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Linden Lab

The Second Life 10th Birthday celebrations kicked off with a bang last week - and there is plenty more to come.

To highlight just a few things that have been going on - here is your guide to ensure you get the maximum benefit of everything SL10B.

On the Marketplace we launched some SL10B exclusive items to commemorate the occasion. If you haven’t yet had a chance to get in on the fun, here are some things you may want to check out:


Already, nearly 7,500 Bear Avatars have been claimed on the Marketplace, and we’ve started to see some great snapshots being shared. Here are just a few that have been featured as Second Life Pics of the Day this week. Keep ‘em coming! We love it!

original (1).jpeg

“SL10 Bear Coffee" , photo by Roudoudou Hirons original (2).jpeg

"This year linden bear, tell me I am a cutie!" , photo by Isanelli Anatineoriginal (3).jpeg

"Teddy Bear Picnic" , photo by Serena Snowfield.

Take your own Bear Avatar or other celebration snapshots and submit them the SL10B Snapshot Contest for a chance to win a homestead prize!

Submission have started to come in for the SL10B Category of the Destination Guide - for example check out SL10B By Us - an intersim event celebrating Second Life’s 10th Birthday.


SL10B By Us

SL10B by Us is an intersim event for the 10th birthday of Second Life. Each day brings new ways to party: DJ's, live performances, shows, readings and much more. You'll also find loads of freebies, a hunt, even information for newbees. It opens June 9th, visit http://potpourrimarkets.wix.com/sl10b for more information.

Visit in Second Life

You can submit your events for consideration to this category and look out for more community events.


There is more in store for the rest of the month - including the upcoming Premium members grid hunt, more limited special items, and the SL10B Community Celebration event that kicks off later this month, so continue to watch this space for the latest!


Linden Lab

This month marks ten years since Second Life first opened to the public in June of 2003! We’re incredibly proud of Second Life’s success and longevity and we hope that all of you are too - it’s thanks to everyone who has made Second Life part of their lives over the past decade that we’ve reached this major milestone.



We’ve planned some special things to celebrate SL10B that we’ll be rolling out throughout the month - be sure to keep an eye on this blog to be kept up-to-date with the latest!


Commemorative SL10B Avatar

Starting today, you can get a free, special-edition SL10B avatar on the Marketplace. This avatar is made with some of the new Materials features and will look even better once that Materials Viewer launches (you can also check it out with the Materials Beta Viewer). Visit the SL10B Marketplace and get your commemorative avatar today - they’ll only be available until the end of June!


Snapshot Contest

We’re also kicking off an SL10B Snapshot Contest! Start snapping your celebratory images and get ready to share. Top prize is free use of a homestead for four months, and second and third prizes are free use of a homestead for two months.  Check out the rules and submit your entries here.

Watch Rodvik Linden on The Drax Files

On the occasion of Second Life’s tenth birthday, machinimist extraordinaire Draxtor Despres interviewed Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble (aka Rodvik Linden), for a special episode of the great video series The Drax Files: World Makers. Check out the episode



Join the Parties Inworld

Throughout June, there will be celebrations for Second Life’s tenth birthday (SL10B) all over the grid - thrown by DJs and event planners inworld. So that you can keep track of where the parties are at, we've launched an SL10B Category in the Destination Guide. If you have an SL10B event planned - there is still plenty of time to submit your entry; and check back frequently - we’ll be continually updating the Destination Guide as always.


From June 16 - 29, there will be a large community-organized celebration inworld as well. As with past Second Life birthday celebrations, you can expect great exhibits, music, and events. For more info, check out the SL10B  Community Celebration website.


More to Come

Later this month, we’ll be kicking off a special grid-wide hunt with unique prizes, exclusively for Premium members. We’ll blog with more details soon, but if you want to get in on the fun, be sure that your Premium membership is up-to-date.

We’ll also be releasing some limited-edition gifts on the Marketplace and inworld. Some will be limited quantity - so stay tuned to find out when and where to get them!

