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Xiola Linden

It is clearly Spring outside the office windows here at Linden Lab. Blue skies, crisp air and sunny sidewalks, and everyone seems to have a bounce in their step that indicates the shedding of winter memories and the excitement of a new season upon us.

While it can be Spring eternal  in virtual life — there’s no doubt that Residents love to do it up in full festive glory. Egg hunts and pretty pastels are around every corner, and the sweaters and coats of last week are replaced with tank tops and cardigans.

Our Destination Guide knows just where the latest adventures await in Second Life. So swap out those boots for an open-toe shoe and hit the grid with a bounce like you mean it!

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form. 

Don’t forget to take loads of pics and share them on our official Second Life Flickr. We select “Pic of the Day” from that group.

Now — let’s jump down that rabbit hole and see what awaits!


Xiola Linden

As we head into the middle of March,  and the green of St. Patrick’s Day fades the folks over at the Second Life Destination Guide have made sure that the good times roll on! They’ve spent all week finding some of the best events and places on the grid for you to visit so that you don’t have to! Of course, the guide is chock full of many wonderful places, so you may want to put together your own list of Destination Guide Highlights and share it with us @SecondLife on twitter!

If you’ve got politics on your mind and are looking for like-minded people to chat with, be sure to check out the politics category of the Destination Guide.

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Now on to the festivities.


SL Science Fiction Convention

Don't miss the Second Life Science Fiction Convention, held March 18th thru 27th! Supporting the Relay For Life of Second Life, this event is held across six sims of imagination and ten days of adventure! Light a Star for Hope or attend the Milky Way Cabaret. Celebrate science fiction with over one hundred exhibitors and help fight cancer!

Visit in Second Life



Cosmetic Fair

The Cosmetic Fair is a place for all your cosmetic needs. You can find skins, hair, eyeshadow, lipstick, tattoos, accessories, nails, and so much more! Event ends March 31.

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Pose Fair 2016

It’s spring time and it's back! The biggest pose event of the year, the original Pose Fair! Come check it out through March 26th for a really incredible new batch of poses, props, and animations to make your SL come to life!

Visit in Second Life



Fair Play Emerald City Charity & Gacha

Check out Emerald City and the Jewel Gacha Hunt by Fair Play. Twenty-eight fantasy and gothic creators have come together for this special charity event.

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Fantasy Cream III

Select medieval fantasy creators show off their most juicy, tasty, creamy, deeeeelicious and exclusive creations at Fantasy Cream, held March 16 - April 16. More info at fantasycream.wordpress.com.

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Big Fun Exciting Easter Thing!

It's big, it's fun and it's exciting! This event features Easter and spring shopping, games, hunts, a tour, April Fool's prizes and The Strawberry Festival. Even held through April 8.

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Dystopia - Episode 1: Black Wall

“Black Wall” is a conceptual photography and audio performance created by visual artist Noke Yuitza and music composer Alexi Ayres. “Black Wall” aims to immerse the audience in an environment of utter abyss in hopes to spark insightful inspiration. Alexi Ayres will be performing a live soundtrack concert on March 19 at 2 p.m. (Pacific).

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St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

Come get lucky at Aphrodisia Adult Resort with a St. Patrick's Day Celebration! All week long come join the themed events and games. Find the "Wee Pots O' Gold" hidden sim wide and WIN $1L, $2L or $5L! Visit on St. Patrick's Day on March 17th for a special dance party playing an Irish salute of bands from Ireland! Runs Events held through March 18th.

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Welcome to nowhere.

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Gravity is a Mistake

Explore Eupalinos Ugajin's latest art exhibition "Gravity is a Mistake" in Second Life.

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Ascension to the 10th Dimension

To begin your Ascension, walk directly through one of the five portals in the Seed Pod of Creation.

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InspirationSL is a unique, luxurious shopping event that opens its doors quarterly. Every round is based on a different, well known celebrity that has a unique style. Our designers take inspiration from this person to offer you themed, exclusive designs that can be found nowhere else on the grid.

Visit in Second Life


Xiola Linden


What is is about wonderlands that sparks our sense of play and brightens our imaginations? We find ourselves willingly falling down the rabbit hole into a place like none other. Residents of Second Life explore and create wonderlands every day and the Destination Guide is the menagerie of some of the newest and most interesting events and places available on the grid.

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form.

Don’t forget to take loads of pics and share them on our official Second Life Flickr. We select “Pic of the Day” from that group.

Now - let’s jump down that rabbit hole and see what awaits!


Xiola Linden

The Second Life Destination Guide returns once more  with another round of spots you should be sure to visit. There are tons of events for you to explore and discover the unique and wonderful things that Second Life creators make. The Skin Fair is open, along with Fashion for Life and many of the recurring shopping events that you’ve come to know and love.

There’s also plenty of places you can go to take in a little scenery or hunt for gifts from creators all over the grid.

Here’s a list of just a few of the places our editors thought you might be interested in checking out.

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!
See you inworld!


Skin Fair 2016

Skin Fair 2016 brings over 150 designers together on two sims. Featuring new releases of skins, mesh bodies, heads, tattoos, makeups, and appliers, Skin Fair 2016 is the perfect place to start your new makeover. Event begins March 11.

Visit in Second Life



2016 St. Patrick's Town

The all-out festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day Town will blow through your senses like a virtual Irish breeze. Ride on flying gold coins, dance a jig with Leprechauns, slide down the rainbow into a pot of gold and fill your basket with any and everything Irish. The most colorful party is waiting for you so follow the rainbow to St. Patrick's Day Town.

Visit in Second Life



Fashion For Life - Relay For Life

The Fashion For Life event began as a dream 10 years ago with 34 designers participating all with a special reason to fundraise for Relay For Life. Since that date, it has grown to over 100 designers covering 9 sims and has raised close to 20 million Linden Dollars for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. Learn more at fashionforlifesl.com.

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World Tour Hunt

Celebrate our world culture and travel across seven continents in the World Tour 2016 Gridwide Hunt, held through March 31. More info at kastlerockhunts.blogspot.com.

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Kikai Spring Market

Can you find all the hidden eggs at this event, held through April 1? Each egg has a free gift. Search for them all and have fun!

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Gacha Good March Shopping & Gacha Event

Gacha Good is a shopping and gacha event, held through March 31. There are 28 merchants with over 60 gachas, and each merchant offers an exclusive item that can only be found at the event. Happy shopping!

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Twisted Hunt: Odyssey

The gods have given you a Quest. You must travel the four corners of the world to seek out treasures beyond imagination, defeat mighty beasts, and win your place among the immortals. Odyssey will take you to worlds beyond measure; stories untold; and adventures unseen. Travel with us if you dare! More info at twistedhunt.com.

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Collabor88 is a fashion forward destination, where the most well-loved content creators get together to bring shoppers a superb selection of well-crafted merchandise at affordable prices. Collabor88's merchandise is changed the 8th of every month, come and see!

Visit in Second Life




Bad Hair Day? Hairology is a monthly hair event that opens the 10th of every month and closes on the 30th. Some of the greatest hair designers feature their latest creations in this shopping event that features new styles every month. Come on down and try those cute demos!

Visit in Second Life




HERMOUPOLIS Village is a quiet place to enjoy, relax and dream in the beauty of architecture.

Visit in Second Life



The Realm of Ozryn

Eighty years ago, a cataclysmic incident in the distant future caused timelines to merge; bringing people and things together that normally wouldn't be. Ozryn is now peppered with such artifacts, people, and even structures. Frightening creatures called "Auditors" systematically appear to snatch away any technology or those who try to create it, in this non-metered freeform roleplay.

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Dark Hive

Dark Hive is a relaxing lounge/club for darker electronic music styles such as dark ambient, TBM, EBM, deep house, witch house, noise, electro, tribal, psy, industrial, vaporwave, new wave and more.

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Xiola Linden

We are back once again with an all-new edition of Second Life Destination Guide! Each week, the editors look over tons of submissions, explore new spaces, and seek out some of the coolest things going on in this virtual world of ours. Sometimes there is so much good stuff you end up with a super-sized list of amazing, must-see places. This week, our editors uncovered some epic levels of awesome. Of course that Arcade is back with the gachas that everyone both loves and loathes. Try your luck at the rare items and be sure to carve out plenty of time to see everything including the amazing build there. There’s also the return of the Jewelry & Accessory Expo, The Hipster Fair, and other long-standing shopping events. Spring is swinging in so maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new things.

Take a break from all the shopping to enjoy some truly awesome builds. From the serene to the surreal Second Life creators know how to put together a nice looking region. Ghost towns, museums and more are on the itinerary this week you can always spend some time exploring  while you wait for things to lighten up a bit at the Arcade.

