the cloud (we call this project Brave New World). This move will (among many other things), help make SL more performant for Residents around the world, and may also enable us to introduce new products and more flexible pricing in the future.
We continue on our mission of only sending email to verified addresses (more here). Missing IMs lately? To never miss an offline IM again, log in to your account on the web, click on “Account,” then “Change Email Settings,” and then simply click “Verify” next to your current address.
Much more to come!
Of course, we’re working on improvements to the SL Viewer, Simulator (servers), and Web properties all the time, and there’s more than we can fit into a single blog post.  As we forge ahead you can keep up with the latest developments with the release notes we post to the forums:
Viewer release notes
Web release notes
Simulator deploys
Xiola Linden
We’ve got some tricks and treats in our Halloween goodie bag this year and it’s sure to be a scream!

A-haunting we will go! It’s time for the 3rd annual Second Life Halloween Creepy Crawl! This year we will take our creep show on the road on actual Halloween day - Tuesday October 31st from 10 am to 2 pm ( SLT). Join us as we hop across the grid and celebrate with costume contest and nearly every stop along the way. You could win L$5,000 just for showing up in your best costume! Drop by each spot along the way and you could be a winner of a fantastic prize - but the fun is all in the party. Locations and times of the event are listed below and we’ll see you there! For costume contest rules - please read here.
All Hallows at Moochie
Bay City's Halloween Hay Maze
Dance Island
Scare Me Silly 2017
Pumpkin Smash Fight
Club End of Days
ShenaniganS Haunted House
Smashing Pumpkins!

In the middle of all the dancing and costume contest winning, we’ll make a stop at the old snowball fight arena  - where things have taken a twist for the twisted. Shooting pumpkins has never been more fun. That’s from noon to 1 pm (SLT) at the Pumpkin Fight Arena - but you can get some practice in before then!
In the spirit of the season, at each stop, you will have an opportunity to receive an incredible gift from DevilAii. This gorgeous witch hat pack is sure to add flare to all those Halloween parties you’re going to. Spot the kiosk, click, and receive your Witch Hat Pack!

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and get your costumes on point - then join us inworld on Tuesday at 10 am!
Trick or Treat!
Brett Linden
October continues to be a busy time in Second Life as several new seasonal events and Halloween-themed spots continue to pop up across the grid.
One of the biggest highlights this month is BURN2, which is an inworld extension of the popular Burning Man festival and community. The theme for this round is “Radical Ritual.”
Another highlight is the unusual art experience “Floating” by acclaimed artists Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost. This unexpected collaboration has an interesting backstory that you can read about on Bryn Oh’s blog.
October wouldn’t be complete without dozens of new haunted attractions -- and there is no shortage of new spooky spots debuting in the Destination Guide this month. The Haunted category now hosts over 100 unique spots, including MadPea’s Halloween Ghost Hunt and Pulse Games’ Birthright.

Before you explore, don’t forget to pick up your free trick-or-treat bag at Portal Park, too!
Here are some new spots we recommend:
Free Treat Bag
Free Treat Bag! Halloween is never complete without a treat bag. Get yours free at Portal Park and Social Island.
Visit in Second Life BURN2: Radical Ritual
Reinventing ritual in our post-post-modern world - disregarding assertions of belief and focus on the immediate experience of play. Play can free us to envision truths of which we have no proof or warrant, and breaks down the distinction that divides belief from make-believe. Whole-hearted, creative play induces self-surrender to experience that is beyond the scope of reasoned thought. Event held Oct. 21-29.
Visit in Second Life Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost
Floating in the sea. You and me. To the sky you flew. But I will wait for you.
Visit in Second Life MadPea's Halloween Ghost Hunt
Looking for a frightfully good time? Suit up in your ghost hunting gear for MadPea's Halloween Ghost Hunt. Hunt for ghosts across the grid and exchange your points for spooktacular prizes from MadPea and collaborating stores! The hunt runs through November 2nd. Visit MadPeaGames.com for more info.
Visit in Second Life Birthright
Pulse Games and Snatch City present a Second Life interactive horror experience set in the scary swamps and bayous of Louisiana. One of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in SL. Over 60 prizes to find, from 32 killer designers! You'll get what's coming to you... this Halloween. 
Visit in Second Life Haunted Halloween Tour
It's back and better than ever! Get on board the Haunted Halloween Tour for a frightening good time. Grab a friend and hold onto your seat!
Visit in Second Life The Lost Souls
It's time. Darkness falls, death surrounds and evil awaits. Explore a dark castle in a realm haunted by souls forever lost. Will you be the next lost soul?
Visit in Second Life Halloween Horror In The Park
A scream floats on the chill dank air, swirling to and fro with the thick fog that covers your feet as you approach the gate where a dilapidated house sits just beyond. Do you continue to the house, follow the path to the dark scary cave trail, try your luck in the fun-house or go on a hunt for Halloween goodies? There's so much to do here, so many screams to be had! Event ends Nov. 11.
Visit in Second Life Star's Harrowing Haunts
What spooky frights await you at Star's Harrowing Haunts?