There’s more coming to celebrate Second Life’s tenth birthday, so be sure to keep an eye on this blog for the latest.

Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of the last ten years in Second Life - we look forward to what is still to come!


Linden Lab

Linden Lab is excited to announce the launch of the Materials Beta Viewer! This Viewer will allow content creators to build objects using normal and specular maps and will allow users to view the effects of this new feature set. The end result is photorealistic textured objects inworld.


Credit: Katana by June Dion


Technical Details

Normal maps provide modelling of fine scale surface textures at far lower cost (to performance and Land Impact) than the equivalent geometry, while Specular maps, along with advanced specularity controls, provide much richer control over how the surfaces of an object interact with all the light sources in a scene. Together, these new features provide creators in Second Life much greater ability to make detailed and responsive content appearance.

Setting any material property on an object will change the accounting method to the current accounting from the old count-the-prims accounting; in most cases, this will mean that you can get lower object cost for detailed or varied surfaces that would otherwise require more prims to create. It also means that Materials objects will have improved simulator performance and mesh object upload cost by decreasing the complexity of object geometry.


KO.jpegCredit: Jacket by Geenz Spad


A Collaborative Effort

This new set of features has been developed in collaboration with open source Viewer developers and content creators. New pages on how to best leverage these features and optimize the Land Impact of your creations are being published on the Good Building Practices wiki and the Content Creators Guide, and more will be added in the coming days by Second Life content creators and builders from Linden Lab.


Next Steps

Download the Beta Viewer from the official downloads page.

To see the new effects in this Beta Viewer, you must enable 'Advanced Lighting Model' in Preferences > Graphics > Advanced (this preference used to be called 'Lighting and Shadows', but actually controlled a wider range of rendering behavior, so the name has been changed).


Once we have squashed all the beta bugs (which you can file in the MATBUG JIRA project), we will be pushing the Materials Beta Viewer to Release. Check back here for updates!

Linden Lab

We’ve been working hard on some major changes to Second Life’s Viewer and back-end infrastructure to improve the Second Life experience for all users. Today, we’re pleased to share an update on Project Shining - an initiative that will make avatars load and rez more quickly and reliably.

We’ve tested changing of outfits, avatar swapping, and initial avatar loading into worlds, and our tests showed performance gains across the board. Bottom line, Second Life users will experience less time in “clouded” or untextured avatar states and/or completely failed bakes that require relogs. Check out

for more about the project.



Project Sunshine is rolling out in three steps:

1) A required Viewer update, out now! The official Second Life Viewer (version 3.5.1 and later) includes important updates you’ll need to enjoy the benefits of Project Sunshine, so update today if you haven’t yet.  Actively updated Third Party Viewers also already have Sunshine-enabled versions available.

2) A server-side update, rolling out soon. It’s at this point that you’ll begin to notice significant improvements in avatar and object load times and reliability. But if you haven’t updated your Viewer, avatars won’t look right to you when we roll out the server update, so seriously, update now!

3) A second Viewer update, released after the server-side improvements are rolled out. As long as you have the Viewer 3.5.1 or later (available now), avatars won’t look wrong for you, but this second Viewer update will be needed to get the full benefits of Project Sunshine.

Get on your way to a better, faster, and more reliable Second Life experience and update to the latest Viewer today!


Linden Lab

If you who haven’t yet heard, we’re coming up on the Second Life’s tenth birthday, SL10B as we’ve affectionately dubbed it. While we’ve got a whole slew of celebrations planned, we’d really like to see how people across Second Life celebrate 10 years on the grid. So if you have an awesome place or a cool event, share your creations and we’ll make this a party for the ages.

Since we can’t stop thinking about SL10B, we figured we’d stick with the theme of parties and celebrations. For those of you who prefer something quiet and intimate, we’re bringing you haute cuisine in a waterfront restaurant. For the more raucous, be sure to check out a neon kaleidoscope of a dance club and a music and art venue carved out of a subterranean cave. A literal rock cave, if you will. And if you feel like taking a break, why not take a walk through a soothing park or an exquisite Italian town?


