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Linden Lab

While many of us are still recovering from the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and our shopping itch just won’t go away! 

Linden Lab is winding up for a Valentine’s Day inworld shopping event - and we’re now looking for Merchants who would like to participate. 

The Valentine’s Day edition of Shop & Hop will open on February 3rd and will run through February 17th. (PLEASE NOTE: The shopping event's dates have been changed to February 6th to the 23rd.)This is your opportunity to bring a ton of new customers to your brand, by offering some of your best items. We are looking for Merchants willing to offer a discount on some of their items and provide a small non-exclusive gift to shoppers.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out this form as soon as possible and no later than Monday, January 20th, 2020. We will contact you soon after that date if your application is accepted. 

We are excited to host this event and look forward to putting it together!

Fel Matias - Shopping Event.jpg

Image by Fel Matias.

Linden Lab

Our “Made in Second Life” series continues with our first episode focusing on “Art Made in Second Life.” This episode spotlights Fiona Fei, an artist who has extended her canvas to Second Life. Fei, who has an MS in Visualization from Texas A&M University, uses SL to “share [her] thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and artistic vision in fantastic ways that is not possible in the real world.”

Her work can currently be seen in the Shui Mo Gallery, a series of installations created in the style of Chinese ink brush painting, depicting a common theme or landscape seen in many traditional Chinese paintings. 

“As a Chinese American who immigrated from China at a young age, I created the Shui Mo series as a way of connecting with my ancestry and celebrate centuries of art from old masters who painted using traditional Chinese ink brush style,” says Fei.

Shui Mo hovers over Dreams, a region dedicated to helping and supporting stroke survivors and people with autism by means of regular group meetings, classes, games, and creative building contests. The goal of the Shui Mo Gallery is to give the visitors and the Dreams community the feel of being fully immersed inside a 2D drawing as well as an escape from even ‘’virtual’' reality, where the 3D space melts away into the mind of the artist.

 “It is my hope that these artworks will look like 2D paintings upon first glance and surprise the viewer in seeing that they are actually sculptures,” she says. “When you first come into the gallery, you are about to step into a world of ink and become the art...or at least become immersed as a fellow piece of artwork."


Video produced by Draxtor Despres

Logo designed by Marianne McCann


Linden Lab

Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows 7 on January 14th. This means that it will no longer get updates, including security patches. Therefore, running Windows 7 will become increasingly insecure as new vulnerabilities are discovered and not patched.

Accordingly, Linden Lab is updating our system requirements to remove Windows 7 from the versions we support. This does not mean that Second Life will stop working on Windows 7 immediately; existing viewers, and possibly some new viewers, should run as well as they did before. However, we will not be testing any viewers on Windows 7, so it is likely that compatibility problems will develop and increase over time. In addition, we will not attempt to fix any problems which occur only on unsupported operating systems (if a bug is reported against an unsupported system, we usually try to reproduce it on one that is supported; if we can't, we don't investigate further or attempt to fix it).

In order to keep your Second Life experience as reliable and secure as possible, we strongly recommend using only supported versions and keeping them updated with the latest vendor patches.

Linden Lab

Second Life is filled with many different types of experiences to explore. Artists have always found it as a means to express their creativity through many forms. Sound, sculpture, immersive events, prose, and many other forms of artistic expression are all possible within SL.

One of the most prolific artists on the Grid is Cica Ghost - whose installments have intrigued Residents and given them food for thought over the years. These limited run installations have been whimsical, fantastical, silly, and much more.

Cica is back with a new experience - simply titled “Donkeys”. Delightful donkeys and other creatures inhabit this scenic island - perfect for pictures, adventure, and the highlight of this week’s destination guide video.

Visit Donkeys before it disappears. 

Be sure to share your pics on the Second Life Official Flickr group.

Linden Lab

UPDATE: We will be live streaming the snowball fights in part on our YT and FB pages: https://www.youtube.com/secondlife/live




Tis the season to let it go and get into some icy fun at the Winter Wonderland Snowball Fight Arena for some snow-slinging fun times!

Get your warm clothes and throwing arms ready - it’s time for a Lindens and Residents snowball fight! This Snowball Showdown means you're free to pelt your fellow Second Life Residents and Lindens with a bevy of sparkling snowballs- launched fresh from the snow-arsenal available at the arena. 