Visit in Second Life The Haunted Street
The ghost town was out of place in the rolling hills of yellowing grass. The old road was barely discernible through the flora that had colonized it and so the dilapidated buildings that once fashioned a high-street had the feel of a movie set. But this was no million dollar venture. These were tear-downs that no-one had any incentive to demolish. This ghost town was more than "ghost" in name. When the sun-rays failed and moonlight was the only illumination for miles around, the phantoms and spectres rose from the ground or else stepped from the creaking walls.
Visit in Second Life Gator MC World Wide Psycho Hospital
Yes, you heard it correctly. The Gators MC Halloween Maze is back for the fifth year in a row and this time you'll get to see it in a totally new way! Born in the Psycho Hospital, you need to help your new friend escape the nightmares that torture the psychotic inhabitants.
Visit in Second Life Booh Hunt
Art Fashion and It's Gau present the Booh Hunt, held through Oct. 31. Seek and discover eight items in this Halloween-themed fashion hunt.
Visit in Second Life Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa
Visit this Japanese-themed Halloween market and trick-or-treat hunt. Knock on the door and say "trick-or-treat" and have a happy Halloween!! Event ends Nov. 4. More info at ryukyusim.wixsite.com/pop2017
Visit in Second Life Whispers House
Visit a Halloween haunted manor that is perfect for your nightmares. Try your fortune in the room with the crying girl...if you are able to survive to the ghosts.
Visit in Second Life BBE Halloween Haunted Forest Charity Build-off
Come and check out this Haunted Forest Charity Build-off, with creations by nine teams and many Halloween scenes for you to enjoy! The winner will win a donation to their charity of their choice. Votes are L$5 each and you can vote as many times as you wish. Voting ends Oct. 31.
Visit in Second Life Haunted Circus
Visit this unique Haunted Circus with thriller rides and haunted grounds, graveyards and creatures of the night. Come if you dare to collect your trick-or-treat prizes. Be brave or go home. Highlights include live music, a Halloween costume contest and a grand prize giveaway. Find the 13 friendly ghosts and collect your prizes.
Visit in Second Life Xibalba Mayan Underworld Dia de Muertos
Instituto Español Second Life presents Day of the Dead 2017 - "Xibalba...Inframundo Maya," held through November 5th.
Visit in Second Life Southern Roots - Haunted Halloween
Come if you dare! Explore the horror and hauntings that are occurring at Southern Roots. See if you can survive along the many paths as you run from ghosts, zombies and killers lurking throughout. Happy Halloween!
Visit in Second Life Halloween at Aero Pines Park
The ghouls and zombies are roaming the trails, the hauntings have begun and the ghosts are creating their mischief. It must be Halloween at Aero Pines Park! Take part in the Halloween Prize Hunt, visit the terrifying haunted house, check out the haunted train depot, and enjoy the special Halloween rides. There's something for everyone at Aero Pines Park - even a haunted pirate ship! Sponsored by iMoogiRadio.com.
Visit in Second Life Bourgogne Medieval Festival
The picturesque old village in Coeur de Bourgogne is revisiting its past. You will find medieval/baroque merchants, madrigals, street performers, fortune tellers, archery, jousting, lots of costumes and a medieval ball! Dress up for the occasion and step back in time! Event held Oct. 20-22. More info at chateauneuf.net/pages/les-medievales-de-chateauneuf.html.
Visit in Second Life Is your spot (haunted or otherwise) listed yet in the Destination Guide? If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Hokmaph Store.
Xiola Linden
For a limited time, get 50% off your first payment on a new monthly Premium Membership subscription.* Premium members get a L$1000 sign-up bonus, a weekly L$ stipend, your own home, priority access to full events inworld, exclusive gifts like the ones below, and many other benefits. Subscribers also have special access to Premium Sandboxes inworld, where you can build objects, unpack your purchased items, and meet other Premium members. Upgrade to Premium and start enjoying the benefits now!
Special Edition Premium Glytch Gifts Are Now Available
Premium members can stop by one of the Premium Gift kiosks to claim their gorgeous Love Bug Glytches. If you’re not yet Premium, take advantage of this 50% off discount to easily upgrade and grab your gifts immediately.

This offer begins on February 22, 2018 at 8AM Pacific Time (PT) and expires on March 5, 2018 at 8AM PT. To qualify for this promotion, you must 1) have an existing Second Life ("SL") basic account or create a new account, and 2) select monthly (every one month) billing for your SL account. The fifty percent (50%) discount will be applied to your first month's bill and future months will be billed at the standard Premium Membership price (currently US$9.50 per one month). For new accounts or accounts not previously upgraded to Premium Membership, after initial login through the Second Life viewer following upgrade to Premium Membership and: 1) following your first full week, the L$300 weekly stipend will be deposited to your account every Tuesday for the duration of your Premium Membership; and 2) after your account has been active for forty-five (45) consecutive days, the L$ sign-up bonus will be deposited to your account.
Linden Lab
The holiday hustle is in full effect - as we make mad dashes to finish up all of our holiday prep work and get ready for the influx of family, friends, and merriment - we also enjoy a little retail therapy!

