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Brett Linden

This week’s Destination Guide highlights are all about the summer heat and good beats. While the summer sun continues to shine, there are several beach hot spots and lively music events that you’ll want to explore. Highlights include a two-week arts and music festival, a flashback music fest, a spicy new beach club and more.

If you’re looking to escape the heat and enjoy a William Shakespeare play or sip some ale in a historic tavern, you can time warp to London in the Tudor era.

Whatever your bag, there’s always something to keep you hot, cool, calm or crazy in Second Life.

Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr  where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is the Moya Chapel in the French Riviera.

If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.

Xiola Linden

It’s mid-July — too early into the summer to give up on easy living and the thrill of a road trip. In Second Life you can enjoy both at a whim, but never quite like now. Inworld, the pool water is always the perfect temperature, the beach is always open, and the hot summer sales are always sizzling. It’s a beach-blanket blitz from dusk ‘til dawn, no matter what part of the world you’re in.

We’ve rounded up a few recommendation for you to check out in this edition of Highlights from the Destination Guide. Toss your fave floppy hat on and pack your newest swimsuit and pair of flip flops into the back of an old but reliable convertible, and let’s hit the road!

Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr  where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is the Twisted Cork Wine Bar.

If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.



Linden Lab

For a limited time, get 50% off your first payment on a new monthly Premium Membership subscription.* In addition to long-standing perks like Premium Sandboxes, your own private home, a L$1000 sign-up bonus and a weekly L$ stipend to spend on whatever you want, Premium subscriptions have continued to get better and better! We’ve added more group slots so that you can stay up to date on all your favorite merchants, role-playing groups, clubs, and other Second Life activities. We increased the number of missed IMs that Premium members receive before they get capped, and just recently added the Premium Access feature - where Premium members get preferred access to crowded Regions and events.

Along with the above, Premium memberships include exclusive gifts and expanded live-chat customer support.

There’s so many reasons to become a Premium subscriber - so upgrade to Premium and start enjoying the benefits now!

*TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR 50% DISCOUNT This offer begins on July 13, 2017 at 8AM Pacific Time (PT) and expires on July 27, 2017 at 8AM PT. To qualify for this promotion, you must 1) have an existing Second Life ("SL") basic account or create a new account, and 2) select monthly (every one month) billing for your SL account. The fifty percent (50%) discount will be applied to your first month's bill and future months will be billed at the standard Premium Membership price (currently US$9.50 per one month). For new accounts or accounts not previously upgraded to Premium Membership, after initial login through the Second Life viewer following upgrade to Premium Membership and: 1) following your first full week, the L$300 weekly stipend will be deposited to your account every Tuesday for the duration of your Premium Membership; and 2) after your account has been active for forty-five (45) consecutive days, the L$ sign-up bonus will be deposited to your account.

Linden Lab

From time to time, we make changes to Second Life’s Terms of Service in order to improve the documents, update and/or clarify policies, and keep the Terms current. We’ve just published an update to the Terms, and the first time you login to SL on or after July 31, 2017, you’ll be asked to agree to these updated Terms.

Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • We’ve restructured the Terms of Service to contain terms and conditions that apply to all Linden Lab products, and we have separated out product-specific references (such as Linden Dollar and LindeX for SL) into product-specific policies. The new Second Life Terms and Conditions contains all the Second Life-specific references that were previously in the Terms of Service.

  • We have added references to our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Tilia Inc. and Tilia Branch UK Ltd., which will be handling payment services on our behalf under certain circumstances.

  • We made some minor text revisions to clarify that Linden Lab has discretion to undertake certain account actions.

  • We have updated the arbitration provision in accordance with applicable law.  

As always, you should read all policies fully before agreeing to them. If on or after July 31, you have any difficulties reviewing and agreeing to the new Terms when you login, please create a support case so the team can help you out.