The battles (yes, you read that right - there are two!) commence this Friday, December 20th  from 10 am to 11 am SLT and 2 pm to 3 pm SLT). Spots are limited, so be sure to get there early to grab your snow launching weaponry from the vendors around the arena. 

Mark your calendars, assemble your dream squad, and be there!

Linden Lab

Sharpen your quill! Get your wits about you! We are happy to declare the Last Names contest is officially open.  What contest, you say? What name changes? 

We will make Name Changes available to Premium account holders in early 2020.  It will be possible to change First Name, Last Name, or both. There will be a one-time fee per Name Change. Just like in the olden times, First Name will be freeform, Last Name will be from a list - and here is where this contest comes in: we want your help coming up with the first batch of Last Names! 

Send us your best ideas. BoatyMcBoatface* is not gonna suggest itself.   

Three submissions per entry. No reusing of old names. From all of the suggestions, we’ll pick five (5), and those five lucky Residents will be able to change their names completely free of charge (or designate another account for the name change)! You will not need to be Premium to participate or to win. The contest will run December 16 through January 15th, and participation details will be announced shortly. 

All previous last names can be searched through in this wiki. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

All the Rules, Terms and Conditions

but please don’t suggest it. We get it. :)

Linden Lab

The last Lab Gab of the Year is upon us! The end of the year is a time to both reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Some big announcements and updates will be shared.

Join us at 3 pm PT/SLT on Wednesday, December 18th, as Xiola and Strawberry talk about some exciting upcoming fun - including the ever-popular Linden/Resident Snowball Fight, the Last Names Contest, and much more. If you’ve not been to one of the snowball fights before, this is the one to come to! Residents and Lindens meetup at Winter Wonderland for tons of snow-filled fun. Specifics will be revealed on the show!

LabGab Episode 9 - 41 - 2.jpg


Tune in to our Official YouTube Channel (or check us out on Mixer, Periscope or Facebook Live! Via our Official Facebook page) to watch on December 18th at 3 pm PT/SLT. 

Xiola Linden


“Hey, ho! Let’s go!”

                - The Ramones

You can’t escape the cheese-fest of holiday hallmarks out there - from jingles to made-for-tv movies; classic beacons of holiday cheer or the bah-humbug of the meanest of grinches - Winter is entering the room, purse first. 

We bake, we wrap, we drink our peppermint lattes, and shop! This year, our Winter Shop & Hop is bigger and better than ever! We’ve expanded to 6 Regions and 120 Merchants - so you’re going to need a little time to make the rounds. In the great gift of giving, each Merchant has provided at least one gift (no group needed!) to share with you this holiday season, has put deep discounts on many of their top products, and decorated their shop to the heavens in tinsel, trees, and twinkling lights.     

Check out this amazing list of Merchants:

4th Wall  / #ADORED / Addams  / alaskametro<3 / [ Aleutia ]  / alme. / ALTAIR* /!APHORISM! / Aphrodite Shop  / [^.^Ayashi^.^] / AZOURY / ba!Design / Baiastice  / Bauhaus Movement / Bella Moda / Belle Epoque / Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute  / Bombae / BOYS TO THE BONE / Caboodle / Cae / Candy Kitten / CHEZ MOI FURNITURES  / Dahlia / Dead Dollz / Deadwool / Dreamcatcher / e.marie / eliavah / ELIKATIRA / ella  / *Epic* / erratic / etham / evani / EVIE / FAKEICON / FOXCITY / Foxy / GA.EG / Gaia / Garbaggio  / +Half-Deer+ / Hangry / HILTED / Holli Pocket / Izzie's / Just BECAUSE / KAI / Kaithleen's / KuddelMuddel / [ kunst ]  / L'Etre&DOUX / Lapointe & BastChild / {le fil cassé} / Loft & Aria / Lomomo / LUEUR / Lunar / Mad' / MADRAS / Magika / MALified  / MasKara / [[ Masoom ]] / MICHAN / Milk motion / MINA Hair / MINIMAL / Miss Chelsea / Moon Rabbit / Mossu / NamiiChu ~ /Neve / Never Totally Dead...  / NeverWish / no.match_ / .peaches. / Pepe Skins / Petit Chat / PinkRayne / Pixicat / Pretty Deceased / RAMA Salon (Hair) & Rama (Clothing) / RAONHAUSEN / Rebel Gal  / REVOUL / Rezz Room / RIOT / Salt & Pepper / Schadenfreude / SEKA / SEMPITERNAL / Seniha Originals / Serenity Style / Silence. / Silvan Moon Design / Sintiklia / Slink  / Spoiled / Supernatural / Sweet Thing. / Tachinni Clothing / The Forge / toksik / Tres Blah / UNICORN / **UTOPIA@Design** / Valentina E. / Vanilla Bae / Vanity Hair / VARONIS  / versov / {ViSion} / Vista Animations / West End / What Next / YS&YS / ::ZED:: Designz for Men / Zibska / {ZOZ} /