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Go on then login there are lots of new spots to get to!


The Arcade Gacha Events

The Arcade Gacha Events presents the ultimate GACHA experience! Guaranteed to delight shoppers, The Arcade offers unique transferable items from 100 of the grid's top designers. Discover that perfect gift to surprise and delight everyone on your list this year!

Visit in Second Life



Womenstuff Hunt

One of the most popular female fashion hunts returns to SL with 150 top participating designers and numerous exclusive items. Running through March 31, the Womenstuff Hunt has everything a woman needs to look great. More info at http://womenstuff.stuff-sl.com.

Visit in Second Life



Couture Fair 5

Celebrate the 5th anniversary of this sexy fashion fair, which is sponsored by ALTER EGO along with Apple May Designs, Bossie, Kathaarian, Le Forme, MoDANNA, Muka, Empire, Spellbound and ViSion. Each participating store will have a new exclusive item available on the 1st of the month, while a second item will be released on the 15th.

Visit in Second Life



The Hipster Fair 2016 - 3rd Edition

The Hipster Fair is now open -- but only for a limited time. Shop trendy fashions from more than 80 participating stores. Don't miss the sales and exclusive items in this special event, held through March 7.

Visit in Second Life



Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 In Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret Siren Productions invites you back to what is sure to be an amazing event full of fun wild times, pretty girls in shiny baubles, handsome men dashing top hats and brilliant surprises. The Jewelry & Accessory Expo is on now, held through March 5th.

Visit in Second Life



The Ghost Town

A darkness controls the soul. A darkness that drives a good man to unfathomable depths of depravity. No one is safe from the murky evil that lurks inside...not you….not me.

Visit in Second Life



Entropy III

Visit Entropy III, an odd assortment of art installations from NaTaS & "Fiends." Exhibitions include Flatland, Tlazolteotl's Grotto and the M.C. Escher Experience.

Visit in Second Life




Welcome wanderer...you who take the path you want. Walk down the bent tube to begin your journey. At the ground level, there are over a hundred hexagonal rooms to explore. Just walk around through the walls...

Visit in Second Life



Bauhaus Museum

The Bauhaus Museum was specially built in LEA2 to showcase 2D and 3D works from the historical Bauhaus school. The start of a wonderful resource for artists, designers, educators and librarians... or simply a lovely place for art lovers to wander and step into a bit of art and history.

Visit in Second Life




Welcome to Suomi-Finland, a land rich in history, folklore, and natural wonders. Explore vast forests, long waterways and pristine, frozen wilderness as you chance to stumble upon various interactive and immersive elements meant to educate and inspire.

Visit in Second Life



The Bizarre House

A haunted place, freaky and goulish. A subtle atmosphere full of unanswered questions and morbid moments

Visit in Second Life



Split Screen Installation Space: Chronophobia

Rebeca Bashly is well known for her pensive, sometimes disturbing installations, such as "Colour Key" and "When Life Brings You Apples ... Run!" After a year absence, she now returns with "Chronophobia," a meditation on the ravages of time.

Visit in Second Life



Surreal Tower

12 towers. 12 artists. Art for eternity.

Visit in Second Life



Wish You Were Here

"Wish You Were Here" is a collaborative exhibit about "first life" and Second Life locations and human connections in both worlds..

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Easter in London City

Celebrate the month of March in London City as they host Easter Events and Saint Patricks Day. Easter egg hunts, Irish bands, pub crawls and weekly concerts will make this a busy month to remember. Details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

Visit in Second Life



LEA Presents RJ Kikuchiyo

Linden Endowment for the Arts has granted RJ Kikuchiyo a three-month residency in LEA2, where an “Open Studio” retrospective of work from 2006-2016 will be open to the public. Also on site is the Bauhaus Museum and collected works by Steadman Kondor, of 1920s Berlin.

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Xiola Linden

Cupid’s month is nearly at its end but you can still head over to the Isle of View and visit the gifting kiosk all proceeds will be matched and donated to The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. You may have an extra day this month due to it being a Leap Year but the gifting kiosk ends on Feb 29th so head on over!

In the spirit of giving the folks over at the  Second Life Destination Guide  keep busy exploring tons of submissions. They work hard to bring an assorted bevy of the best there is and that’s a lot of good stuff. Why not take think of their hard work as your fortune? A pamphlet of places to visit that you can stick in your back pocket and  the grid with. A divining cheat sheet that will catapult you into your next inworld adventure? Try this close your eyes, scroll through this blog and point then go wherever your luck takes you!

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of pics maybe enter them in the Leap into Love Snapshot Contest before it ends on the 29th for a chance to win and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Let’s go!


Home For Our Troops Event

Help raise money for Homes For Our Troops in this multi-day event in Second Life. Buy or bid on exclusive items and attend one of the many live music performances in this charity event, held through Feb. 29.

Visit in Second Life



Children of the World Charity Event

Residents of Second Life unite together for a good cause at this music and fashion event, held Feb. 25 through March 2. Help the children in Yemen and connect with others who care in this limited-time event in benefit of War Child (warchild.org.uk).

Visit in Second Life



Metroplex 17

Metroplex 17 is a sci-fi roleplay community based in the year 2086 where humans live among a complex society of cyborgs, androids, and genetic mutations.This totalitarian city is ruled by social class distortion, with a shift of balance given to the wealthy Mega-corporations, who preside over and influence major political movements that affect the lower-class. Which side will you choose?

Visit in Second Life



Bay City History Pavilion

Want to learn more about the Mainland community of Bay City? Get in deep and visit this display covering the city's history and featuring artifacts and images spanning it's existence from 2008 to today!

Visit in Second Life



Unexpected Error

Unexpected Error is a hangout for self-proclaimed geeks, nerds, gamer girls and guys Meet like-minded people, talk games and possibly get laid at this unconventional chat spot.

Visit in Second Life




Experience the isolated, icy beauty of Sorrow.

Visit in Second Life



The Outer Garden

The course of time stops at The Outer Garden. Listen to a lover's whisper...or take a walk and snap photos along the way. These gardens are filled with summer dreams, twinkling water and translucent pale lights.

Visit in Second Life



Funky Junk

Funky Junk is a world of the future. Humans and the subsequent dominant species (avatars) have long gone. All that remains of them are piles and piles of their trash. Learn more at funkyjunksl.weebly.com.

Visit in Second Life



The Ionic Spell Collective

The Ionic Spell is what remains of a little village devastated by a large solar storm, forcing the citizens to rethink day to day life. For 10 years the people have lived without electricity and looked for ways to restore the light. The community is close and must stick together to find the answer.

Visit in Second Life



Grace Island

Grace Island is a photography sim with regularly-changing designs and themes; from strands of romantic beaches and glistening seas to enchanted mountains tufted with forests, Grace Island offers much to discover and photograph. Each design has a story you can piece together as you explore. You'll also find many features perfect for friends and lovers to relax and spend time.

Visit in Second Life




Explore Etinterra, an adventurous space for the Spanish-speaking furry community in Second Life.

Visit in Second Life



Monumento Malvinas Argentinas

Honor those who have passed at this replica of the memorial to the Argentinian casualties in the Falklands War (April-June 1982).

Visit in Second Life



17th Century Pirates Haven of Rogues

Hide out in this secluded haven for 18th century pirates, rogues and outlaws. Nestled in the southern nether regions of an active and growing 12-region estate, here you'll find pirates, rum...and others of questionable character.

Visit in Second Life
Xiola Linden

Just because the hallmark of romantic holidays is over, doesn’t mean it’s time to completely abandon the concept of love. We need love in our lives, now more than ever and the Destination Guide has almost every shade of love you can imagine.

You can show love through shopping by dropping into the Madpea International Food Fair where 50% of proceeds will help build a kitchen at a school in Kenya through the Feed a Smile charity.

Explore the Dross Valentine Event on Saturday if you are looking to explore something a bit mysterious and unknown.

And finally, show love through supporting the creations and creators all over the grid some of the newest events and lovingly tended regions are highlighted below.

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form.

See you inworld, Residents and don’t forget to take loads of pics and share them on our official Second Life Flickr.


Madpea International Food Fair

The MadPea International Food Fair, held Feb. 18-March 4, aims to raise funds for the Feed a Smile charity that helps impoverished children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. The event will have exclusive items, gachas and everything in between with all designers giving 50% of their earnings to Feed a Smile.

Visit in Second Life



The Forest Beyond

Visit a sim made out of watercolors and a world that lies beyond a picture, to roam and dream in. Here you'll find trees, fairies, butterflies, fireflies and other creatures.