We’re happy to celebrate the season with an epic shopping extravaganza! Sixty of Second Life’s Merchants with some of the most popular brands in Second Life have set up shop across three Regions  -  Golden, Gilded and Halcyon - each providing a FREE gift and some major discounts on their top-selling items! From now through January 1st, 2018 - drop by our Shop & Hop event inworld and take advantage of these incredible steals.
Several of our Merchants have extended their sales to their Marketplace stores - so be sure to check there as well for some additional deals and steals!
Shop & Hop Participating Merchants:
!APHORISM! / !Rebel Hope Designs / .{PSYCHO:Byts}. / .TeaBunny. / [ JUSTICE ] / [ west end ] / /*KC|Couture* / *YS&YS* / #adored / ~Tableau Vivant~ / ADRIATIC line / alaskametro<3 / alme. / amara beauty / Apple May / AZ Emporium / bella moda / Blueberry / by Crash / Cae / Canimal / Cheeky Pea / ChiC buildings - surrounds - prefabs - decor props and poses / CONSTRUCT / Contraption / Dictatorshop / Dynamic Evolutions / e l i a v a h ~ / E.V.E / Envious / etham / eXxEsS Hair / Fancy Decor / Grimes Central Design (GCD MESH) / Heart Trees Flowers Plants / hello dave / Hucci / ISON / Lapointe Bastchild / Lemon Chilliz / Lune Bleue / MadPea / Maven Homes / Maxi Gossamer / MOCO HOMES Emporium / Musa / Nani / Never Totally Dead … / New CHEZ MOI Furnitures / NOX. & Third Eye. / PATRON / Petit Chat / Potomac Signature Homes / ROC / Sweet Thing / The Forge & EZ / The Mesh Shop / Vanity Hair / www.studio-skye.com / zed designz / Zibska
Merchants Participating on the Marketplace Shop & Hop:
!APHORISM! / !Rebel Hope Designs / .TeaBunny. / [ JUSTICE ] / *KC|Couture* / *YS &YS* - YourSkin & YourShape / #adored / ADRIATIC line / alaskametro<3 / alme. / amara beauty & Zoul Creations / AZ Emporium / Bella Moda / by Crash / Cae / Canimal / Cheeky Pea / CHEZ MOI FURNITURES / ChiC buildings / CONSTRUCT / Dictatorshop / Dynamic Evolution Industries / E.V.E / Envious / Grimes Central Design / Heart Trees Flowers Plants / Hello Dave / Hucci / ISON / Lemon Chilliz / Lune~Bleue / MadPea / Maven Homes / Maxi Gossamer / MOCO HOMES Emporium / Never Totally Dead… / Petit Chat / Potomac Signature Homes / ROC / Studio Skye / Sweet Thing. / The Mesh Shop / Vanity Hair / Zibska / [ west end ] / ::ZED:: Designz for Men
Linden Lab
Recently, the Linden Lab IP team sent a takedown request regarding a YouTube video created by the great Strawberry Singh. She and many others have pointed out that this seems like a mistake, and we agree. We have reversed that takedown request and have reached out directly to Strawberry, but would also like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to her.
Strawberry, we feel fortunate to have you as a member of our Second Life community (and Sansar as well!), and we are grateful for the public support that your blog, YouTube channel, and other social media activity provides. We’re fans of your work, we are sorry for this misstep, and we hope you will continue sharing your awesome videos.
Below is some more info on what happened and why, and what we’re going to do differently in the future.
Like most businesses, we have policies in place around permissible use of Linden Lab trademarks. These are intended to legally protect our trademarks and brand, and to avoid confusion that can arise about what’s actually from an official source vs. a third party (to help with this, we have the “inSL” program). This policy has prohibited showing portions of the SL join flow, and that’s what triggered the recent takedown request. We’re revisiting that portion of our policy now.
The support of the SL community is incredibly valuable. Resident-created videos, blogs, and other social media not only enrich our existing community, but also help it to grow by showing off incredible SL content to the outside world, helping new users to get started, and more. While we still need policies in place to protect our trademarks, we will apply them as permissively as we can with the goal of encouraging and supporting our community.
Many years ago, the illustrious SL legal team made news by sending an “un-cease and desist” notice to a parody blog - rather than asking for a takedown, it offered encouragement to the creator. In that same spirit, we would like to offer our encouragement to Strawberry Singh and other Residents helping to evangelize the virtual world on YouTube and other social media. We appreciate your enthusiasm for SL, we are grateful for your support, and we ask you to please proceed and persist.
Linden Lab
We at Linden Lab believe that net neutrality is extremely important. Lifting the FCC’s Open Internet Rules would not only jeopardize the experience of Residents using Second Life, but can also negatively impact all aspects of our online lives.
Later this week, Congress will vote on this issue, and we encourage Second Life residents to join us in calling on our representatives to preserve net neutrality. 

To that end, we have joined the “Break the Internet” initiative, and if you visit SecondLife.com or login to Second Life today, you’ll notice a pop-up tool (snapshot below) that makes it easy to send a message in support of net neutrality. Of course, if you’d prefer not to use this, you can simply close the pop-up and login as usual, but we hope you’ll consider adding your voice to this important issue.