This shop-stravaganza includes some layover areas for cam shopping and runs from now until January 6th, 2020. Visit any of the Regions below to get to shopping and hopping.

Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Gilded
Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Tinseled
Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Halcyon
Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Aurelian
Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Golden
Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Gleaming


Linden Lab

‘Tis the season for snow-filled experiences and events -- and this week’s Second Life Destinations video highlights some of the coolest hot spots (or is it hottest cool spots?) scattered across the Grid.

Featured in this video are highlights from three destinations you won’t want to miss, including  Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland at LLW and Old Town Winterland.

For even more chilly explorations, check out the Winter Attractions category in the Second Life Destination Guide to discover over 50 winter-themed spots! 

P.S. Don’t forget to also check out the ongoing Christmas Expo, an annual event held in support of the American Cancer Society's fight against childhood cancer. This eight Region shopping extravaganza features more than 150 merchants, contests and more!


Linden Lab

12.10.2019 UPDATE:

Premium Prepay is now available for anyone whose billing date is up to 2 years out.  To take advantage of this, you will need to 

1) Change your membership type to Annual if it isn't already

2) Select the option to pay $89 and have your next billing date be current_date + 1 year

3) pay the cashier

We're sorry that the limitations on Prepay had not been initially communicated. To make up for it, we've now removed the limitations.  

12.06.2019 UPDATE: 

1) If your membership is currently Monthly or Quarterly, you will first need to change it to Annual and click "Change Membership" (you will not be charged at this point).  Then you can chose the Prepay option and confirm the $89 charge and pay that to extend your membership by another year. 

2) If your membership was prepaid at the last promotion and the current review date is more than a year out, you will not currently see the promotional offer.  However, since we didn't make this obvious from the start, we're going to extend this offer window to make it possible for our most loyal members to take advantage of the promotion.  That change will go out next week and this thread will be updated, as well as this blog post.  



Are you feeling sad that only new Premium signups can take advantage of the 10% off Annual Promo? It was making us sad too. Now you are able to take advantage of this promotion with an existing account with Premium Prepay.  For the duration of the promotion (until January 2, 2020) Premium Members will find the option to prepay for an additional year at a discounted price under their account settings on Secondlife.com. 

image (2).png

If you are currently on a Quarterly or Monthly plan, you will need to change your plan to Annual to take advantage of this promo.  If you’re also curious to find out more about Premium Plus, you will be able to upgrade from Premium once Premium Plus is available.

Not a Premium Member yet? Save 10% Now!

Now is the perfect time to upgrade and save 10% off your first year of a new annual Premium Membership subscription. New premium members get a one-time L$1000 sign-up bonus, a weekly L$ stipend, their own home, priority access to full events inworld, and exclusive gifts. Subscribers also have special access to Premium Sandboxes inworld, where you can build objects, unpack your purchased items, and meet other Premium members. Upgrade to Premium and start enjoying all the benefits now!

Linden Lab

This year’s Christmas Expo is bursting full of bright and merry delights - all for a good cause. There is a shopping event with over 170 Merchants giving a portion of proceeds to the American Cancer Society, over L$155,000 in gift certificates given out via raffle, entertainment, a hunt, and much more - including some exciting things from the Lab.

From the official press release:

The American Cancer Society in Second Life® and Linden Lab, the Society’s partner in the fight against cancer, announced a BLOCKBUSTER AUCTION as part of Believe In The Magic of Christmas, the 9th Annual SL Christmas Expo.