Casa De Aromas

Any occasion or celebration is a good time to visit Casa de Aromas, the author´s cuisine restaurant. Casa de Aromas is the first haute cuisine restaurant in Second Life with superior dining service. they even offer special thematic menus for babies and kids, as well as happy meals to take home. Visit them soon!

Visit in Second Life



Club InFuZion

Club InFuZion is located at the heart of NekoZone Central, a visually stunning urban-themed sim. So why not drop by, get your urban on and listen to all the latest dance and club tunes? Everyone is welcome to come and party/chill in this friendly atmosphere. See you all there, huh?

Visit in Second Life



Casa De Aromas

Any occasion or celebration is a good time to visit Casa de Aromas, the author´s cuisine restaurant. Casa de Aromas is the first haute cuisine restaurant in Second Life with superior dining service. they even offer special thematic menus for babies and kids, as well as happy meals to take home. Visit them soon!

Visit in Second Life



Bliss Gardens Park

Bliss Gardens Park is a beautiful four-sim nature area below the Luna Bliss Home & Garden store — a delightful place to explore, take in the breathtaking scenery and much more.

Visit in Second Life



Egoisme Milano

Visit the new Egoisme Milano for a real Italian shopping experience! Browse the stores for fashion, skins and free gifts or sit with friends and listen to music under the glass-domed roof. This mesh build is a wonderful place to take photographs and even hosts art galleries and live events. Live the dolce vita, at Egoisme Milano.

Visit in Second Life


Linden Lab

 Following the recent update to the Second Life Terms of Service, which disallows trading of Linden dollars (L$) on third party exchanges, we’ve heard from some users outside of the US who are concerned that it may now be more difficult for them to purchase L$ to use in Second Life.

 With a credit card, you can purchase L$ on the LindeX using 27 different currencies, including EUR, GBP, JPY, and AUD. If you don’t have a credit card, you can also use PayPal, which can be connected directly to a bank account in more than 193 countries and regions. If you put payment info on file for your Second Life account, you can also purchase L$ right in the Viewer with the “Buy L$” button. If you’ve never done it before, check out this helpful


Now, to give users more options and make it easier to purchase L$, we’re launching a pilot program of Authorized Resellers of L$. These sites are authorized by Linden Lab to purchase L$ on the LindeX and then resell those L$ using a variety of international currencies and payment methods. To be clear: per the Terms of Service, these resellers will not be allowed to purchase L$ outside of the LindeX (i.e. they will not be able to buy L$ back from users and cash people out). The list of Authorized Resellers participating in the pilot program is available here.

 If you would like to receive an application to the program when it formally launches, please send an email to LDollarSeller@lindenlab.com.

We know that users are also concerned about the length of the LindeX’s cashout process and the limited choice of currencies when selling L$. We’re currently investigating ways to improve that experience for users while still providing superior fraud protections, and hope to hasten the cashout process and offer new currency options in the future.

Linden Lab

Have you ever wondered about the personalities behind the avatars in Second Life? Virtual journalist and machinima artist Draxtor Despres has been documenting the many personal and inspiring stories of our creative community in the acclaimed video series “The Drax Files: World Makers.”

 This week, Drax interviews Edinburgh-based motion capture artist Abramelin Wolfe -- founder of the successful animation and creations studio Abranimations.    


 Watch the video interview



You can check out Abranimations’ shop on the Second Life Marketplace or directly teleport to the store inworld.


Motion capture artist Abramelin Wolfe and his wife are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

For more info on The Drax Files: World Makers, be sure to check out Drax’s website at draxtor.com. If you haven’t yet watched the rest of the series, check out the past episodes at the links below:


The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 1: Kriss Lehmann

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 2: Jo Yardley

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 3: Eshi Otawara

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 4: Fantasy Faire / RFL


Linden Lab

This June, Second Life will celebrate its 10th birthday, thanks to users like you!