Visit in Second Life



Telephone Museum

Visit the Telephone Museum and learn the historical evolution of the telephone from its birth up to present day. Come and see the first ever phone that was created by Alexander Graham Bell, and 50 more telephone models of the past century. Play the memory and trivia phone games and try your luck with the Gacha Machine.

Visit in Second Life



The Photo Game

How many words is a picture is worth? Come and view a small selection of photographs by Boudicca Amat and Ricco Saenz. Read what they have both written about each other's pictures - and then leave you comments, too!

Visit in Second Life



The Haul by Haveit Neox

Hauling, on land and in the sea. Exploring limits and bypassing any respect for them, while stringing our catch into a growing story. More info at metalesmetaverse.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/the-haul-by-haveit-neox

Visit in Second Life



LICK - The Lost World

Wear your swim suits and bring your scuba gear and exploreThe Lost World of Atlantis Sera Bellic style.

Visit in Second Life



Amandia Flavour of Italy

Amandia is inspired by Le Marche, an Italian region rich in folklore, art, nature and hospitable people. In Amandia, you will find an old city with beautiful beaches and many other Italian surprises.

Visit in Second Life



Dross Valentine Event

Fiesta de San Valentín en el sim de Dross! Evento de vacaciones celebrado el 18 de febrero de 7-9 p.m. (PST).

Visit in Second Life



Through the Rabbit Hole

To celebrate spring, the growing popularity of "alternative facts" and the second anniversary of ShenaniganS, Blublaize has created an homage to the original alternative world. "Through the Rabbit Hole" doffs a cap to some of the most absurd characters from the literary world. Opens Feb. 18.

Visit in Second Life




TWE12VE is a monthly shopping event, that runs the 12th of the month at 12 noon (Pacific) through the end of the month. Each round is themed with a word. Visit the venue to see the list or go to the website evilbunnysl.com. February's theme is "passion."

Visit in Second Life



The Hipster Fair 2017

Celebrate alternative culture at The Hipster Fair, held Feb. 17-March 3. Find different and unique items at this annual shopping event as you enjoy 15 days filled with gifts, exclusive items and gachas. More info at eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com.

Visit in Second Life




Hurry! It's almost midnight and your golden carriage will become a pumpkin! Join the fun for another magical round of Enchantment. This round's theme is Cinderella. With over 100 of SL's best designers all taking part, you're sure to find a special goodie for you and your loved ones. Event held through Feb. 28.

Visit in Second Life



Mountain Retreat

Need a place for that romantic getaway? Need a spiritual retreat or a peaceful place to live the simple life? Explore this beautiful mountain retreat, located on an adult sim with plenty of sexy areas to discover!

Visit in Second Life
Xiola Linden

The Second Life Destination Guide is feeling a little romantic these days  with a blossoming bouquet of Valentine’s Day destinations to hit. Drop by the Isle of View and you could glean a chance to dunk or hug a Linden or send Valentine’s Day gifts to your friends and loved ones with the proceeds going towards The Michael Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. If love and hugging booths aren’t your thing, then there are plenty of other things to explore in Second Life. Check out what the editors have hand selected for you this week! Come on in with your virtual Valentine and mingle a little!

Take lots of pics maybe enter them in the Leap into Love Snapshot Contest for a chance to win or share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

If your spot or event is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.

We’ll catch you inworld!


Isle of View

Looking for something romantic this Valentine's Day? The Isle of View brings together everything the discerning romantic looks for in romantic festivities: boat rides, fireworks, kissing booths, forested walks, tasteful fountains and more. So bring that special someone to the Isle of View and tell them how you really feel.

Visit in Second Life



Dunk-A-Linden & Hug-A-Linden Event

Party with us at the Isle of View on February 12th from 10 a.m. to noon and 2 to 4 p.m. (Pacific). Meet your Valentine, enjoy music, and don’t miss the Dunk-a-Linden and Hug-a-Linden booths!

Visit in Second Life



2016 Valentine Town

Valentine Town is a destination that is a visual panorama of all things that denote love and affection. From chocolate waterfalls to the sugary delight of giant gum balls, there is an endless feast for all the senses, with remarkable vistas and colors that bathe the visitor with affectionate delight. Incredible stores are featured with items for lovers and their beloved.

Visit in Second Life



Temporia Prime

Visit Temporia Prime, a world where you can explore an exotic, alien landscape in Second Life. Stroll the streets of the city levels and fly to the outer atmosphere. From the forests and rivers of the exotic surface to the depths of space, there's lots to explore!

Visit in Second Life



Valentine on Ice

Rebel Yell Concerts presents:"Valentine on Ice." Bring your special one and enjoy the many romantic spots, Plan a romantic dinner in one of the Valentine restaurants or meet your special one at the cozy winery. Have fun with awesome tribute concerts, swan tour, horse slade tour, paddleboats and the many winter activities.

Visit in Second Life



Gators MC

Gators MC celebrates its third birthday with three days of fun events in Second Life. Join the fun Feb. 12-14 as the community celebrates with music, competitions and more!

Visit in Second Life



8th Annual Home & Garden Expo

Explore nine regions filled with top home and garden designs at the 8th Annual Home & Garden Expo, held through March 6. More info at slhomeandgardenexpo.wordpress.com. Opens on Feb. 14.

Visit in Second Life



On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair

Bitter love is in the air at On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair! Over 45 designers have once again come together to bring you the best and worst of the most romantic day of the year. Join the celebration with over 75 gachas, rides, games and more! Whether you're in love, or you hate love - there's something here for you ;)

Visit in Second Life



Valentine's Day at Foxxies

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Foxxies, a romantic ballroom and jazz club that features a large dance floor surrounded by gardens, horse and buggy rides, and even boat rides offering amazing offshore views of the region.

Visit in Second Life



The Convent

The Convent is a dark but stylish Goth club in Second Life. It gives guests the possibility to live out erotic fantasies on several levels. Roleplay is centered around the main club.where deejays perform.

Visit in Second Life




Chateaux des Fantomas is a secret restaurant, lounge and ballroom created for special moments. It is a dream spot for lovers, first date, proposals, engagements and any kind of events praising an elegance in romance.

Visit in Second Life



Deezul Raceway For Motorcycles

This new riding experience in SL features 12 different race tracks and a sim rally track that can make every motorcycle rider's dream come true.

Visit in Second Life



Just Damnn Strange World

Many have roamed here only to find that there was no returning to Earth. Now only their souls and bones walk about. Many have asked, what kind of place am I in? They have all at one time or another screamed, "Help me! Oh, somebody help me please!"

Visit in Second Life



The Spring Full Perm Fair

The Spring Full Perm Fair at Old Europe features many of the top full permissions creators in all categories of fashion, furniture, building components and just wonderfully creative objects. All are sold with full permissions for re-sell and many of the creators are offering big discounts and exclusives for this event (held through February 29th).

Visit in Second Life
Xiola Linden

When I was in school, Valentine’s Day meant hanging a construction paper mailbox off your desk for classmates to leave you a valentine usually with some kind of pun on the front. It was a nice little act of kindness that made us all feel good! Consider the Destination Guide our year ‘round valentine to you.

This blog highlights some of the newest additions to the guide an assortment of treats for every taste. From hunts to fairs and everything in-between you will discover something new that suits you.

There is still some time to shop our  inworld fair to remember at the Shop Your Heart Out Valentine’s Day event. You can find items from 50 merchants for up to 50% off! The perfect place to take your valentine for a little shopping.

There is also the robust Valentine's Day category if you’re wondering where to take your special someone.

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form.

See you inworld, Residents and don’t forget to take loads of pics and share them on our official Second Life Flickr.


Frogs by Cica Ghost

Land of frogs...

Visit in Second Life



Meraki Island

Meraki Island is nestled on shores and mountains with majestic rock formations, white sand beaches, and a mix of Mediterranean, Asian and Middle East styles that merge to create a heavenly ambiance perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Visit in Second Life



Alternative Facts Open Stream Hangout

Alternative Facts is an open stream indie/alternative hangout where everyone can join together to share a love of music and inclusiveness.

Visit in Second Life



Savage Garden Amusement Park

Savage Garden Amusement Park offers bumper cars, a roller coaster, bungee jumping, The Vortex, a water log ride, games and more.

Visit in Second Life



2017 Mardi Gras Town

The vibrant sounds of authentic New Orleans jazz will fill your ears the moment you land on the cobble stoned streets of Mardi Gras Town. A holiday venue with incredible colors, ambiance and a festive spirit. Mardi Gras Town is the destination to let the good times roll.