That’s right - we’ve partnered together to bring some new and exciting things to the expo. The first-ever Ebbe Linden bear will make his debut at the expo. Because this is a charity event, this bear will be available for a donation of L$250. All donations will go towards the overall expo goal of $20,000 USD.

 1024 ACS  bear.jpg

In addition, as part of the auction, Linden Lab is providing one lucky bidder with 6 months of Premium Membership and a 4th Edition Linden Home. The theme of these new homes is Victorians! You can be one of the first to glimpse them at the expo. 


Speaking of homes .. there is also a Lights of Hope Decoration Contest. You can donate to a kiosk in front of your favorite decorated home - all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society

The Christmas Expo runs from December 5th through December 15th, and more information about the auction, schedule of events, and the American Cancer Society is available on their website

Head over to discover the magic of the holiday season and the joy of giving.

Linden Lab

The final month of the year is upon us. A time to reflect on the year behind us, and the one in front of us. It’s not unusual to see the rest of the year gone in the blink of an eye - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season!

In some parts of the world, this time of year is Summer, with sunshine and warm temperatures, but in other parts of the world, the snow has come on in full force, and the only thing rising is people’s heating bill - but in Second Life - you can enjoy the snow without the extra expense. 

Last time on Lab Gab, we barely touched the surface of the virtual avalanche of winter-themed attractions in the Destination Guide. This week, we’re back for more!

Xiola & Strawberry have ransacked their inventories looking for warm outfits, and are all set to explore a few more incredible spots on the Grid. Grab your hot cocoa, throw on a warm blankie, and get ready to go dashing through the snow.

We’ll be going live at 3 pm (PT/SLT) this Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.


Tune in to our Official YouTube Channel (or check us out on our new Mixer channel or Facebook Live! Via our Official Facebook page) to watch on Wednesday!

Linden Lab

For a limited time, get 10% off your first year of a new annual Premium Membership subscription.* Premium members get a one-time L$1000 sign-up bonus, a weekly L$ stipend, their own home, priority access to full events inworld, and exclusive gifts like the festive ones below. Subscribers also have special access to Premium Sandboxes inworld, where you can build objects, unpack your purchased items, and meet other Premium members. Upgrade to Premium and start enjoying all the benefits now!

New Winter Premium Gift is Now Available
Premium members can stop by one of the Premium Gift kiosks to claim over a dozen holiday decorations. If you’re not yet Premium, take advantage of this 10% discount to easily upgrade and grab your gifts immediately.


This offer begins on December 2, 2019, at 8 AM Pacific Time (PT) and expires on January 2, 2020, at 8 AM PT. To qualify for this promotion, you must 1) have an existing Second Life ("SL") basic account or create a new account, and 2) select annual (every one year) billing for your SL account. The ten percent (10%) discount will be applied to your first annual bill and will be renewed at the standard Premium Membership price (currently US$99.00 per year). For new accounts or accounts not previously upgraded to Premium Membership, after initial login through the Second Life viewer following upgrade to Premium Membership and: 1) following your first full week, the L$300 weekly stipend will be deposited to your account every Tuesday for the duration of your Premium Membership; and 2) after your account has been active for forty-five (45) consecutive days, the L$ sign-up bonus will be deposited to your account.


Linden Lab

It was literally this morning that I found out this fun fact: Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song - called One Horse Open Sleigh. Guess it didn’t catch on so much - and evolved into the tune we all know today as an anthem for the winter holidays.

While we are just heading into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, all over the Grid, Second Life has started to look like a twinkling wonderland - with snow, sleighs, and fairy lights galore. 

This week’s destination video highlights one such spot - Moochies - Tis the Season. A gorgeous and cozy spot to ease you into the holiday spirit, Moochies is vibrant and bright. Be sure to wrap yourself in a warm winter coat and pay it a visit. Be sure to take a ride on the no horse open sleigh as well!


For more  Destination videos, check out our Destination Video channel on our official YouTube Channel.

Video production courtesy of Draxtor Despres

P.S. Need more reason to get into the spirit of things? Why not take a few minutes to grab your free gifts from the Winter Swaginator Hunt going on right now. Here’s a quick How-To that will make it a snap. It’s fun with friends!