Brett Linden
As December arrives, many Second Life creators are already showing off their holiday spirit with a flurry of new seasonal events and snowy experiences. There are now over 40 winter-themed attractions featured in the Destination Guide, so don’t forget to bundle up before you begin to explore!

Here are some of our favorite highlights this week:
Winter Wonderland
Enjoy an exciting snowy adventure in this winter attraction by Linden Lab. Enjoy some holiday gifts in the Village of Lights, or a nice skate around the rink with friends. Take a look over the regions on the top of our Winter Ferris Wheel or race around the track. Don't miss the snowball fight arena!
Visit in Second Life Santa's Grotto and Mini-Railway
On the outskirts of London Village and New Cardiff, you'll find a traditional Santa's Grotto and mini-railway ride. There are many freebies for Xmas to be found in the grotto! See if you can spot Santa! Enjoy Christmas with a British twist! Ends Jan. 1.
Visit in Second Life Banditoswald Winter Citadel
Winter season is open! At the Banditoswald Winter Citadel, there's plenty of activities including skating, carriage rides, and more. Explore the sauna, winter castle and witch house.
Visit in Second Life Luanes Winter World
Luanes Winter World is a romantic winter sim where you can relax, cuddle or hang out with friends. A lot of different picture-perfect scenes are ideal for photography. Home to :LW: Poses mainstore.
Visit in Second Life Winter in the Land Of Rainbows
It is winter and Christmas-time in one of the most beautiful rural sims in Second Life. This LGBT sim is open to all adults and there's so much to do! You will find Santa's barn and toyshop, where you can visit all the reindeer. There's also a Christmas house styled by an amazing stylist and open for viewing to get inspired. Don't miss the huge ice rink with couples skating, sledding, snowball fights, ice sauna, gifts and more!
Visit in Second Life Snow Globe Holiday Village
Come and see what it is like to go ice skating in Second Life's largest snow globe. Freestyle skate around this gorgeous village and explore this charming holiday village!
Visit in Second Life Footprints In The Snow
Footprints In The Snow is a beautiful snow-themed winter sim with realistic cabins available for private rental. Everybody is welcome to this heartwarming sim.
Visit in Second Life 'Tis The Season - Winter Wonderland
'Tis The Season for all things festive this winter. Start with an old-fashioned snowy sleigh ride, then grab some hot cocoa at the outdoor Christmas market. There's also ice-skating on the frozen lake. Visit Mrs. Claus' Christmas tree lot or just get lost pressing through the snow. Dress for a blizzard, you're going to need it!
Visit in Second Life Christmas at Angel Manor Estate
Celebrate an Estate Christmas at Angel Manor, a beautiful location filled with roaring fireplaces, winter activities in the gardens, a snowman-building competition and a wonderful Christmas Market.
Visit in Second Life Vetragarð
Vetragarð is a wintry Viking-age farm, based on the wonderful Icelandic Sagas. This is a mostly historical roleplay, but it is open to Northern myth and magic. Welcoming to people who have any interest in Vikings and the Norse myths. Come to roleplay or just visit to talk, admire the scenery or "chill."
Visit in Second Life ShenaniganS Santa's Village
"'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there." ShenaniganS latest themed plot (created by Blaize Landscaping) gives everyone the chance to join in the Christmas fun and ride a train with Santa himself.
Visit in Second Life Akaesha's Christmas Advent Calendar
Are you naughty or nice? You've got 24 days and 24 chances to get amazing gifts and a L$10,000 shopping spree at Akaesha Designs. Come join the Christmas festivities, including hunts, gift card giveaways, shopping and more!
Visit in Second Life Christmas in Mountain Rose
Mountain Rose is a "must visit" spot during Christmas time. The beautiful Kinkade Christmas Village is back with a few fun additions. There's plenty to do, including ice skating, snowman bowling, dancing and sledding. The annual Christmas Hunt will begin Dec. 1 and this year is full of surprises. There are 18 ornaments to be found to receive your gifts.
Visit in Second Life Christmas In Camelot
Welcome to Christmas In Camelot! Come ice skate, pick your own Christmas tree or ride a train and sled! Visit with Santa and his reindeer! Take a walk through the forest and discover romantic moments with someone special. There are also several winter amusement rides. Don't forget to visit the snowmen and the elves!
Visit in Second Life Winter Ice Christmas Festival 2017
Rebel Yell Concerts presents Winter Ice Christmas Festival 2017. Have fun with the many winter activities, including a sky-rail, skiing, sledding, skating, bowling and a Santa sleigh ride! Enjoy the perfect holiday atmosphere and spend some quality time in this immersive winter experience. Event ends Jan. 7.
Visit in Second Life Love Story: Season of Joy
Love Story: Season of Joy is a sim designed for exploring, photography, and romance. It's a place to celebrate the joy and love of the holidays. Come visit Season of Joy for skating, sledding, or just cuddling up by a warm fire with someone special on a romantic evening.