Visit in Second Life



The Stupid Cupid Hunt 5

It's time to stop cupid before he gets any more stupid! Find the arrows he's left laying around SL for amazing gifts from participating designers.Event ends Feb. 28th. More info evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com.

Visit in Second Life



The Truth or Dare Affair 2

It's year two for the Truth or Dare Affair. A full month of love and lust that runs through the end of the month. Designers bring you their sexiest, sultry and sweet designs to help improve your love life! Visit the city market and check out all of the 10L gifts and gachas! More info at evilbunnysl.com.

Visit in Second Life



2017 Valentine Town

Valentine Town is a destination that is a visual panorama of all things that denote love and affection. From chocolate waterfalls to the sugary delight of giant gum balls, there is an endless feast for all the senses, with remarkable vistas and colors that bathe the visitor with affectionate delight. Incredible stores are featured with items for lovers and their beloved.

Visit in Second Life



Valentine's Day @ Snuggles

Looking for that perfect romantic gift? You will find all your Valentine's Day gifts for the special person in your life at Snuggles.

Visit in Second Life



Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event

Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event, held Feb. 11-26, features over 50 designers, two hunts, live music, shopping and more! It is all in support of Feed A Smile. For more info, visit kultivatemagazine.com/spring-fashion-event.

Visit in Second Life



Aphrodite Shop Valentines Market

Many designers have come together to celebrate Valentine's Day at the Aphrodite Shop Valentines Market. This is your one-stop shopping place for clothes, furniture, romantic gifts and so much more.

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Springtime In The Land Of Rainbows

Springtime has come to the Land of Rainbows! From Valentine's Day to Easter, celebrate the season with lots and lots of flowers, new life and more! Start in the Visitor Center to learn more about wildlife and preservation, then make your way down into the sim and enjoy springtime at its best! This open LGBT sim welcomes all.

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Xiola Linden

If you’re looking to take a little jazz-drenched New Orleans stroll in celebration of Mardi Gras, or escape the brain-eating hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies, no one has got your back like the Second Life Destination Guide does. Feeling up for a little hunting? Looking for some Valentine’s Day gift inspiration? We’ve got that covered, too!

Take lots of pics maybe enter them in the Leap into Love Snapshot Contest for a chance to win or share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

If your spot or event is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.

We’ll catch you inworld!



In Imesha, urban and sci-fi are carefully blended together to bring about a very unique looking landscape. Although very futuristic in appearance, many areas still contain aspects of nature and original art. Discover the endless scenic opportunities for photographers or simply explore this attractive environment and chill out with friends,

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Paris de t'aime

Explore the many shops, sights and attractions in this beautiful Parisian-themed sim.

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Apocalyptic Coast Zombies

Watch your back as you explore this apocalyptic city...where the zombies will come out to bite you.

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The Truth Or Dare Affair

Don't miss the Truth or Dare Affair, brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions. Over 80 of SL's best designers tease and please you with TRUTH (nice) and DARE (naughty) exclusive designs! Each designer also has a $10L gift for you! Opens Feb. 6.

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2016 Mardi Gras Town

The vibrant sounds of authentic, New Orleans jazz will fill your ears the moment you land on the cobble stoned streets of Mardi Gras Town. A holiday venue with incredible colors, ambiance and a festive spirit. Mardi Gras Town is the destination to let the good times roll.

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London City Love In

Celebrate the joy and passion of Love in London City. This month-long festival of the heart has nightly events, weekly concerts, and special attractions centered around Valentines Day. The event runs through February. For details, visit mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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The Stupid Cupid Hunt 4

That Cupid, he's so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes. He's trying to make love matches all across SL! It's time to stop cupid before he gets any more stupid! Find the arrows he's left laying around SL for amazing gifts from talented designers.

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Isil Designs

Isil Designs (Delaunay Industries) provides the highest quality materials-enabled architecture, furniture, and vehicles with modern and futuristic themes. Experience the unique sights of the main store from the ground level island resort to the orbital space station.

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REVAMPED is a monthly shopping event where designers take customer favorites and revamp them to either now be made in mesh, include appliers, include previously unavailable new appliers, or include new pieces that were not part of the set before. This monthly event runs from the 28th of the month to the 20th of the following month.

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Xiola Linden

Someone once sang that what the world needs now is love and we couldn’t agree more! With the not-so-gentle rains of winter giving way to blossoming green and lush vegetation that devious little Cupid is starting to plot all things romance. In the spirit of Cupid, our very own Destination Guide editorial team has put together a Valentine’s Day category for you and your loved ones to explore.

They’ve also been busy reviewing the newest submissions and adding to the wealth of cool places you can visit all across the grid. We even have an inworld fair to remember at the Shop Your Heart Out Valentine’s Day event. You can find items from 50 merchants for up to 50% off!

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form. Don’t forget to take loads of pics and share them on our official Second Life Flickr.

See you inworld, Residents! Watch out for that crazy Cupid’s arrow!



Shop Your Heart Out!

We’ve joined up with nearly 50 Second Life merchants to bring you a fair to remember! Each merchant has their lovingly crafted wares out for 20-50% off - just for you! Stroll the charming streets of this delightful region-wide extravaganza, and shop for clothing, accessories, hair, and just about anything your heart desires - and get it for a limited low price! Runs February 1st through the 14th!

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Isle of View

Looking for something romantic? The Isle of View brings together everything the discerning romantic looks for in romantic festivities: boat rides, fireworks, kissing booths, forested walks, tasteful fountains and more. So bring that special someone to the Isle of View and tell them how you really feel.

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Caderu 2017 Valentine

Celebrate Valentine's Day and seek-and-find unique prizes in this special hunt and shopping event, held through March 3. More info at asuma46kuma.wixsite.com/caderu

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Sinister Slaughters

Sinister Slaughters is a haunting adventure that takes you through an immersive and interactive game world where things are horribly wrong. As a psychic detective only you can solve a series of brutal murders through your visions and cunning. Do you have what it takes to relive the victims’ horrors and solve the crimes? Take a deep breath, steel your nerves - maddening mystery awaits you.

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Institut Namaste

This beautiful tropical island offers a variety of secluded spots to meet, chat, flirt and more. Ride a horse, take a swan boat to discover the shorelines, dance in the greenhouse, go swimming or discover Heaven’s Isles for even more romantic possibilities. Here you'll also find information in German and English about what tantra as a path of self-discovery and enlightenment truly means.

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The Jewell Theatre

The Jewell Theatre has its home in Samandiriel, and has been performing live theatre in Second Life since 2007, led by writer/director Fake Jewell. The theatre is on tour now! Visit for more information or to explore the theatre, walk of fame, museum and many other beautiful areas.

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Take a trip somewhere today! A whimsical collection of islands full of nooks to explore or sit awhile alone or with friends. Take a boat and fish the seas or play a game...or even take a picture. This highly-detailed beautiful sim to make your eyes smile as well as your heart.

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No Frontiers

"No Frontiers" is an LEA immersive installation where you can pilot spacecrafts among large halls displaying high resolution sci-fi fractal frames by artist Gem Preiz. The trip will lead you to planets and stars after flying among colorful creations, surreal alien worlds and futuristic space bases.

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Boardgame Beach

If you like social, friendly board games, then this is the place for you! With about 50 different games, you are sure to find something you will like.

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The Art Rocket

Take a rocket to travel in space and light into a universe of color. Betty Tureaud has created an interactive and playful 3D art installation that you can visit in Second Life. Don't forget to find the gift for you!

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Natural Falls

Natural Falls is located in an abandoned, flooded metropolis slowly decaying under a derelict, elevated railway. Explore this urban sprawl of neglected gardens, forsaken shops and deserted homes.

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Xiola Linden

The Second Life Destination Guide returns with another edition of Destination Guide Highlights a sample platter of some of the coolest spots you don’t want to miss inworld.

Music, art. romance and many more flavors of fun are all over the grid why not springboard into your weekend fun with a tour starting now?

If your spot or event is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.
We’ll catch you inworld!


Mole Day 2016

Once again, we celebrate those creatives minds and the great builds of the Linden Department of Public Works! Join us for a concert in the park featuring Maximillion Kleene and GoSpeed Racer as we toast the Moles! Event held Jan. 30 beginning at 11 a.m. (Pacific).

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Oi Oi Oi - Experiments Phase One

Created by real life multi-media artist "The London Paint Splatterer." Explore the volatile waters that lurk deeply in Oh! Noire's psychological landscape with many visual adventures. You can boat round the waters at Oi Oi Oi - Experiments Phase One. All welcome and nothing is usual.

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Betty Tureaud's The City

The City a art installation about trying escape from a life to another. Follow the footprints in the sand to begin your journey...