Brett Linden
Looking to escape the summer heat? Chill out at one of the many new destinations we’ve rounded up for this week’s Second Life highlights, including an elaborate adventure hunt set in a Louisiana bayou, several fashion events, a new amusement park and many great spots to photograph.
Don’t miss your last chance to attend the ongoing Hair Fair, which concludes on July 16. You’ll also want to plan ahead for next week’s Relay For Life event, held July 15-16.
Here are some of our recommendations for the week:
The Beached Bunny Hunt 7
The Beached Bunny has gotten himself into a real mess. His fat behind is wedged in the sand and he can't get out! To help him escape his sandy trap, and prevent a bad sunburn, collect all of the sand buckets and help dig him out! Don't delay, the bunny is burning so get out there and start hunting for beach pails to help him out of his jam. More info: evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com
Visit in Second Life Event Envee
Event Envee is a monthly event that starts on the 10th of the month and always ends on the last day of each month. It was founded by Miss Brasil SL 2012, Bella Zenovka Moranni Ivanovic. They gather 60 designers and creators, as well as some of the best music in SL.
Visit in Second Life eBENTO
eBENTO is a new shopping event in Second Life that starts on the 15th of each month and focuses on items that are Bento-related. The founders of the event are Syra Hyun and Shine Messmer. More info at ebentotheevent.wixsite.com/ebento
Visit in Second Life Alqualonde
Alqualonde is the farthest east of the Undying Lands of Arda.... the first to receive the rays of the sun and the glow of the moon. Home to the Teleri, one of the three great races of Elves, who returned to the far west, but yearned for the sea. Now, in the 4th Age, Alqualonde has returned to the world from the Undying Lands to face a New Darkness.
Visit in Second Life Battle of the Bulge
The Battle Of The Bulge combat area is based on a snowy area in the Belgian Ardennes and features an interactive flag capturing system. There are destructible parts of the environment, as well as a varied landscape that extends from the forest and wheat fields into a small city center! Made for VICE vehicles and infantry.
Visit in Second Life Bacon of Hope
You've joined an effort to control the spread of the invasive water hyacinth in the bayou. But what do hippos have to do with it? And is something more sinister going on? This Basin Street Irregulars hunt is set in New Toulouse, an early 1900s-themed Louisiana community celebrating its tenth year in Second Life. This event runs through the month of July.
Visit in Second Life Footprints In The Sand
Footprints In The Sand is a beautifully decorated beach where you can hang out here with friends, family and loved ones. Beach rentals are available, too.
Visit in Second Life Ash Falls
A remote beach set in the Pacific Northwest for photos and soul searchers alike. Perfect for quiet romantic evenings, compelling photography or just hanging out with friends.
Visit in Second Life Funland Amusement Center
Funland is always open and features free-to-play games and activities, incuding skating, sledding, bowling, dancing, board games and more.
Visit in Second Life The Grove
Discover the elegant surroundings within The Grove in this diverse community of 12 sims. Relax in the romantic sunken gardens and numerous nature spots. Lay back on the warm sandy beaches or attend one of the exciting live attractions. With superb photo opportunities and extensive facilities, why make a wish when you can make a dream? Take the opportunity to become part of this exciting community.
Visit in Second Life LX - Monochrome Art Photography
You love photography and want to explore the biggest city in Second Life? You can in the heart of the industrial area of Bay City. Explore this contemporary gallery shop with a photography exhibit on the 2nd floor and enjoy the endless view from the rooftop over the Inner Habor in an ever-changing city.
Visit in Second Life Jezebel's SpeakEasy and Burlesque
JezeBelles SpeakEasy and Burlesque is home to The JezeBelles Dancers. The Belles perform at venues all over SL but this is where you'll find the premiere of their shows. Home to live music, dancing, theater and comedy.
Visit in Second Life Anestezi Club
Chat with new friends at Turkiye, a Turkish-language hangout space located on a newcomer-friendly beach with music in Second Life.
Have you ever wondered what the most popular general-rated Destination Guide categories are? We’ve pulled the data for the past three years of activity to identify which categories are most clicked. Here they are:
Editors’ Picks
Photogenic Spots
Premium Gifts
Adventure & Fantasy
Featured Events
Roleplaying Communities
Popular Places
Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons RP.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.
Brett Linden
This week’s Second Life highlights include the return of one of the biggest events of the year! Hair Fair is back for the 12th year in a row — and you won’t want to miss the many exclusive styles offered by many of SL’s top designers in support of Wigs for Kids. After you are done shopping, you’ll want to check out one of the many other big events on tap including a new hunt from MadPea, a Relay for Life 4th of July event and much more.
Here are some of our recommendations for the week:
Hair Fair 2017