Visit in Second Life Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Tannenbaum Holiday Market is a pop-up event with over 100 vendors. Tannenbaum kicks off winter shopping in a big way. Explore and connect with artisans across the grid, selling festive and winter-themed goods! Wander into the Christmas Tree Lot and peruse a fantastic selection of ornaments, lights, garland and other trims for your tree! Tannenbaum promises to be a delightful place, where Second Life residents are sure to be swept up in the holiday spirit!
Visit in Second Life London City Christmas
Experience the holidays in London City where the most magical time of the year comes to life. Visit Santa's Grotto, the Christmas Village and Winter Wonderland. Enjoy the seasonal concerts on Saturdays and Sundays through December. See the blog for details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk.
Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is The SL Planetarium Dome.
Brett Linden
The Destination Guide is a directory that features almost 2,000 places to explore in Second Life. That’s a lot of teleporting! With several new spots added weekly, we’ve now made it easier than ever to find the freshest entries with the debut of the Recently Added category. Here you’ll always find the most recent 20-30 spots added to the Guide.
This week’s new additions include several new Winter Attractions, including a real-life replica of Greenland and a few other snowy surprises. Still, not everyone wants to chill. For those who seek the heat, there’s a new beach and a huge surfing-themed music festival!
Surfella’ 17 Music Festival
Drop in and chill out at Surfella ’17, a music festival by SurfWatch showcasing the fun SL surfing community, surf sims and surfing products. Discover more about SL surfing or grab a board and try it for yourself! Listen to some of SL’s finest live performers including Maximillion Kleene, Phemie Alcott & The Vinnie Show. Event held Nov. 19.
Visit in Second Life U L T R A Events
ULTRA Event is an incredible monthly event featuring about 50 top Second Life creators and designers with additional elite shopping boutiques. U L T R A™ Event is the essential one-stop luxury resource.
Visit in Second Life Tralala's Diner @ Pine Lake
Tralala's Diner @ Pine Lake is post-apocalyptic living at its finest. Explore this photogenic sim filled with rooftop slums and scavenged ruins. Strap yer boots on tight...you might be a'ight
Visit in Second Life Groenland Kangamiut
Welcome to Greenland, a peaceful place filled with colorful houses, fishing harbor, ice landscapes, frosted atmosphere and the sound of the bitter wind.
Visit in Second Life Santa's Workshop
Santa's Workshop is now open at Hot Cocoa until Christmas! Shop, sell, slip and slide your way through this winter wonderland featuring All the Little Things event.
Visit in Second Life The Forest - Winter Wonderland
Step into a magical wonderland this holiday season, and feel the cold air dance across your face. Warm yourself with a mug of hot cocoa, as the frosted air pinks your cheeks and nose. Step away from the ordinary and feel yourself transform within the festive environment.
Visit in Second Life Khargo Christmas Market
Khargo’s annual Christmas Market has returned with wintery landscaping items, festive home decor and furniture. Explore the icy canyon to find snowball fights, a skate park, snowmen and sleighs or browse through the store filled with Christmas cheer.
Visit in Second Life Sexy Sunava Beach
A naturist island with mountainous backdrop awaits you at Sexy Sunava Beach. Surrounded by crystal-clear water and shaded with rustling palms, grab a cocktail at the bar and stroll across the sandy path. Dance the night away! This adult beach offers beachfront bungalow and skybox accommodation, shopping, live music and much more. Designed exclusively for adults (18+).
Visit in Second Life The Town of Philomena
Visit smalltown America during the Progressive Years of 1910-1919 (English Edwardian). The Town of Philomena is a virtual living history and themed community with a focus on education, the arts and community.
Visit in Second Life Nomad's Tracks & Trails
Explore the serene and beautiful woods and meadows of Nomad's by horse or foot. This is also home to Victoria's Secret Hideaways, a quiet beach with relaxing music, surf waves and more.
Visit in Second Life African Modern Arts
Visit this museum dedicated to Modern African Art and the nearby Apartheid Museum.
Visit in Second Life Rockin' Robin Retro Club
Rockin' Robin Retro Club is a great place for retro music - everything from the 50s to 80s and nothing else!
Visit in Second Life Misthaven Point
Welcome to Misthaven. Well kept secrets are everywhere. Home of imagination, whimsy, decadence, eroticism and danger. Rentals available upon request.
Visit in Second Life Javiem Offworld Border Colony
Travel to this cozy sci-fi colony, located on another planet. This German and English-language spot is a safe place for runaways -- but also a good place to stay, work and live.
Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Orville Airport And Rez Zone.
Brett Linden
While the official start of winter isn’t until late December, the Second Life community isn’t wasting any time in celebrating the holiday season with snow-filled attractions and holiday events. The Winter Attractions category in the Destination Guide is already starting to fill up with festivities you won’t want to miss! New highlights include a Christmas Fair, the North Pole and a Winter Bazaar. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, too. The popular Jerky Turkey Hunt returns, as well as an all-new Autumn Fest.