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Beginners by Cica Ghost

Every end is a new beginning.

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Surf Religion & Surf Love

Surf Religion and Surf Love is an ideal spot for surfers, photographers and lovers. They have the awesome JAWS wave, as well as beautiful grounds and romantic cuddles. Come and enjoy the positive flow of energy here among the ruins.

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Heavenly Groove

Heavenly Groove is a nice hangout space with beautiful picture perfect scenes. Come here to explore, spend time with friends and take lots of pictures!

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Forgotten at The Pulse

Forgotten at The Pulse is a beautiful, scenic and photogenic area that features beautiful, hidden areas to discover. Here you can dance or find blissful areas for solitude. There's a beautiful chapel and other impressive architecture. Enjoy taking photos, spending quality time with a loved one or just wandering and enjoying a quiet moment and serenity.

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Northern Forests of Shara

Explore the Northern Forests of Shara, a peaceful retreat filled with many areas to discover including a formal ballroom, large castle, dance pavilions and more.

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Evolving Images Romantic Park

Evolving Images is a romantic place for dancing, dining, cuddling, vistas and walks. There are two types of dining experiences, four dance floors, and a large menu of romantic dances to choose from. Take your sweetheart on a walk through the bird sanctuary, go ice skating on the ice rink, cuddle in the gazebo, buy flowers from the flower cart, mosey through the local shops or ride the carousel.

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Xiola Linden

How much have you explored the Second Life Destination Guide? If you haven’t yet spent some time looking it over, there is no time like the present to get started. It’s a one-stop shop for nearly every kind of event you can dream of.

Our editorial team reviews tons of submissions, organizing them neatly into easy-to-navigate categories that make your life easier. Just take a look and you’ll find something new and exciting to explore.

In addition, we like to highlight just as few of the spots we stumble upon while looking through submissions and adding to the Guide. Below, you will find some place we think you might enjoy so check them out!

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form. Don’t forget to take loads of pics and share them on our official Second Life Flickr.

See you inworld, Residents!


BURN2 Fire Moon

The first New Moon of 2017 will be on the 27th of January, which coincides with the Chinese New Year on the 28th, bringing in the Year of the Fire Rooster. And thus we arrive at the theme for the latest art event at BURN2 Fire Moon! Held Jan. 27-29.

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Emerald Caverns Love Tunnel Ride

Take a quiet boat ride through a fantasy inspired cavernous love tunnel ride. This romantic attraction is filled with glowing plants, flowers, and jeweled wonders.

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The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come from Gacha Good Events, held through Feb. 15, features over 100 gachas and a variety of merchants across the grid. Discover a variety of gifts and decor for Valentine's Day and shop 'til you drop!

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Love in London City

Celebrate the joy and passion of Love in London City. A month-long celebration of the heart with nightly events, weekly concerts and special attractions centered around Valentines Day. The event runs through February, visit mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk to learn more.

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The Mid-Winter Full Perm Fair

The Mid-Winter Full Perm Fair, held through February 13th, features the top full perm creators in SL. Participants are displaying and selling their latest and specially-reduced fair exclusives in all categories. Whether you are shopping for your store or just starting one, you will find a big selection of full perm creations waiting so that you can transform your creative ideas into your own saleable products.

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The Drakensberg Mountains

A Second Life creation of a range of mountains in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Visit a small mountain chapel, which is a free venue for weddings. Relax in the Zulu huts and listen to the sounds of nature or soft romantic music. Climb to the roof of the world and watch as the sunrise fires up the mountain dawn.

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[RAINS] Drift

Come wander, explore or hang out with friends at this photogenic spot designed by Soda Sullivan and Karma Avedon.

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Russian Universe

Visit Russian Universe, a social spot for Russian-speaking culture and community in Second Life. Don't miss the many international creative activities and events held here, including concerts, clubs, theaters, shops and more.

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Emerald Crystal Golf Course

Join SL golfers from around the globe at Emerald. Play and laugh with friends new and old as you immerse yourself in this realistic environment. The time-honored sport is re-created with traditional greens and landscaping. It's a great first date!

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Faith's Cafe

Faith's Music Cafe is where the music never stops. They play all sorts of music -- from classic rock to Top 40 hits.

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Hard Rock Garage

Live music is everywhere at this active biker venue, which features hard rock deejays, performances and more.

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Bouvier Jazz Ballroom

Enjoy some jazz music and live performers on this picturesque New Orleans-themed sim.

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Bavarian Rock N Blues

Bavarian Rock N Blues is home all forms of music, including rock, classic rock, blues, pop and more.

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Xiola Linden

The Second Life Destination Guide strives to highlight all types of events going on in Second Life. From the one off art exhibits to the seasonal events - we’ve got you covered. Now, we’ve added a special category highlighting those recurring shopping events you don’t want to miss! Take a look and see what’s out there and happening right now!

Once again, we’ve gathered a handful of some of the best spots to  investigate inworld right now. Have a look at the list below, but remember - as you explore the grid, share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr.  Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

If your spot or event is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.

Go on now - log in. You know you want to!


Timekiller II 2016 Festival

Join slGoth and Morphe, Inc. for the New Year celebrating the past, present, and future in the theme “Gothic Steampunk." Features 20 merchants, daily live DJ’s and SL voice story telling by Seanchai Library.

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MENstuff Fashion Hunt

The MENstuff Fashion Hunt consists of creations from great MENstuff designers, some of which have generously designed exclusives that will only be found in this limited-time hunt. Event ends Feb.29.

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Wayward Winter

This winter event, held Jan 18-31, is filled with activities and fun. Build a snowman or take a lift up to the tallest hill for skiing. Grab your ice skates for twirling among the snowflakes or pick up the fastest sled for gliding over those snow caps. Then, head back to our ski lodge to warm up beside the fire!

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20Twenty is a monthly instore event, beginning on the 20th of every month, spanning 20 days, and offering exclusive items from up to 20 curated designers at 20% off. More at differentialevents.weebly.com/20twenty.html.

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Santorini Club

Get lost in space at the Santorini International Space Club. Celebrate the spring surrounded by stars and planets somewhere in the universe.

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Emmalena Damour's Art Gallery and Photo

This art gallery hosts photographic art from real life, as well as digital art and prints of real life acrylic paintings and charcoal and chalk drawings (with permission of the artists).

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Split Screen Installation Space

Split Screen Installation Space hosts a variety of limited-time art exhibitions from well-established creators. Don't miss Jo Ellsmere's mesmerizing bot performance "Biomechanical," which is inspired by Russian theater director Vsevolod Meyerhold.

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Gates of Memories

We don't remember days. We remember moments.

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Xiola Linden

When it’s cold and raining outside, it’s nice to curl up with a cup of hot tea and relax, but sometimes you can get a little case of cabin fever and long for a nice stroll through sun-dappled meadows or a crisp glide across an ice-skating rink to stretch those virtual muscles! That’s where Second Life and the Destination Guide can help!

There is no shortage of experiences to enjoy all over the grid, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Our editorial team keeps great track of some of the newest spots and pulls together this list for you so that you can spend more time inworld taking pics and sharing them on our official Second Life Flickr.

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form.

Now, grab a cup of tea and come inworld where it’s warm and cozy!


The Hell´s Heaven 2.0

Welcome to Hell's Heaven 2.0! Stay awhile...let this world refresh your soul and melt your worries away. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of music and landscape and explore this flooded and cloudy world of changing scenery between canyon and swamp.

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Burning by Cica Ghost

Time is the fire in which we burn. - Dr. Soron

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Devin 1 & 2

Welcome to Devin, a photographic hotspot where you will find a forest, desert, beach and many chill places. Friends of nature and photographers will want to explore this evocative location.

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Big Data Goes to Bonestedt

Go inside and lose your data in this joint art exhibition from Moewe Winkler and ChapTer Kronfeld. Limit values ​​become a one-way street of communication in "Big Data," while "Bonestedt" is a fictitious place...difficult to find, often mirrored with and a strange nothingness behind.

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Ashemi is situated in the heart of a thriving city. It has areas of beauty but also spaces of urban decay and disregard. Bask in the glow of the city neons or spend time with friends in the enchanted garden area. Ashemi truly is a spectacular photogenic sim with more than its fair share of mystery and wonders.

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An Uncertain Destiny

Tired of endless snow and ice? How about rain .....endless rain Maybe solve a puzzle or two? Visit a prince or hang out in the gardener's cottage, find a tunnel, discover some stones. There's lush vegetation, and places to find for afternoon tea or a hot snack...and there's atmosphere - there's a LOT of atmosphere .