We have some fun things planned to celebrate the occasion (keep an eye on this blog for more on that soon!), but we'd also like to highlight your events. Like last year, we'll have a special category in the Destination Guide for Second Life birthday-related events. No one throws a better party than the Second Life community, and if you're planning an event to celebrate Second Life's 10th birthday, we want to know about it!

Submit your event or party information to the Second Life Destination Guide Submission Form (use the misc category) or via editor@lindenlab.com, using “SL10B” in subject line on the form or email.

In addition, there will be an organized community celebration happening that is sure to be great, and they are currently taking applications for volunteers, performers, and exhibits here.

Are you ready to celebrate?

Linden Lab

When you log in to the Second Life Viewer today, you’ll be asked to accept an updated Terms of Service. As with any legal document, it’s important to read in its entirety before accepting, but we wanted to highlight one of the changes we’ve made in this update: to better protect Second Life users against fraud, the updated Terms of Service make it clear that trading of Linden dollars (L$) on exchanges other than the LindeX, Second Life’s official L$ exchange, is not authorized or allowed.

 As the official exchange owned and operated by Linden Lab, the LindeX is the best place to buy and sell L$ for use in Second Life. It consistently offers the best rates for both buyers and sellers, and by limiting L$ trading to the exchange we operate, we are better able to protect users against fraudulent activity.

 The majority of Second Life users who purchase L$ do so through the Second Life Viewer by clicking on the “Buy L$” button. There will be no change to that function, as these orders are placed directly through the LindeX. Similarly, shopping on Marketplace will not be impacted.

 If you haven’t used the LindeX before, check out this Knowledge Base article and the

below for more information: 



Linden Lab

The latest episode of Draxtor Despres’ The Drax Files: World Makersis here! This week, Drax profiles the rock band, Engrama, who perform original music live (without pre-recorded backing tracks) in Second Life.

 Watch the video



You can check out some of Engrama’s music here, shop for their merchandise inworld here, and catch them performing live in Second Life on May 11!


Want to discover music like Engrama in Second Life? Explore the Music category in the Destination Guide and check out the Live Music event listings.



For more info on The Drax Files: World Makers series, be sure to check out Drax’s website at draxtor.com. If you haven’t yet watched the rest of the series, check out past episodes at the links below:


The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 1: Kriss Lehmann

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 2: Jo Yardley

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 3: Eshi Otawara

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 4: Fantasy Faire / RFL


Linden Lab

It’s coming around to that time when we at the Destination Guide show off some interesting and generally awesome destinations new to Second Life. Much like last time, we wanted to introduce you to a few of the newer locations that caught our attention. So let’s get to it, huh?


This week, prepare for an invasion of art. Journey to an entire ecosystem of rusting, clanking machines, or take a look at a land of nine unique zones of thought. How about a perspective-bending island, or a wildly alien interactive music venue? But if all this sounds a little too far fetched, fear not, for we’re also bringing you a live boxing venue and a tango studio in the middle of a wheat field. As always, we love seeing all your new places, so join in the fun and share your own.



Rust is a world with a strange mix of machines, chained trees, rusty mushrooms, birds, balloons, butterflies, spiders, elephants and gear flowers. Watch as they corrode, flake and sway in the gentle breeze...

Visit in Second Life



Ocho Tango

Ocho Tango is a land dedicated to tango, with a milonga for dancing and live concerts. Fully immerse in a pampas, relax or stay with friends and loved ones. A great spot for photos as well.

Visit in Second Life



House of Champions Boxing Gym

Constantly the top ranked boxing gym in second life, House of Champions offers a unique user-friendly environment, full support and free daily events. Containing one of the largest sporting communities on the grid and holding numerous special events with prizes, there's always something fun to do. House of Champions provides a truly immersive experience.