Linden Lab

It may still be November, but the spirit of the holiday season is already evident all over Second Life. Just last week, Xiola and Strawberry ventured to a few sparkling wonderlands on Lab Gab, and today, the official Winter Wonderland re-opens with a ton of fun and exciting activities for you and yours. There’s also a minty fresh Winter Swaginator Hunt, exclusive Premium gifts, and more. Read on to find all the details on winter in Second Life.


Winter Wonderland is back in all its beautiful glory - with activities you are not going to want to miss! Start your adventure in the Village of Lights, then make your way to snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice-skating, or snowball fighting in the snowball fight arena. Each of the activities is not to be missed, and are more fun with friends - so grab your besties and plan to spend a few hours catching everything that Winter Wonderland has to offer. If you’re in the mood for something a bit quieter after all that running around, take a breath-taking trip on the Ferris Wheel and catch incredible views of the twinkling lights and shimmery snow. You may be prompted to opt in to the Winter Wonderland experience in order to participate in the activities - be sure to read and accept the experience. If you decline it, you may get a broken experience - and we don't want that!


The Swaginator is back with seasonal gifts for everyone! Just grab your Swaginator HUD at Meauxle Bureaux, attach the HUD, and follow the clues in local chat to find each of four gifts, hand-crafted for this special occasion! The Winter Swaginator Hunt is a fun and interactive way to get some free gifts - and who doesn’t like free gifts? 


Premium members - we have something special for you - a limited and exclusive Premium-Only gift that’s sure to delight and add a little extra holiday charm to your inworld adventures. Drop by one of the Premium Gift kiosks to grab your package of holiday cheer. Included, you’ll find a Premium Member Token and Premium Member Token HUD which are the keys to Premium Only snowball weapons at the Snowball Fight arena in Winter Wonderland. The HUD will give you access to some upgraded snow arsenal. Remember to attach your HUD at the arena to access and rez your snow-slinging artillery. 

In addition to your wintery weaponry, the Premium Gift package comes stuffed with all the trimmings you need to set a picture-perfect, winter-worthy scene. Don’t forget to hit up the Swaginator Hunt as well, to add to the festive mood!

Get your Premium Gift at one of the Premium Gift kiosks inworld - before they go!



Stay tuned for more to come. The Winter Shop & Hop is coming soon - with 100 Merchants, 100 Gifts, and 5 Regions of shopping, hopping and jingle-bell bopping. Better dig out your most comfortable shoes because that’s a lot to see. 

There’s also a ton of holiday and/or wintery themed spots all over the Grid to visit and explore. We’re adding new spot so the Winter Attractions category of the Destination Guide pretty much every day. 

Linden Lab

Fashion Made in SL.png


Our  “Made in Second Life” series focuses on various aspects of the many creative and incredible things going on in Second Life. We saw such an amazing response to our “Love Made in Second Life” series, and we have since expanded to other areas such as “Fashion Made in SL,” “Games Made in SL,” and “Learning Made in SL.”

This week our second installment of “Fashion Made in SL” debuts, featuring Second Life creator Maximillion Grant  - owner and creator of the LOGO brand which specializes among other things in mesh heads for your avatar.

"When it comes to mesh heads, my goal is to give people as much customization options as possible," says Grant. "I think interacting with customers is the most important thing you can do. You want to find out what people like but also what people don't like...I love the fact that I get to be creative."

Maximillion is only one of many creators who make and sell mesh heads and other mesh avatar parts in Second Life, which is why we created a Destination Guide category dedicated to several of them. These mesh avatar enhancements are very popular in Second Life, each offering a unique and different look and set of features to their customers. 

Find out more in the video below, and visit the main store inworld if you would like to see more. 



P.S. Our “Made In Second Life” series is always looking for new stories to share. Contact madeinsl@draxtor.com and tell us your story. You might be featured in a future episode of “Made in Second Life.” If you have a destination that you’d like to be considered for “Second Life Destinations,” then reach out to us via this suggestion form.