Welcome to the 12th Annual Hair Fair, where a percentage of all items sold will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Hairstyles are created new and exclusive for the duration of the event, which is held July 1- 16. You'll find both styles for both men and women across all four sims. For more information, visit hairfair.wordpress.com.
Visit in Second Life MadPea Summer Hunt
Search the grid for hidden seashells while earning points you can cash in for exclusive prizes. There are amazing locations to explore, new achievements to unlock, incredible rewards to earn and so much more. If you liked the Mad Easter Egg Hunt, then you will love this! The excitement lasts until July 9th.
Visit in Second Life Midsummer Enchantment
Now until July 9, join this enchanting shopping experience for those with a love for dark romance, magical fantasy and Gothic weddings. If you explore the venue well enough, you may find hidden masquerade masks with new exclusive prizes.
Visit in Second Life 4th of July Street Fair - RFL Event
4th of July Street Fair, open through July 9, features items from over 50 creators at great prices. There are also free gifts, gachas and more -- all for Relay for Life. This event is brought to you by the Old World Artisan Guild (team 22).
Visit in Second Life London Hyde Park Event Field
Celebrate Wimbledon in London with a month of tennis on the field and a strawberry hunt with fantastic weekly prizes. Throughout July, London offers various competitive sports and every Thursday there will be live music and a live DJ on the field from noon until 2 p.m. (Pacific). Don't forget your running shoes!
Visit in Second Life London City Summer
Soak up the sun on the beach, or head into the town for that perfect summer holiday in London City. There are weekly themed concerts through July including daily events and a comprehensive collection of clubs that will make this summer a total scorcher for you. For details, see mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk.
Visit in Second Life Wonderaks Medieval Fairy Fantasy
Wonderoaks is a medieval and elven fantasy realm. Set in a beautiful woodland, the village contains a number of interesting houses and shops nestled around the village pub. Walk through the countryside discovering magical scenery, hidden valleys, caves and secret meadows. Return to the village and investigate the great tree, laden with fantastic tree houses.
Visit in Second Life Burrow Coffee Co.
Welcome to Burrow Coffee Co., a humble little cafe where anyone and everyone is welcome. Grab a cup of coffee and meet up with friends and loved ones in this cozy and eclectic little coffeehouse. Check out the game room attic filled with a variety of addicting games, and don't forget to stop by one of the events! There are themed parties, live musicians, DJs, poetry readings, trivia nights and more.
Visit in Second Life Berg by Nordan Art
Berg by Nordan Art is proud to present The Swamp by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu. The installation represents a metaphor for fascism inspired by both artists' first hand revolution and post-revolution experiences in Portugal. Preset sim WL is recommended. Turn up the sound as sound and voice are both integral parts of the exhibit. Free avatars are available at the landing point.
Visit in Second Life Stony Hill Vineyard
Experience a little taste of wine country in this scenic build by Ezra Locke. Spanish and Italian influences can be found throughout. Relax at the country club or explore the vineyards and equestrian Area.
Visit in Second Life Gale Storm Retreat
Explore a remote Pacific Northwest cliffs setting while a storm is brewing just off shore. Relax, explore or ride out the storm and watch the rain. Plenty of pleasant secluded spots to enjoy with company or solo.
Visit in Second Life Highwood Antlers National Park
Come explore this beautiful park sim. Highwood Antlers National Park is a natural habitat with lots of deer and wildlife.
Visit in Second Life The Drome
The Drome is an underground club dedicated to live deejays who play a selection of saved vinyl and scratched mp3's including techno, house, acid, electro, chill, dub, dubstep, reggae and ska -- as well as other great sounds and blended beats between the flips and clicks.
Visit in Second Life Redamancy Forest
Redamancy Forest is a relaxing atmosphere for women to come enjoy a peaceful moment when SL becomes too noisy.
Visit in Second Life Share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for Arcadia Park.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via the web form.
Xiola Linden
It has been just a little over a week since we launched the inworld shopping event to commemorate SL14B. We’ve gathered 60 Merchants, each providing a free gift as well as discounts on many of their top items. Be sure to take some time to drop in and take advantage of the incredible deals at hand. The shopping event spans three contiguous Regions, making it easy to cam shop or easily walk through. A little retail therapy may be just the thing you  need.
We have plenty more in store for celebrating our 14th anniversary - and will share more details on that below, but first - if you are planning an event in celebration of SL14B, be sure to send the deets to our editors over at the Destination Guide. We’ve got a category set up just for the occasion, and would love to get your event listed as soon as possible!