Visit in Second Life



Virtually Real

The most exciting experiences in virtual reality are not so much the ones that totally alter the viewer's perspective of what's real as the ones that are able to expand, augment and enlarge the real. It is in its relationship with the real, rather than attempting to substitute itself for the real, that the most original use of virtual reality is found. This is Virtually Real.

Visit in Second Life



Ub Yifu Gallery Park

The Sky Sculpture gallery is open! Take a ferry to the isle for an unforgettable journey into beautiful ancient and futuristic arts. All statues exhibited in the gallery are creations of Ub Yifu.

Visit in Second Life



The Nine Art Planets

The Art Planets is an art installation to give visitors nine different emotional feelings, reflected through subconscious minds. Inspired by a variety of immersive artists, this is one installation you don't want to miss.

Visit in Second Life
Linden Lab

We’re happy to share another great episode of Draxtor Despres’ The Drax Files: World Makers. The latest episode features Zander Greene, one of the organizers of Fantasy Faire in Second Life.


 You can watch it

if you have trouble viewing the video.



Now in its fifth year, Fantasy Faire is a fundraiser for Relay for Life, that will feature the work of some of Second Life’s top designers and merchants. Explore fantasy-themed builds and buy unique designs from the more than 140 merchants participating to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Second Life.


Fantasy Faire runs through April 28th - check out the official listing in the Second Life Destination Guide. Please note that the event does not open officially until 6 a.m. (Pacific) on April 20, so the teleport link may not be active prior to that time.

For more info on The Drax Files: World Makers series, be sure to check out Drax’s website at draxtor.com. If you haven’t yet watched the rest of the series, check out past episodes at the links below:


The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 1: Kriss Lehmann 

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 2: Jo Yardley

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 3: Eshi Otawara


Linden Lab


Pictured: Lorna H. and her Second Life avatar counterpart  Lollie Bigwig.

Banker by day, but intergalactic space cowboy in Second Life? We may be looking for you!

We are now casting both humans and their avatars for a new promotional campaign that will be featured on SecondLife.com and across the web.

For this campaign, we’re looking for people who are comfortable revealing their “human side” alongside their avatars in Second Life, like in the image above. Specifically, we are looking for those whose avatars do not physically resemble their owners.

This promotion aims to spotlight the diverse and creative communities in Second Life, so please apply if you’d like to share your passion for Second Life with the world!

To be considered, please fill out this application form by 11:59 PM Pacific on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. All submissions will be reviewed by the creative production team for the campaign, but no personal information provided will be disclosed publicly unless you are selected and specifically consent to participate.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Linden Lab

We’re happy to announce a new special offer for Second Life on Amazon - a pack of virtual pets!

The Troobles have arrived and are squeaking with excitement to be the stars of our third limited-time, special promotion on Amazon. From now to April 25, 2013, you can get the Pet Pack – The Troobles (a $9.95 value) for free.




The Pet Pack includes an adorable family of Trooble Pigs including Daddy, Mommy, baby sister, and baby brother. Each Trooble has their very own fashion accessories and special talents. Mommy Trooble offers customized greetings to your visitors, Daddy Trooble can go into guard mode and teleport trespassers, and the babies are always up for a cuddle.

There is a limit of one Pet Pack per customer, and this special offer is available only to users of the free Amazon Game Connect service, which is currently limited to customers in the US.

If you’d like a little more cute and cuddly in Second Life, pop over to Amazon and grab your free Pet Pack – The Troobles before April 25, 2013.


Linden Lab


From Draxtor Despres, here’s another great episode of The Drax Files: World Makers, which profiles creative Second Life users. The latest episode features artist, fashion designer, and Second Life merchant Eshi Otawara.


below, and be sure to check out Eshi’s store on the Second Life Marketplace to get some of her fantastic designs!


For more info on the series, be sure to check out Drax’s website atdraxtor.com. If you haven’t yet watched the first two episodes, you can catch them at the links below:


The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 1: Kriss Lehmann

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 2: Jo Yardley

Linden Lab

Today we’re excited to announce that the new Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is now a part of the main Second Life Viewer. The update should download automatically, or you can download the new Viewer here.

will help you get started with what’s new:



What is CHUI?