Production Credits:
Video produced by Draxtor Despres
Logo designed by Marianne McCann


Linden Lab

As the end of the year approaches we’re working hard on improvements to Second Life, including your most-requested features such as Name Changes, enhancements of the Marketplace, Events, and Premium Membership. Here’s a rundown of what to expect, including some important fee changes which will soon take effect.


We heard you loud and clear. Soon it will be possible to change the name of a Second Life account. This is one of our Residents’ most requested features and we’re working furiously to make it available by the end of January.  Name Changes will be exclusively for Premium members at an additional fee. Changing one or both of your First and Last Name will be available as a single transaction. Last Names will be picked from a list, which you can help us curate.

What’s a last name you would choose for yourself? We’ll soon hold a contest seeking your contributions to the pool of last name options. From all of the suggestions, we’ll pick five, and those five lucky Residents will be able to change their names completely free of charge! You will not need to be Premium to participate or to win. The contest will run December 16 through January 15th, and participation details will be announced shortly. 


Effective December 2, 2019, Marketplace Product Listing Enhancement fees will be reduced by 10%. Listing enhancements allow merchants to promote their items by displaying them as “Featured Items” on Marketplace pages.

On December 2, 2019, commission rates on Marketplace sales will become 10% of the item price. This will be the first commission increase since the Marketplace debuted a decade ago. This new rate remains significantly lower than most digital content commissions across the industry. Apple and Google charge a 30% commission on sales in their app stores, as do many other popular virtual worlds, VR and gaming platforms, such as Oculus and Sinespace.  

This fee change helps offset our costs as we invest heavily in new Marketplace features and improvements, which remains the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world Marketplace with more than 5 million items. Over the past year we’ve added a store owner’s ability to designate other Residents as Store Managers, who can help merchants run their businesses.  Recently we have taken steps to clean the Marketplace of outdated or inactive listings so that higher-quality listings are more visible to purchasers.  We’ve also added long-requested features like customer-initiated redeliveries, a Revenue Distribution page, Wishlists, Favorite Sellers, and much more. 

More changes are coming in short order. The ability to filter limited quantity and demo items is just around the corner. A number of improvements for navigating shopping and order history for shoppers, and a way to prevent limited-quantity item redelivery for the Merchants.  Mobile-friendly layouts are coming. Additionally, we’re working to improve the ability for Merchants to issue refunds. We’re also planning to give the Marketplace a facelift later in the year, and we’re looking into a way to develop a native vendor system that better connects inworld sales and tracking with Marketplace transactions. 


Improvements to the Events pages are in the works for 2020, too. You’ll soon see more functionality and a new look, such as the ability to set an alert on an event you want to attend, to follow your favorite event hosts, to share your event calendar with friends, and to see the latest event developments in a news feed. Here’s a peek at a concept design (subject to change):


Pictured: Early concept for redesigned Events pages

We’ve heard many complaints from our Residents about duplicated event listings and spam. To combat this problem, we’re introducing a nominal fee which will help discourage spamming and encourage higher-quality events from committed event hosts. Basic members will be charged L$50 to create an event listing while Premium members will pay L$10. On the heels of this change, we will introduce the ability for Premium members to schedule recurring events.  


Changes are underway for Premium Membership. In 2020, you’ll see a new membership level, Premium Plus. This new option will join our classic Premium tier as an additional choice for Residents who want to get even more value from their Second Life.  We think that many Residents will appreciate the new benefits and features of Premium Plus.

Speaking of Premium … some astute Residents have noticed a lot of Mole activity around the Belliseria continent.  Could something be afoot? Speculations abound! We are happy to confirm...


Yes, it’s true! A new Linden Homes theme is on the way. On the heels of our recent additions of new Traditional, Houseboat, and Camper themes, the final touches are being put on for the next theme.  You’ll be able to get an exclusive first peek at the newest Linden Home offerings at the SL Christmas Expo, held Dec. 5-25 in Second Life.


We’ve got more in the works for 2020, too.  Don’t forget that you can contribute your own feature requests for our team to review in JIRA. Simply login to create a new JIRA and select “Feature Request.”  Did you know that most of the recent improvements to the Marketplace came from Feature Requests? 

Thanks for your continuing dedication and creative contributions to the Second Life community.  We are so excited for everything that lies ahead!