Christmas Lane
The Christmas Spirit is here! Come join this amazing traditional Christmas Village, a place full of magic where you can skate on ice, take pictures with Santa, fly on a sleigh, dance with the elves, visit Santa's workshop or just walk around feeling the snow falling while you see the beautiful aurora borealis.
Visit in Second Life The Place Plaza Winter Bazaar
The Winter Bazaar is a festive, outdoor winter bazaar where family, friends, and vendors can have fun while making the most of the holiday spirit! Take a horse-drawn sleigh to explore the plaza or partake in ice skating, snowball fights, a hot air balloon ride and much more.
Visit in Second Life Christmas Fair
Christmas is already approaching! Want to feel like a kid waiting for miracles? Come to the Christmas Fair! A lot of romance, gifts, music, magic and hot cocoa are waiting for you.
Visit in Second Life The UNION Warehouse Clubs Winter Wonderland
The UNION Warehouse Clubs is all ready for winter. Ice skating, sledding, hot cocoa and beautiful cuddle areas await to keep you nice and toasty this holiday season.
Visit in Second Life Christmas Under One Star
Celebrate the holidays at Christmas Under One Star. Ride a sleigh through the tunnel of lights, build a snowman or ride the carousel in this winter wonderland.
Visit in Second Life Christmas at The North Pole
In a secret valley in the North Pole, Santa Claus and his elves are working hard. In the hidden village, letters are piling up at the post office. Santa takes his time reading, checking each list twice, making sure he writes down who's naughty or nice. Come visit this magical wintry spot in time for the magic of Christmas.
Visit in Second Life Jerky Turkey Hunt 7
That turkey, he's so jerky! Once again, he is running around SL and throwing feathers around, knocking stuff down, being loud and obnoxious. It's time to hunt him and bring it to a stop! Event ends Nov. 30.
Visit in Second Life Chedderbarrel Thanksgiving Autumn Fest
In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. Come join in on one of the oldest of Colonists traditions, held through Nov. 26.
Visit in Second Life Not quite ready to celebrate the season? There are plenty of other new places to discover including a Veteran’s Day event, an interactive Titanic exhibition, an elaborate ghost hunt and several new art experiences. Where will you explore first?
Second Life Veterans Tribute 2017
Welcome to the 11th annual 2017 SL Veteran’s Tribute.The tribute itself is non-political and serves one purpose -- to honor all those that have given willingly of their time to protect the lives we enjoy today.
Visit in Second Life National Diabetes Month
November is National Diabetes Month and there are several fun and informational events in Second Life that aim to help build awareness of diabetes-related diseases. For a listing of events, visit teamdiabetessl.org/national-diabetes-month.
Visit in Second Life Tree Of Life - Shopping & Sandbox 24h
Welcome to the "Tree Of Life"! Dive into a world full of magic and get in contact with our mother nature. Visit the 24 hour sandbox and meet outstanding creators, addicted to life and fantasy. Play some gacha or take a shopping tour.
Visit in Second Life A Night to Remember
Travel back in time and experience the wonder and tragedy of the world's most famous ocean liner, Titanic. This immersive exhibit tells the dramatic and poignant story of the ship, crew, and passengers who embarked on the voyage of a lifetime, only to be part of one of the greatest disasters in history.
Visit in Second Life Haunted New Toulouse II
Meet the ghosts of New Toulouse, Louisiana! Wearing your HUD, find all 20 ghosts and hear their stories, and then collect your rewards. Start by picking up your ghost hunter's kit at the Beacon Spiritualist Institute, 23 Nightingale Street. This Basin Street Irregulars event runs until December 5. More information at newtoulouse.org/rewards-offered-for-ghost-sightings.
Visit in Second Life Paris 1850s
Travel back to mid-XIXth-century France. Experience the Spring of Nations, which shaped modern Europe. Dress code is required.
Visit in Second Life The Plant
They were brought up believing technology could solve any problem facing humanity. The right glasses would restore the sight of the Blind Locomotive. Being a ... (fill) specialist you were invited at today's meeting at "The Plant".
Visit in Second Life Allegories
Soloarte hosts "Allegories," the latest exhibition by Giovanna Cerise. Learn more at giovannacerise.blogspot.com.
Visit in Second Life ToonTopia Dance Club
Visit ToonTopia dance club, which is the home of trance in Second Life.
Visit in Second Life Lappock Lighthouse
Built on a massive volcanic plug out in the Vernian Sea, Lappock Rock Lighthouse protects the shipping sea lanes against the treacherous Lappock Rocks. Open to visitors!
Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Sugar Mesh Clothes.
Brett Linden
Even in these uncertain times, Second Life still has the ability to bring people from different cultures and communities together. That’s because SL is filled with so many unique community-created social spaces that aim to educate, enlighten and empower. This week, the Destination Guide shines a spotlight on a few of the many multicultural museums and cultural exhibits that make our virtual melting pot so special.
Here’s a few of our favorites:
Virtual Black History Museum
The Virtual Black History Museum is an awareness project that takes a look at the timeline of events that led from the first group of slaves in what is now the United States through the brutality of Rodney King in 1992. There will also be scheduled discussions on the current events that the past has led to, as well as the impact of those who have contributed to the growth of the community.