As we’ve previously blogged about, CHUI puts Second Life’s communications tools in a more flexible UI that lets you customize it for the ways you prefer to communicate inworld. You can even turn it all off when you want to build, make movies, or simply be left alone for a while.


With CHUI, you can:

  • Add participants to a conversation already in progress

  • See all of your conversations and everyone in those conversations, using an inventory-like UI

  • Quickly move your voice connection between conversations and effortlessly adjust individual volume or overall volume in a single click

  • View all of your recent communications in one window (Conversation Log)

  • See what was said in any conversation (Conversation Transcripts)

  • Set Do Not Disturb to focus on other things and get all the communications (and inventory offers!) you missed, after you come back

  • Choose from four levels of notification for each of five different kinds of incoming communication. You can set IMs from friends and IMs from non-friends to different levels of notification

  • Turn sound on and off for four different events, such as inventory offers and teleport offers

  • Access voice morphs more easily

  • Get to chat preferences and privacy preferences directly from the Conversations window.

  • Type your chats into an expanding, multiple-line box

  • Select multiple users across different conversations and start a new conference with them

  • Choose which conversations are in their own windows, and which should be in a tabbed window -- you can have both now.

  • Collapse any conversation to a single-line input with popup messages.  

  • See users and objects you have blocked in a new tab in the People window.


How do you use CHUI?

There are a lot of ways to use the new communications features, and we hope you’ll take the time to explore. We know a new interface can be frustrating while you figure out how to do the things you’re used to doing, but

should help everyone get up to speed quickly.

To all those who helped beta test CHUI, thank you for all the great feedback you have given us along the way, which was incredibly valuable and helpful during the development cycle.  Your input is truly appreciated, and we will, of course, continue to improve on this feature in future releases.


Linden Lab

If you have a private region in Second Life, there are several special services you might occasionally need, like region moves and name changes.


The charges for these services depends on the number of private regions you have, and to make it easier for all of our customers to understand the fee structure, we now have laid it out in this chart in the Knowledge Base:


To request one of these private region management services, please submit a case through the support portal.


Linden Lab

Once again, the Destination Guide editorial team pored through countless submissions for all sorts of interesting and varied locations. Quite a few events as well, truth be told. Much like last time, we wanted to highlight things that caught our attention. They could have a higher than usual level of polish, a silly sense of humor or just be plain fun to wander through. That said, let’s get to it.


This time around, we’re bringing you some more adventures than usual. Prepare to delve into the jungle and find a tropical warrior’s final treasure, seek out demonic eggs to uncover the death of a beloved fairy tale egg, or dive into the depths of mind-shattering madness in a dark and dreary carnival. For those of you looking for something a little more light-hearted, we’ve also got a club ripped straight out of Miami (by way of Dubai), procedurally generated Mandelbrot patterns and a soothing, summertime Siberia. As always, few things are as fun as sharing new places, so show your creative side and make something cool.




3D Mandelbrot Fractal Art

The 3D Mandelbrot Fractal Art exhibit showcases sim-wide variations of Mandelbrot fractal art. The spectacular script-controlled fractal landscape changes many times throughout the day.

Visit in Second Life



MadPea Madness Fair

It's time to go insane at MadPea's Madness Fair! Running April 7th at 12 pm through the 27th, the Madness Fair will have vendors from all over the grid selling a wide range of products for L$150 or less. Also expect opening day DJ's spinning killer tuneage, fun games, carnival rides and a generally maddeningly good time. See you there.

Visit in Second Life



Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior

Do you have what it takes to find the warrior's treasure? Embark on an epic expedition, solve puzzles and dodge deadly traps as you navigate your way through the Devil's Cave and crack the vault to discover precious treasures in this mysterious and steamy setting. The treasure is waiting, go and claim it.