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Valentine on Ice

Rebel Yell Concerts presents "Valentine on Ice." Bring your special one and enjoy the many romantic spots here. Plan a dinner at one of the valentine-themed restaurants, rent a romantic cabin or meet your loved one at the cozy winery. Have fun with awesome Tribute Concerts then participate in one of many winter activities and tours.

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Existence in Balance

Jennifer May Carlucci is inspired by the creation of our Earth and the offering of our planet into the physical universe. "Existence in Balance" shows Earth being created and how we humans are part of this process.

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Earth Alliance Green Community

This limited-time build is a salute to the need for us to all live "green"' and utilize technology while protecting our heritage as protectors of our planet Earth.

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Sur La Mer

Come explore the sandy beaches of Sur La Mer. Ride the giant coaster that reaches out over the ocean or paddle a boat down the river and through the waterfalls. Surf, play, or just relax on these peaceful shores.

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Time Station Zenobia

The last of the ancient time stations built by a race of time travelers. Zenobia is one of the major hubs of roleplay for the time travel fans of the "Dr Who" series. Visit this region-sized station, and one of the biggest of its kind in Second Life.

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Berg by Nordan Art

Berg by Nordan Art is showing the installation Penumbra by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, as well as the exhibit lacromioare by Huckleberry Hax through the end of March 2017. For optimal experience of Penumbra, use region WL London 2026 and turn up your sound. Gift avatars are available at landing.

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Luvsick Social Forest Hangout

Luvsick Social Forest Hangout is a place to gather and socialize with your friends (or friends of friends) in a beautiful forest atmosphere. There are games, a clubhouse, club area and social tent. This is a place you can go with no judgment and a great way to meet new friends.

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Xiola Linden

We know you spend time inworld all week long, but sometimes there’s a little more time to relax and enjoy the finer things when the weekend comes around. The Second Life Destination Guide team spends a lot of time inworld curating fantastic spots for the community to check out. If you’re feeling lucky you can always just head over to the Destination Guide and take a shot in the dark, but if you want a short list of just a few places that have been hand selected by our editors then this is the blog for you!

As you explore the grid, share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr.  Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

If your spot is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.

Now on to the hot spots! Have fun, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you inworld!


Telrunya - Forest of Dreams

Enter a world straight out of a fairytale where you can find magical creatures around every corner. This is a haven for those who look for a tranquil environment, a home for fairies, fauns, elves and those who love to be lost in a dreamworld. Walk, fly or ride a boat to explore all the beauty this sim has to offer.

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Oi Oi Oi

Do you remember a guy that's been. In such an early song. I've heard a rumor from ground control. Oh, no! Don't say it's true...

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Forest of Zyn Love Tunnel Ride

Hop aboard this romantic boat ride, which takes you through various amorous scenes reminiscent of an old-fashioned love tunnel ride.

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Cedar Creek State Park

Cedar Creek State Park is a LGBT sim featuring outdoor activities all set in a mountainous state park setting. The sim offers inexpensive rental cottages, perfect for new comers to Second Life. There's also a night club and lots of weekly activities for residents and visitors. Come and visit the park and become part of the Cedar Creek experience.

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Le Cactus

A celebration of the extraordinary talents of cultural trailblazer Josephine Baker, queen of the trumpet Valaida Snow, the lampshade-hatted dancers of the Casino de Paris and the offbeat irony of Jacques Dutronc.Throw a banana on your head, dance on a cactus and tickle a tentacle. Everything's interactive, so click away!

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The Seasons Story

The Seasons Story is finally ready for a brand new chapter! Join all these amazing designers through Jan. 31 for wonderful winter exclusives.

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Gacha Good Events: Out With The Old

This January Gacha event has over 80 gachas and 40 merchants. Browse through both new and old gacha items at this Gacha Good event, held through Jan. 31.

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Berg by Nordan Art

Berg by Nordan Art is showing the installation Fading Mask by Haveit Neox and the exhibit Simply Samples of Her Repertoire by Mich Michabo. The teleport to the installation on the ground is located in the gallery. Don't miss these limited-time events, held through March.

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Japan - Hiroba

Visit Japan-HIROBA, a helpful place for Japanese-speaking residents of Second Life. Here you'll find assistance from a supportive community, as well as a dressing room, beginner tutorials and free sandbox.

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Breeze Cape Carnival

Fun awaits at the Breeze Cape Carnival, an amusement park filled with interactive rides, rollercoasters, a log flume and much more.

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Xiola Linden

The Destination Guide is always full of great suggestions for you to visit, broken out into categories to make finding something to do or somewhere to visit super simple.

There’s art, music, clubs, hunts, shopping, romance, and more to be had across the grid and our editors have selected a handful of newer spots to put on your radar. Drop by and see what other Residents have been busy creating inworld, and share your pics on our official Second Life Flickr.

If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form.

Now, let’s login and get to enjoying Second Life!



One Caress

One Caress is a partially flooded landscape inspired by the eponymous Depeche mode song. The rainy, dark and cloudy.sim is designed especially for atmospheric and moody photography. A minor section (located on a platform up in the air) is dedicated to an equally rainy Japanese city landscape.

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Once Upon a Fairytale

With landscapes brought to life by creative designer Danii Lyric, every design at Cape Juniper is built with artistic creation in mind. Come explore the current installment "Once Upon a Fairytale," a whimsical fantasyland with scenery inspired by fairy and folk tales of our childhood.

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Know Your Poe Hunt

How well do you know your Poe? There are 12 different hunt items that each represent something from a work by Edgar Allen Poe hidden throughout Botanica Botanical Gardens. A fun and educational hunt with clues, wiki and web links to help brush up you Poe or introduce you to the master of the mystery and macabre.

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Music Through the Ages

From Chuck Berry to Metallica or from Dolly Parton to Miley Cyrus, this event showcases some of the best music that we all love. Visit the Music Hall of Fame with areas showcasing music as well as a tribute highlighting artist and groups with a special effort made to honor the legends that left us in 2016. Check out virtuallondons.com for more info.

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Second Life Museum of Nuclear Warfare

Welcome to the Second Life Museum of Nuclear Warfare. The goal is to educate the public about the history of the use of nuclear weapons in the larger context of the Cold War.

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Woodland County

Woodland County is a place for community roleplay for police, fire, health services, crime, justice, traffic authority and much more as the community grows. Woodland County also provides a place you can call home, start a business, make friends and many places to sit back and relax, chill and enjoy.

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Romance in the Stars

Romance in the Stars is a majestic and beautiful atmosphere with multiple genres of slow romantic tunes for your listening pleasure. Discover this paradise in the stars, perfect for creating those special moments or take a chance at meeting that special someone. Romance is always in the air and love is all around you at Romance in the Stars.

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Xiola Linden

We’re only about a week into the new year, and there’s already so many great new events and spots to check out inworld. The Second Life Destination Guide is fast filling up with new places to explore, events to shop and wander, and tons of other great ways to spend a little of your time logged in.

Here’s a small sample of great destinations you should make sure to visit. Art, opera, scenery are just a log in away!


Roots by Cica Ghost

The people have gone...the village remains, and time and nature now live here...

Visit in Second Life



Miyako Jima Exhibition

Explore this limited-time exhibition filled with Japanese-themed architecture and experiences. Visit the dojo or discover the Kimono Museum. Roleplay as a samurai, geisha or monk in one of the many relaxing and inspiring spots here.

Visit in Second Life



CyberPolis: The Oracle

Can you uncover the secrets of the urban planetary system CyberPolis? Discover an old oracle as you navigate a maze to solve a puzzle in this limited-time exhibition from Asmita Duranjaya.

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Royal Opera

Welcome to the Royal Opera of Second Life. It was formed to encourage, educate and support the best in classical arts including music, dance, art, opera and theater.

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Tether's End

Located in the forests of upstate New York, not far south from the Canadian border, the city began as a settlement founded in the mid-18th Century by a group of fae folk. It's purpose? A safe haven for supernatural beings who wished to remove themselves from the violence and war that plagued the human world.

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The Keys

In this picturesque photography region, you can wander and take in the harmonious views. Stop and rest in a furnished house full of character or get led astray by hidden areas filled with charm and attention to detail. All provided for photography -- both beginners and professionals are welcomed. Don't miss the free photo studio.

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Stranger Things Are Happening

Stranger Things Are Happening is an art installation filled with photo and machinima opportunities. Created by Krystali Rabeni, this sim invites you to ponder this strange land and take a minute to wonder if stranger things are happening all around us.

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Visit this quaint Japanese town and explore the train station, local shops, and shrine.

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Scenes @ MetaLES ..O.. Scene IV

Just one thing, remember, in all the scenes, she always was...alone.