Linden Lab

Here in most of the United States, we’ve entered that time of year where it gets dark very early. It will literally feel like 10 pm at night when it’s barely 6 or 7 pm. The temperatures dip in the evenings, but there is still enough of the Autumn sunshine to keep us from realizing how fast November is moving by! In stores, they’ve already begun to deck the halls, and there’s the distinct sound of jingles and holiday tunes in the air. The new holiday cups at coffee shops all already out, and there’s no denying that … winter is coming.

We’re all set to go walking in some Winter wonderlands in our next episode of Lab Gab with Xiola & Strawberry. What’s not to love about sweater weather, a cozy scarf, and the calming crackling of a toasty fire? Winter is a time of year for family, friends, holidays, and cheer - and we’re ready to bring some of that cheer to Lab Gab.

We’ll be going live at 3 pm (PT/SLT) this Wednesday, November 20th.



Tune in to our Official YouTube Channel (or check us out on our new Mixer channel or Facebook Live! Via our Official Facebook page) to watch on Wednesday, November 20th at 3 pm PT/SLT. 

Linden Lab

There is a long-standing existential and philosophical question that persists to this day. If you dream it, do you experience it? That holds true for so many things in Second Life. Exploring foreign countries and learning about diverse cultures, swimming with dolphins, meditating from the blissful zen of a Tibetan temple, or hanging ten in the open water wave rush of the ocean on a surfboard. The surf is up in Second Life, and the sunshine, beach sand, and horizon are the perfect place to feel the thrill of riding those waves!

This week’s Destination Guide video is all about the joy and art of surfing in Second Life. Meet Lady Di - who really enjoys surfing in Second Life. 


Where else can you thread (and shred) the needle and wipe out safely, hop right back on the board and make a perfect run?

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can’t follow the sun in Regions all over the Grid - in fact, there is a whole dedicated category to surfing in the Destination Guide. 

Now, go catch a wave - the water is perfect!

Featured locations:


Video by Draxtor Despres
Featured wetsuits by Salt & Pepper

Linden Lab

Once again, Halloween came and went - creeping back into the shadows, and leaving us with a sugar crash and fond memories. But, if we blink - the winter holidays will be upon us like a creepy creature before we know it - so it’s time to start planning! 
Winter is coming...and that means festive tunes, glitzy decor, snuggly scarves, and lots and lots of shopping adventures.
Our last big inworld shopping event for SL16B was a great success, and this is gearing up to be another one for the books.
Like previous years, we’re winding up for a winter inworld shopping event - and we’re now looking for Merchants who would like to participate! 
This event, which opens on December 13th, 2019 and runs through January 6th, 2019, is an opportunity to bring a ton of new customers to your brand, offer some of your best items, and celebrate the holiday season in a huge shopping event across several Regions.
We are looking for merchants willing to offer a discount on some of their items (think Cyber Monday deals!) and provide a small gift to holiday shoppers.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out this form as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday, November 27th, 2019. The cut off will be at 12:01 am (SLT) on Wednesday the 27th of November. Event set up starts Dec 4th.
Happy Holidays!


Pic from Stefani Young Hwang


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This week’s Second Life Destinations video takes a close look at the 13th Annual Second Life Veterans Tribute 2019, which serves the SL community by offering a venue to honor Veterans from around the world. 


In recognition of Veterans Day and Armistice Day each year, this event reappears in Second Life to provide a space that transcends nationalities, as people from all walks of life can visit, provide remembrance, engage in conversations with each other and honor those who serve or served in the military in their respective countries.

At the heart of this event is a Veterans Wall that includes the names of veterans to be honored as the result of submissions from Second Life Residents. The venue is surrounded by reflective areas to think about the lives of those who have served, and also includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a Pearl Harbor Memorial.

“People from all over the world come together...for the same purpose,” says veteran Flattop Ewing who manages the venue with his partner Sarah Ewing. “It is the one bond that we do have in that it is what brings the Second Life Veterans Tribute to life every year.”

Adds Sarah: “There are real people behind the avatars. They have had real-life experiences and this helps them to talk about it and reflect.”

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The big red hair bow, those sweet eyes, and adorable whiskers … it’s none other than Hello Kitty! This year, Hello Kitty turns 45, and there’s an incredible event taking place inworld - the Astralia x Hello Kitty - 45th Anniversary Event in Second Life!