Visit in Second Life




A soothing and awesome place reminiscent of the Siberian taiga. Take a step back and return to a more natural space, an arboreal land completely surrounded by forest.

Visit in Second Life



The Who Killed Humpty Dumpty Hunt

The Who Killed Humpty Dumpty Hunt runs for one week only from March 27th to April 3rd, so you'd best hunt fast. Search through the Sim for Evil Easter Eggs to win prizes from ten top designers. There are no hints for this, but don't worry, it shouldn't be too hard...

Visit in Second Life




Vipera offers multiple DJ and dancing venues on a beautifully landscaped sim with waterways, jet skis and lots of areas to explore. Friendly welcoming staff greet and entertain you nightly from 7 to 11 pm. If you want a place to hang out where everyone knows your name, you want Vipera!

Visit in Second Life
Linden Lab

We’re excited to share another episode of Draxtor Despres’ fantastic series, The Drax Files: World Makers, which profiles Second Life users. If you missed the first episode, you can check it out here.


The latest episode profiles the talented Jo Yardley, the creator of the 1920s Berlin Project in Second Life. Check out the

below, and be sure to visit 1920s Berlin to explore the world Jo has created!





The 1920s Berlin Project

Travel back in time to this big city during an amazing era. Wander down Unter den Linden, explore the dirty old back streets, see a movie at the cinema, visit the museum, enjoy cabaret, dance the Charleston in a small Tanzlokal or at the gay Eldorado club in this role-play sim with a 1920s dress code (freebies provided).

Visit in Second Life

For more info on the series, be sure to check out Drax’s website at draxtor.com.

Linden Lab

Second Life is a fun and social space, so meeting and making friends is easier when you understand the basic controls and options for chat. Learn about the text and voice chat features that can help you meet and make friends in Second Life in our latest QuickTips video tutorial.

Watch the QuickTips video tutorial here.

Learn even more in about Second Life communication in our Knowledgebase:

Did you miss our previous QuickTips videos? Check ‘em out!

Linden Lab

Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide - March 14, 2013

Are you looking for some last-minute decorations, festive costumes, or new Spring fashions to refresh your wardrobe? Come scratch that shopping itch over at the Second Life Marketplace. Check the celebrations section for seasonal fashions, Easter egg cake pops, green beer water slides, and a whole lot more.

Spring is in the air, and it’s a great time to celebrate in Second Life! We here at the Destination Guide combed through all the awesome submissions and pulleda few we really think embody the spirit of this season. They could’ve had evil bunnies, sunny pastel colors, green rivers, or just embodied the spirit of something fun and a little wild. This time around, we’re bringing you a garden Easter egg hunt, a soothing strawberry forest, a fluorescent take on Alice in Wonderland and a few wild and green festivals. Whether you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Hōnen Matsuri, Easter, or just springtime in Second Life, get ready to throw off those winter clothes and bask in the sunshine. So join in the fun and submit your own destination, or just jump below and start exploring.



Botanica's 2nd Anual Easter Egg Hunt

Come to Botanica for the Second annual sim-wide Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny rocketed though Botanica, hiding 12 special prize eggs. Find all 12 eggs hidden in the gardens and win the Retro Rocket Bunny Grand Prize! Best hurry, this hunt only lasts until May 5th.

Visit in Second Life



Saint Patrick's Day Weekend

It's Saint Patrick's Day Weekend in in London City with a city-wide party all week long! Featuring Irish bands, pub crawls, even prizes for best in theme, come celebrate all things Irish. For more details, visit http://mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk.

Visit in Second Life



The Green Festival

Come to Tribute City as they celebrate all things green with a month-long festival to honor St. Patricks Day! Events include contests, raffles, live DJ's, tribute bands, fun rides and much, much more. For more information, be sure to visit http://tributecity.blogspot.com/.