Visit in Second Life Smithsonian Latino Museum
Explore the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum's world-class collections through video, audio and slide presentations.
Visit in Second Life LGBT History and Memorial Center
Come learn about people and places behind the fight for LGBT equality at this museum.
Visit in Second Life Holocaust Memorial Museum
"Witnessing History: Kristallnacht, the 1938 Pogroms" is an unforgettable virtual exhibit within the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Visit in Second Life November has arrived and many Second Life creators are already getting ready for the winter season with snow-filled spots that you won’t want to miss. The first holiday and seasonal spots are already popping up in the Destination Guide -- so keep an eye on our Winter Attractions category for several new icy hot spots in the coming weeks.
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden event is a magical journey through enchanted gardens that change with the season. Ten magical butterflies inhabit the gardens and each hide beautiful, exclusive items. Pick up a HUD and get set to explore this lush paradise... prepare to be enchanted!
Visit in Second Life Christmas At Donner Square – Image Essentials
Donner Square is a half-sim recreation of a quite little town and neighborhood celebrating Christmas. Jump on the sleigh and go for a tour of the area. Explore and find the poses set out around the town. Have a skate on one of the ponds, or have a snowball fight with friends. The area is a photographers paradise with beautiful scenery throughout. There are also 10 stores with Christmas-themed items providing awesome gifts for those who feel like doing a little shopping while they wander through the area.
Visit in Second Life Holiday Happiness Event & Gacha
Celebrate the upcoming holidays at Kingswood Mall's Holiday Happiness Event & Gacha, held Nov. 2-30. Celebrate the cheerful times of the holiday at this special fashion event.
Visit in Second Life Of course, there’s plenty more to explore. Here are some more highlights from the Destination Guide that have been added in the past week:
The Boho Culture Fair 2017- 6th Eddition
Visit this annual Bohemian Fair event, which is filled with designs inspired by the Boho Chic style. Beyond fashion, this trend extends to decoration, music and a particular environment. You could imagine combinations of colors, embroideries, braids, fringes and a relaxed but sophisticated air. More Info at eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com. Event open Oct. 28-Nov. 11.
Visit in Second Life London City Illuminations
Through November, you will love the spectacular program of entertainment and weekly shows set against the breathtaking backdrop of iconic London Landmarks as they are brought to life in this celebration of animated luminosity. For details see mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk
Visit in Second Life Land of Owls by Cica Ghost
Take a cart through the land of owls.
Visit in Second Life The Dreamers at Berg by Nordan Art
The Dreamers by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu is currently on exhibition at Berg by Nordan Art. This installation addresses refusal to accept violence and the desire to maintain beauty and tenderness. The region windlight is recommended for optimal experience. Free dreamer avatars are available at landing.
Visit in Second Life The Last Stop
The Last Stop is an urban role-playing environment set in current times. The town is located in the woodland area of Wyoming, called Florida. The residents are everything from doctors and lawyers to seedy underground drug runners. Where will you find yourself within the town? Will you fit in the working class or find yourself doing the dirty work of a stripper or drug cartel member?
Visit in Second Life Once Upon A Mine
There are rumors about a giant treasure of dwarven origin hidden under Dandelion Daydreams Factory. What ever your motivation is ... be it greed, be it adventurousness, you want to claim this treasure! Of course you do not seriously believe that you will encounter actual dwarves - do you? And once again the makers of the Dandelion Daydreams Factory ask you: Are you brave enough? Event opens Nov. 4.
Visit in Second Life Battle of the Titans
Experience a massive artistic build in Second Life by the renowned 3D artist, Rage Darkstone. Three, one-hundred-meter high Titans face off. You land on the platform from which you can witness the combat. Magical, multi-colored trees ring the landing platform. Massive birds circle the entire installation. Then, you teleport inside the head of one of the Titans or land and sit on different parts.
Visit in Second Life Malal's Autumn
Welcome to MALAL Autumn Land, where you can have fun or find a quiet place to reflect.
Visit in Second Life Gay Games
The Dirty Dock is a male gay club on the beach and hang-out with shops. If you are looking to be naughty. come over to the Dirty Dock and hang out. Don't miss the weekly Gay Games, held on Sundays.
Visit in Second Life Club RawR
Club RawR is a friendly club filled with good conversations and themed parties. Here you'll find multiple DJ's playing a mix of 80s, hip-hop, industrial, rave, rock and trance music.
Visit in Second Life Peebo's Beach
Relax at the beach. Train your body at the gym. Let the floor burn on the dancefloor. Let your worries go in the sauna...or play a game of beach volleyball.
Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Trompe Loeil Mainstore.
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Brett Linden
This week, the Second Life community celebrates Halloween with dozens of limited-time haunted attractions and events that you won’t want to miss. Ghosts, goblins and other spooky surprises lurk around every dark corner — so explore with your friends and get ready to get scared!

Join us on Halloween between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (Pacific) for the Second Life Creepy Crawl, an event filled with music, contests, crazy costumes, tricks...and, yes, treats.  Wander with us as we roam from spot to spooky spot to explore the dark side of Second Life together then step into the arena and get smashed at our annual Pumpkin Fight event (held at noon).