Second Life creator Astralia has been working hard to bring a celebration that embodies the joy and excitement of a character who has brought delight to millions of people many times over. This official Sanrio event features an interactive immersive game as well as rides, food, entertainment, and adventures that are absolutely purr-fect. 

Check out Astraliaworld.com to learn more about this special limited-time event, which also includes an exclusive virtual collection of Hello Kitty fashions created in collaboration with designer Jimmy Paul and Difuzed.

Opening today - you’re invited to join the party until Nov. 15 - so do not miss out!

You can also catch Astralia on our next episode of Lab Gab with Xiola and Strawberry at a special date and time - Monday, November 4th at 10:00 am PT. You can tune in to the live stream than on our YouTube Channel, Mixer, or Facebook Live.


Now, head on over to enjoy the fun!

Event map.jpg

Video: Draxtor Despres
Map  image courtesy of Astralia
Hello Kitty Sanrio License © 1976, 2019 Sanrio Co, Ltd.

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It’s time to get creepy, kooky, and positively spooky! The annual Second Life Creepy Crawl is here - and you’re not going to want to blink - or you just might miss out on all the hauntingly de-frightful fun!


Join us as we creep and crawl our way to some of the spookiest spots on the Grid. We had so many wonderful submissions, that narrowing it down to just eight was a Halloween nightmare! 

Our fate begins at 10 a.m. (SLT) - please see the full schedule below. This schedule is final, but may be subject to change - so be sure to check back on the day of.  

10am - 10:30am SLT Bay City's Halloween Hay Maze
10:30am - 11:00am SLT Dreadville - Halloween at Cay's
11:00am - 11:30am SLT Sanctuary of Rock
11:30am - 12:00pm SLT All Hallows
12:00pm - 12:30pm SLT Club End of Days
12:30pm - 1:00pm SLT ShenaniganS Music Cafe
1:00pm - 1:30pm SLT I Am A Rock
1:30pm - 2:00pm SLT Ambrosia Dance Club

The rules to surviving The Second Life Creepy Crawl:

  1. Bring friends - we’re less likely to get followed by a slasher movie villain if we stick together and travel in a group! Also - you’re going to want to have your best dance crew on hand in case some spooky dance battles break out on the dancefloor.    
  2. Dress up - costumes are sure to confuse those pesky serial killers! They’re also fun all year - but especially on Halloween.
  3. Have fun and stay with us - A ‘brb’ could mean doom for anyone. The person who leaves the group first in a horror movie is most certainly the first to meet a terrible fate. Never answer the phone or wander off to the basement while the Creepy Crawl is going. Bad things always happen if you do!       

See you there!


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Scary movie rules state that no matter what - there must always be a sequel! Xiola and Strawberry are back this week for another chilling and thrilling episode of Lab Gab - with more frightening fun and spirited excitement!

We have some de-frightful spots to explore and need your help to make sure we survive the trials of our adventures in - The Spooky Side of Second Life Returns! 

We’ll also be sharing some of our top Halloween themed things and scary stories - there’s a ghost story in there somewhere! 

We might need to take a trip to a lovely autumnal experience after the bone-chilling venture - good thing there are so many scenic spots for us to lighten the mood and recover after our journey into maniacal madness.


Tune in to our Official YouTube Channel (or check us out on our new Mixer channel or Facebook Live! Via our Official Facebook page) to watch on Wednesday, October 23rd at 3 pm PT/SLT. 

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It may be 10 more days to Halloween, but numerous grid-wide celebrations are already underway in Second Life. This week’s Second Life Destinations video explores a handful of these haunted experiences -- but daring adventurers will want to check out a few more of the 75+ spooky spots featured in the Haunted category of the Destination Guide including haunted houses, dark rides, and other creepy places.

Among the haunted highlights featured in this week’s clip are Snuggles, Gooseberry Lake, Whymsee, Halloween Town, Trick or Treat Lane, Salem and MadPea City.

To get a more detailed rundown of the many Halloween events underway in Second Life, check out our recent blog post “Spooky Swag, and All Things Halloween in Second Life.”

Video production courtesy of Draxtor Despres

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