Visit in Second Life



2013 St. Patrick's Day Town

The festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day Town blows through the senses like a virtual Irish breeze. Ride flying gold coins, dance a jig with Leprechauns, drink green beer while, sing along with friends at the outdoor pub piano and fill your basket with all things Irish. Follow the rainbow to the most colorful party around: St. Patrick's Day Town.

Visit in Second Life



Almost Wonderland

Welcome to Almost Wonderland, a magical and mystical place filled with a darker inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and other weird, twisted and fun elements of fantasy. Marvel at the wondrous sights, ride dark carnival rides or visit creepily interesting store. there's truly something for everyone in Almost Wonderland.

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Erdbeeren 2013

It's that special time of year again! The creators invite you to a hidden grove in the strawberry forest. You will discover many gifts, hunts, plants and so much more. Have fun!

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As you may have noticed, we recently added some banner ads to SecondLife.com. Today, we’ve also added them to the Marketplace, and we’ll soon expand the program to other Second Life web properties as well. The placement of these ads is designed to be unobtrusive, as we don’t want them to interfere with your Second Life experience on the web, and we’re taking care to keep the content appropriate.

These ads are a great opportunity for advertisers to reach the large, global audience that visits the Second Life web properties every day, and we want to extend that opportunity to Second Life merchants as soon as we can. For Merchants, advertising on the Second Life web properties will be a new way to get their offerings in front of potential customers, while at the same time making the ads extremely relevant to every Second Life user who sees them.

We have some work to do before we can make the ads purchasable by Second Life business owners, and it’s too soon to say precisely when we’ll be able to, but we wanted to let you all in on this plan early on. We’ll blog again when we have more info to share, so keep an eye on this space!

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DG FFL.jpg

 Photo by: Ramses Meredith

It’s that time of year again! Fashion for Life 2013, held March 9-17, features nine amazing sims created by some of the top creators in Second Life. This year’s theme, which aims to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society, is “The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.”  

Fashion for Life will feature a full schedule of live events, fashion shows, exclusive designs and artistic wonders that you won’t want to miss! There’s so much stuff to see and do that you’ll want to visit all of the nine event sims, including the following themed areas:

Looking for a complete schedule? You can visit the official event site for the latest updates, but here is a list of things to see and do:


  • 12:00 PM (Pacific) - Grand Opening of Fashion for Life 2013



  • 4:00 PM (Pacific) - Fashion Show (produced by Solo Evane)


  • 4:00 PM (Pacific) - Fashion Show (produced by AVENUE)



  • 4:00 PM (Pacific) - Fashion Show (produced by UEMA Agency)



  • 10:00 AM (Pacific) - Galliano Couture Inspired Collection (Produced by BLVD Agency)


  • 9:00 AM (Pacific) - Grand Finale - SL Top Model Competition
  • 11:00 AM (Pacific) - Closing Party - Raffle Winner Announcement

In addition, BOSL Radio will stream across all nine sims in partnership with the Second Life club The Velvet. There will also be a public “Best FFL” Photo Contest for the duration of this event. The winner will receive items from participating FFL designers.

For more information, visit the Fashion for Life 2013 website.

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Second Life is fun — but sometimes you might encounter a problem inworld.

Need help with your land? Have a billing question? We want to help you make the most of your Second Life. This week’s QuickTips video tutorial walks you through the many support options available to both basic and premium Second Life users.

Learn more about our Knowledge Base and Support Portal, as well as Abuse Report options and more.

Watch the



Learn even more in about Second Life Support in our Knowledgebase:

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Need a place to call “home” in Second Life?

This week’s new QuickTips tutorial video introduces the basics of getting your own home in Second Life. You can rent a home directly from other Second Life residents -- or get a Linden Home as part of a Second Life Premium subscription.

Either way, you’ll get a private space to decorate and design that shows off your style. It’s also a place to share — invite friends over to hang out, chat and even party... then head out for a night on the town. With your own Second Life home, you can try on new clothes privately before you explore.

Watch the QuickTips video tutorial


Learn even more in about Second Life homes in our Knowledgbase:

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