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London City Early Spring

London City invites you to join them for an early spring time. If you are fed up with the cold weather, come and enjoy outdoor events and weekly concerts, bathed in balmy sunshine. More details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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Hollow Days @ Jasmine's Hollow

The 5th annual Hollow Days is here! Celebrate winter with love, peace, joy, and friendship in this acclaimed all-inclusive Adirondack Steampunk destination full of whimsy and magic.

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Opening Jan. 7. Heritage is a two-part exhibition by creator Gem Preiz. It begins with "Vestiges," an evocation of these witnesses of Past. It is designed as a quest and is inspired by stories of fearless adventurers who explore archeological sites or forsaken strongholds to find there the treasures of disappeared civilisations.

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Le Bistro

Le Bistro is a newcomer-friendly meeting place for French speakers. Lieu de rencontres et de discussion francophone, face au Centre d'Accueil de France 3D. Respect de chacun et bonne humeur obligatoire !

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Lost Junction

On the corner of Never and Tomorrow, you'll find a tiny boutique full of knick knacks, paddy whacks and other assorted fancies including accessories and decor, statues and the occasional bit of jewelry.

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Nightfall Cities

Get on your hiking boots and put a camera around your neck so that you can explore one of the wildest locations in SL. Nightfall Cities: Into the Wilds is a picturesque sim full of personality and character. With a wintery theme, you'll want to bring thermal underwear!

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Silver Hawk

Explore the Silver Hawk community, where you'll find a Japanese gun shop. combat zone and other surprises both above and below the ground.

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As you explore the grid, share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr.  Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

If your spot is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.

Xiola Linden

Happy New Year to all of our Residents across the globe and grid! It’s hard to believe that we already have a week of 2017 under our belts, but the holiday celebrations didn’t slow down all the fun and incredible spaces from hitting the Destination Guide.

It seems that Santa may have had a little too much fun over the holidays you can help find him in the interactive Search for Santa from MadPea Productions. For those of you who are done with the holidays, it’s already Spring in London City. Head over to shake the snow off your coat and smell the flowers!

Drop by to check out these highlights and share the photographic evidence of your travels on our official Second Life Flickr.

Is your Second Life creation missing from the Destination Guide? If so, write us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or please submit your spot via form.


Le Sixieme Sens

You are traveling in Tuscany, Italy and arrive on a plaza surrounded by old shops that give you a rustic feeling. Explore and discover a traditional market and vineyards, as well as a villa in this romantic, photogenic spot.

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OpeRaAnxiEty by JadeYu Fhang

Artist JadeYu Fhang invites you to explore the new full-sim art installation "OpeRaAnxiEty." More info at metalesmetaverse.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/operaanxiety-by-jadeyu-fhang

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U L T R A Events

U L T R A™ is a bi-monthly event featuring the best creators across the grid. The latest round of 45 elite designers offers a collection of exclusive fashion, home decor, skins and more. To optimize your shopping experience, there are boutiques from Kalback, Mina Hair, Come Soon Poses, Noir, Onyx, Dad Designs, Purple Poses, Letis Tattoo and Revoul.

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Binemust Winter Rock

Binemust is many things - choose any portal when you arrive to see the wonders - but to visit the icy rock, choose the portal to the platform. Here you will find snowy landscape and cosy interior with a twist. It's a great place to take photos.

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Masters Park Amusement Park

Come one, come all to Masters Park! SL's premier amusement park destination has returned -- bigger and better than ever! There are rides galore including games, Fish Hunt, coasters and more!

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Cedar Creek Township

Tucked within the mountains of Colorado sits the ever-bustling town of Cedar Creek, a family- and roleplay-friendly community in Second Life.

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Whiskey City

The clouds hang low over the city. The denizens move against the wind …the rain to get to their jobs …to their homes. The low life lurks in the shadows. One hurries down the street, trying not to glance down the alley. You hope what’s down there stays there … and doesn’t come out. Urban roleplay community with DCS combat. Part of the Smash sims

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Dixmix Gallery

Built by Megan Prumier and curated by Dixmix Source, Dixmix Gallery is a creative place dedicated to art, photography and music.

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Enchanted Ballroom

Walk down the enchanted pathway into the romantic Enchanted Ballroom. Set your environment to sunset and enjoy...

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Springtime in London City

After a harsh winter, the buds and blooms are back to life in London City. Enjoy a carefree visit to the spring gardens, bask in the sunshine and enjoy weekly concerts of a disco flavor at the outdoor amphitheater through January. More at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk.

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The Yardsale Sponsored By Gacha Good

The Yardsale has a variety of items from creators across the grid including newer and retired gachas from past Arcade events. Come by and take a look and you will find everything from fashion to home decor. Happy shopping! Event ends Jan. 16.

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The Search for Santa

Christmas may be over, but the search for Santa continues! In this new holiday adventure from MadPea, use an ancient treasure map as your guide to follow the clues to find out the truth behind the legend. But watch out, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Available until January 31st.

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Linden Lab

Once again, the Destination Guide editorial team pored through countless submissions for all sorts of interesting and varied locations. Quite a few events as well, truth be told. Much like last time, we wanted to highlight things that caught our attention. They could have a higher than usual level of polish, a silly sense of humor or just be plain fun to wander through. That said, let’s get to it.


This time around, we’re bringing you some more adventures than usual. Prepare to delve into the jungle and find a tropical warrior’s final treasure, seek out demonic eggs to uncover the death of a beloved fairy tale egg, or dive into the depths of mind-shattering madness in a dark and dreary carnival. For those of you looking for something a little more light-hearted, we’ve also got a club ripped straight out of Miami (by way of Dubai), procedurally generated Mandelbrot patterns and a soothing, summertime Siberia. As always, few things are as fun as sharing new places, so show your creative side and make something cool.




3D Mandelbrot Fractal Art

The 3D Mandelbrot Fractal Art exhibit showcases sim-wide variations of Mandelbrot fractal art. The spectacular script-controlled fractal landscape changes many times throughout the day.

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MadPea Madness Fair

It's time to go insane at MadPea's Madness Fair! Running April 7th at 12 pm through the 27th, the Madness Fair will have vendors from all over the grid selling a wide range of products for L$150 or less. Also expect opening day DJ's spinning killer tuneage, fun games, carnival rides and a generally maddeningly good time. See you there.

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Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior

Do you have what it takes to find the warrior's treasure? Embark on an epic expedition, solve puzzles and dodge deadly traps as you navigate your way through the Devil's Cave and crack the vault to discover precious treasures in this mysterious and steamy setting. The treasure is waiting, go and claim it.

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A soothing and awesome place reminiscent of the Siberian taiga. Take a step back and return to a more natural space, an arboreal land completely surrounded by forest.

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The Who Killed Humpty Dumpty Hunt

The Who Killed Humpty Dumpty Hunt runs for one week only from March 27th to April 3rd, so you'd best hunt fast. Search through the Sim for Evil Easter Eggs to win prizes from ten top designers. There are no hints for this, but don't worry, it shouldn't be too hard...

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Vipera offers multiple DJ and dancing venues on a beautifully landscaped sim with waterways, jet skis and lots of areas to explore. Friendly welcoming staff greet and entertain you nightly from 7 to 11 pm. If you want a place to hang out where everyone knows your name, you want Vipera!

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Linden Lab

If you who haven’t yet heard, we’re coming up on the Second Life’s tenth birthday, SL10B as we’ve affectionately dubbed it. While we’ve got a whole slew of celebrations planned, we’d really like to see how people across Second Life celebrate 10 years on the grid. So if you have an awesome place or a cool event, share your creations and we’ll make this a party for the ages.

Since we can’t stop thinking about SL10B, we figured we’d stick with the theme of parties and celebrations. For those of you who prefer something quiet and intimate, we’re bringing you haute cuisine in a waterfront restaurant. For the more raucous, be sure to check out a neon kaleidoscope of a dance club and a music and art venue carved out of a subterranean cave. A literal rock cave, if you will. And if you feel like taking a break, why not take a walk through a soothing park or an exquisite Italian town?


Casa De Aromas

Any occasion or celebration is a good time to visit Casa de Aromas, the author´s cuisine restaurant. Casa de Aromas is the first haute cuisine restaurant in Second Life with superior dining service. they even offer special thematic menus for babies and kids, as well as happy meals to take home. Visit them soon!

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Club InFuZion

Club InFuZion is located at the heart of NekoZone Central, a visually stunning urban-themed sim. So why not drop by, get your urban on and listen to all the latest dance and club tunes? Everyone is welcome to come and party/chill in this friendly atmosphere. See you all there, huh?