Ready to start exploring? Here are some of the newest haunted hot spots (and a few non-Halloween destinations) that we’ve added to the Destination Guide this week:
Pumpkin Fight
Ready for a Pumpkin Fight? Step into the arena and get smashed at this official Halloween event, held Oct. 31 from noon- 1 p.m. (Pacific).
Visit in Second Life Transylvania's Undead Await You
The Transylvania family invites you to give into your dark side and join them as they celebrate Halloween with a week of Gothic-themed events. Explore the graveyard, family crypt, castle and other sights of SL's longest-running vampire and Lycan communities. Event held Oct. 27 through Nov. 2.
Visit in Second Life T H E W E L L : Ultimum
Can you return to the horror of The Well, uncovering the secrets in the surrounding woods without losing your sanity? The fourth and final chapter in The Well horror series places you where it all began sometime in the 1980s. To play, a pass will need purchasing.
Visit in Second Life New Babbage - 10 Year Anniversary
Ten years ago, a group of intrepid SL residents embarked on an idea for a full steampunk styled region within Second Life. Some of the people behind those avatars 10 years ago are no longer with us. Some moved on from Second Life, but the dream they had kept going. The 10th anniversary of the City State of New Babbage has arrived. Pop over for a visit!
Visit in Second Life Out of the Looking Glass/Into the Madness
Take an adventure into Wonderland! Works from artists around the world are weaved into a journey through childhood's fear and magic, tinged with the warped macabre that comes with growth. This six-stage venue has returned with great expansion for its third year. Brought by The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community and Radio Grind. Enjoy live music on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
Visit in Second Life Halloween Harrowing
Halloween Harrowing is a fun and gloomy little place to explore and have your photo taken. There are plenty of places to visit and pose including spots to sleep with the mummy and the zombie photo booth.
Visit in Second Life Asylum Horror Hunt
Club Escapist and Goddess of Chaos present The Asylum Horror Hunt, held through Nov. 1. Seek and find several prizes including gift cards from Goddess of Chaos and random raffle prizes.
Visit in Second Life The St John Haunted House
It's New Orleans 1917 and this once lavish house has fallen into disrepair. The family that once lived here suddenly vanished years ago and the neighbors won't dare enter the house or even speak of it. Your inquiries are met with strange looks and frightened eyes. Being not from around these parts, you are curious. Something has happened here. What are the clues? Why is everyone so afraid?
Visit in Second Life The Bloodcroft Hunt
Join this sim-wide hunt to collect a complete vampire slayer kit. Discover 11 items (wearable or rezzable on their own) and one final prize upon completion of your hunt. These 12 items are exclusive to The Bloodcroft Hunt and only available for the duration of this event. Collect them all or join the immortal...either way, the Bloodcrofts look forward to seeing you.
Visit in Second Life Hipville Halloween
Welcome to the 11th Annual Hipville Halloween. Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Come on over and get spooked in the Haunted Asylum, Twisted Carnival, Witches Garden, and more!. Don't miss the Brain and Beating Heart Hunt, which is filled with prizes for L$5-10. Put your costume on and have a little bit of fun!
Visit in Second Life Haunted Beach @ Bundy Reef
The once stunning shoreline of Bundy Reef has fallen under a horrific spell. A thick fog rolled in and a strange plague has infected the locals. Authorities are still trying to discover what happened. Photographers from all over the grid are traveling to Bundy to discover new photo opportunities. They are joined by MadPea Ghost Hunters, eager to solve the mystery. Take a walk on the Haunted Beach, discover hidden poses, hunt ghost, and trick or treat with Second Life's premiere Surf publication, SurfWatch Magazine.
Visit in Second Life Fear, She's the Mother of Violence
Mouth all dry, eyes bloodshot. Data stored in microdot. Kicking the cloud with my moccasin shoes. T.V. dinner, T.V. news. Fear. Fear. She's the mother of violence. Find your fear and defeat her in this limited-time exhibit from artist Livio Korobase.
Visit in Second Life Classic Rome in Time Portal
Step through the Time Portal in the laboratory and visit Ancient Rome! See gladiators fight at the Domus, enjoy a play at the amphitheater, make an offering to Minerva at the temple, discuss politics at the Senate, try some street food and then regret this while spending the rest of your visit at the public latrina!
Visit in Second Life Dementophilia at The Vordun
From the creative mind of artist Federico Sosa, "Dementophilia" brings together painting and sculpture in a cohesive way, utilizing and even taking over the gallery space. Take a journey down the absurd with mental images created in disbelief of reality. Whispers in the dark. Corners of the night. Sounds giving you goosebumps that keep you from sleeping. Nothing is real.
Visit in Second Life Dissected Soul
In "Dissected Soul" by Theda Tammas, bodies are fractured, contorted, ripped through with holes. A red thread connects many of them, and much of the thread bears loops of barbed wire. The centerpiece is a heart shattering into small pieces which fly into the air. Showing at Split Screen through December.
Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Trompe Loeil.
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