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Casa De Aromas

Any occasion or celebration is a good time to visit Casa de Aromas, the author´s cuisine restaurant. Casa de Aromas is the first haute cuisine restaurant in Second Life with superior dining service. they even offer special thematic menus for babies and kids, as well as happy meals to take home. Visit them soon!

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Bliss Gardens Park

Bliss Gardens Park is a beautiful four-sim nature area below the Luna Bliss Home & Garden store — a delightful place to explore, take in the breathtaking scenery and much more.

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Egoisme Milano

Visit the new Egoisme Milano for a real Italian shopping experience! Browse the stores for fashion, skins and free gifts or sit with friends and listen to music under the glass-domed roof. This mesh build is a wonderful place to take photographs and even hosts art galleries and live events. Live the dolce vita, at Egoisme Milano.

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Linden Lab

Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide - March 14, 2013

Are you looking for some last-minute decorations, festive costumes, or new Spring fashions to refresh your wardrobe? Come scratch that shopping itch over at the Second Life Marketplace. Check the celebrations section for seasonal fashions, Easter egg cake pops, green beer water slides, and a whole lot more.

Spring is in the air, and it’s a great time to celebrate in Second Life! We here at the Destination Guide combed through all the awesome submissions and pulleda few we really think embody the spirit of this season. They could’ve had evil bunnies, sunny pastel colors, green rivers, or just embodied the spirit of something fun and a little wild. This time around, we’re bringing you a garden Easter egg hunt, a soothing strawberry forest, a fluorescent take on Alice in Wonderland and a few wild and green festivals. Whether you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Hōnen Matsuri, Easter, or just springtime in Second Life, get ready to throw off those winter clothes and bask in the sunshine. So join in the fun and submit your own destination, or just jump below and start exploring.



Botanica's 2nd Anual Easter Egg Hunt

Come to Botanica for the Second annual sim-wide Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny rocketed though Botanica, hiding 12 special prize eggs. Find all 12 eggs hidden in the gardens and win the Retro Rocket Bunny Grand Prize! Best hurry, this hunt only lasts until May 5th.

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Saint Patrick's Day Weekend

It's Saint Patrick's Day Weekend in in London City with a city-wide party all week long! Featuring Irish bands, pub crawls, even prizes for best in theme, come celebrate all things Irish. For more details, visit http://mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk.

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The Green Festival

Come to Tribute City as they celebrate all things green with a month-long festival to honor St. Patricks Day! Events include contests, raffles, live DJ's, tribute bands, fun rides and much, much more. For more information, be sure to visit http://tributecity.blogspot.com/.

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2013 St. Patrick's Day Town

The festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day Town blows through the senses like a virtual Irish breeze. Ride flying gold coins, dance a jig with Leprechauns, drink green beer while, sing along with friends at the outdoor pub piano and fill your basket with all things Irish. Follow the rainbow to the most colorful party around: St. Patrick's Day Town.

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Almost Wonderland

Welcome to Almost Wonderland, a magical and mystical place filled with a darker inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and other weird, twisted and fun elements of fantasy. Marvel at the wondrous sights, ride dark carnival rides or visit creepily interesting store. there's truly something for everyone in Almost Wonderland.

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Erdbeeren 2013

It's that special time of year again! The creators invite you to a hidden grove in the strawberry forest. You will discover many gifts, hunts, plants and so much more. Have fun!

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Linden Lab

It’s summer in Second Life, and summer’s the season for really great events. Tired of that old, worn-out hairstyle? Hair Fair is one of the largest events on the grid, opening this Saturday and running through July 29th. A portion of all proceeds go to Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit that provides hair replacement systems for children in need. So update that old pompadour, what’s stopping you?


We’d also like to recommend 2013’s Relay for Life, July 13th through the 14th. Come join the American Cancer Society in Second Life as they raise funds and awareness in the fight against cancer. With raffles, art shows, live music and more, this relay is a good time for a great cause.

We always love seeing your events as they unfold. If you have an event you would like to share, let us know and submit your own. See you inworld!


Hair Fair 2013

Support Wigs for Kids and update to the newest hairstyles at Hair Fair 2013. Come see hundreds of brand new styles spanning four sims, only available during this fun event with a percentage of every item purchased going to Wigs for Kids. Hair Fair is from July 14th through the 29th, be sure to visit http://hairfair.wordpress.com for more information.

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Relay for Life 2013

The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life has been an active and continually growing event for over nine years. This life-changing relay runs from July 13th through the 14th. Come join individuals from across the world as they celebrate survivors, remember loved ones and raise money for the fight against cancer. For more information, be sure to visit http://bit.ly/12pW3Ho.

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Linden Lab

Each week, the Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens upon dozens of new locations and events - last time we blogged, we recommended a few interesting destinations we thought you’d enjoy. Once again, we’d like to highlight a few of the more interesting new submissions that stood out to our editorial team.

Recently, we’ve had a glut of great installation art. These evocative installations carry a variety of themes: from desolation and mortality to innocence in the face of a giant fish. Rounding things out are a night club hiding in a library, and a charity for at-risk youth. If you're looking for new places to explore in Second Life, you may want to check out some of these regions, or join the fun and submit your own.



The Arrival

The Arrival: In this art installation from Rose Borchovski, you'll venture to an emotional and immersive art-landscape about The Arrival of the Fish, the next chapter of The Susa Bubbles adventures. In this installation, the Susa Bubbles caught a fish, while they admire how big it is, the fish dies. They wonder if they are to blame. Or search for your own explanation...

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Welcome to Citysphère, a new vision of Second Life. A city with 132 buildings distributed on a floating sphere, this mind-bending experience features three times the surface area of most sims and must be seen. For more information, and important Citysphere advice, go to bit.ly/RNdSf1. The exhibition runs throughout the month.

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Imogen and the Pigeons

Imogen and the Pigeons is an immersive narrative created by award winning artist Bryn Oh. A strikingly desolate sim with interesting puzzles and striking visuals, this is something you can't miss.

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Shhh!! Nightclub

A sexy, naughty dance club set in a library, of all places. Chock full of events every Sunday from 6-8pm, they also do specialty theme built events (car wash, trailer park, disco, saloon, beach party and more). And if that's not enough, DJ Vixie Durant plays all the hottest club hits!

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ARTC's Art House

Art House is a major collaboration with 20 of SL's best artists and creators donating art and decor to a house for ARTC. ARTC (Achieving Recovery Through Creativity) is a real life program that helps kids with drug and alcohol problems use art, creativity and virtual world counseling to recover and stay sober. It's an incredible body of work for a good cause.

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Linden Lab

Second Life brings creative, intelligent, and just plain curious people together. It’s a place to experience the extraordinary -- live concerts, art exhibits, fashion shows, social gaming, all sorts of other events. Each week, the Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens of new locations and events worth exploring - as recently blogged, we added about 1,200 new entries last year alone, bringing the total to more than 2,400 listings in the Destination Guide.

With all that great stuff to check out, we thought we’d use this blog to highlight a few of the recent entries that stood out to the editorial team. They could have an interesting concept, a hilarious idea, a surprising level of polish, anything really. So in no particular order, here are a few of the recently added destinations we’d recommend checking out if you haven’t already:







Club Tipping Velvet

Club Tipping Velvet brings members a touch of class. Enjoy live DJ's, great music, contests and more. Make new friends, watch a show or just relax and have a drink or two. The staff of Tipping Velvet are happy to welcome you with a smile and make sure your needs are met. Club Tipping Velvet is LGBT, but everyone is welcome. It also features ballroom dancing Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 6 to 8 pm. See you there!

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The Winter Safety Game

Winter weather can be a killer. The challenge of The Winter Safety Game is to prepare home, barn, and car for a winter blizzard and travel safely through it to Grandma's 75th birthday party. Score points by interacting with content, encountering a variety of hazardous situations and solving problems. Collect enough points to access skating, fireworks, and prizes at the party. Open now through March 20th.

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Stardust Art

Stardust Art is an exhibition curated by Francesca Barbi Marinetti, and takes place both Rome and in Second Life at MIC. Featuring art from a host of artists, all creations have been dedicated to the actress Monica Vitti. These digital works will be included in a machinima video that will be screened at Margutta RistorArte January 14. Come and enjoy!

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A giant dry lake bed, a parched and barren place where hulks of rusted ships rest on dried, cracked mud. A once desert island with decayed warehouses now holds art galleries, while the surrounding landscape hosts gypsies, carnies and tradespeople. This is Dryland, the new sim design by Anita Witt.

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If you have a destination you’d like to share, head on over to the submission page and show us!

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