Now, on With the Show!
We are going to rock the Grid with three days of music - from Italian Opera to full on Psychedelic Rock - and you won’t want to miss out on that. Our 3rd Annual Music Fest is coming, and so much cooler than Coachella - literally, you can blast the air conditioning or fans from the comfort of your computer! Details about lineup and location to come - but be sure to save the dates, get your tail feathers ready to shake, and find those ‘rock on’ bento gestures for the show!
Music Fest Day 1: June 23, 2017 from 11 AM – 3 PM (SLT)
Music Fest Day 2: June 24, 2017 from 8 PM - 12 AM (SLT)
Music Fest Day 3: June 25, 2017 from 4 PM - 8 PM (SLT)

Ain’t No Party Like a Second Life Party
We will be hosting two costume parties inworld - Come as You Were, and a Masquerade Ball. We all come into this (virtual) world as total n00bs, and the Come as You Were party is a nod to those days of yore - whether it was yesterday or over a decade ago. Put your best Ruth forward, as there’s a costume contest and a L$5000 prize on the line! We’re also hosting a Masquerade/Masked Ball - where mystique and intrigue are sure to reign supreme! There is also a L$5000 prize for the best at the ball! Both parties will take place at the Cake Stage in the SL14B Community Celebration Regions - stay tuned for details once those locations go live! Those Regions will also be home to where you can pick up a special commemorative avatar and bonus gift from the Lab. 
Masquerade: June 19, 2017  from 11am - 1pm SLT
Come as You Were: June 21, from 6 - 8 pm SLT

Second Life Community Celebrations
I have worked with many communities in my time, and I can tell you that none are quite as creative and unique as the Second Life community. This community never disappoints when it comes to putting together a bevy of good times inworld during the anniversary week. Watch their site for updates on what is happening this year for the SL14B Community Celebrations!
As part of those events, they will be interviewing some Lindens at the Meet the Lindens series. Those talks will take place on June 19 - 22nd at 2 PM. More details to come!
Brett Linden
It’s summer time in Second Life! The new season officially arrives this week and Residents will find no shortage of hot getaways and cool events to explore inworld. One highlight you won’t want to miss is SL14B MusicFest, which starts today! This special event features three days of live music performances from some of the most talented musicians in Second Life. This week’s highlights also include the twelfth year of Second Pride and a unique hunt and event that is based on the Japanese “Star Festival” Tanabata.
Here are some of our favorite new events and spots in SL this week:
SL14B MusicFest
Experience live music and interact directly with some of Second Life’s top musicians at Music Fest.
Visit in Second Life 2017 Second Pride Festival
It's gay pride in Second Life! The official SecondPride is happening for the 12th year in a row from June 23 to July 2nd! Don't miss the many parties held throughout the festival that include live performers and the best LGBT deejays on the grid. There's also shopping, gifts, a Japanese Garden, rides, a memorial church and more. Full schedule at second-pride.com.
Visit in Second Life CADERU Vol.3. Tanabata
This hunt and shopping event, held from June 19 to July 31, is themed after the popular Japanese "Star Festival" Tanabata. Collect the festival tickets and claim your reward! There is also a photo contest.
Visit in Second Life Quiet After Evening
You can hear the big beat of the hydrangea and streams and the quiet sounds of the drizzie. It has longed for home. The memory of a particular image is but regret for a particular moment.
Visit in Second Life Mica's Maze Collection
There are five mazes to try out and every maze works in a different way. In the gravity maze, you walk on the walls and ceiling like a fly. The 360 maze will test your memory. The rotating maze will make you dizzy. The unfair maze will drive you mad. Fortunately, there is also an easy maze. Mica's mazes are hard to solve. Do you have what it takes to solve them all?
Visit in Second Life The Abandoned Beach Resort
The Abandoned Beach Resort is a new post-apo beach sim, created by bg5 Slade. Feel the warm sun on your skin and the sand between your toes while exploring. It's 21 years behind apocalypse now and nature is gaining back the power over the environment. Will you get by in that post-apocalyptic dream?
Visit in Second Life Of course, Second Life’s fourteenth birthday celebration (SL14B) also continues (and concludes) this week. If you haven’t checked out the many community-created exhibits for SL14B, then you’ll want to explore them soon before the disappear! Here are some of our favorites:
A continuously changing patchwork of four patches made out of equally sized pinwheels.
Visit in Second Life TJ's Mediamagic!
Take a wildly immersive trip - figuratively and literally - into a world created by enveloping you in light and sound. There are free rocket rides available, too!
Visit in Second Life Rawson Square, Nassau
Welcome to Rawson Square in Second Life. In the Bahamas, twice a year Rawson Square becomes the focal point for the world famous Junkanoo Carnival. But you can celebrate with a Junkanoo party anytime in SL. Come put on a costume and hit the street. Let that Junkanoo beat move your feet!
Visit in Second Life Torgon's Rollercoaster
Let's celebrate SL's 14th birthday with the ride of your (Second) Life! Enjoy a rollercoaster ride filled with color, light, and speed!
Visit in Second Life Neverland Soiree
Beneath Hangman's Tree, a magical party is taking place. The pixies and the Lost Boys have prepared their home for a most fancy "soiree" and you are invited! First, you must make the perilous journey through the galaxy. Many say that it is impossible to find your way out of the never-ending maze of stardust... but those who believe in themselves will surely find their way.
Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your SL14B and other Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for 18th Century Paris.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.
Brett Linden
Second Life starts to celebrate its fourteenth birthday this weekend — and you’re invited to the party! This year’s celebration has a Carnivalesque theme and features both official and community-created events, free gifts, and exhibitions. Everything opens this Sunday, but you can get a sneak peek at what to expect by visiting our SL14B directory in the Destination Guide. Don’t forget our ongoing SL14B Official Shopping Event, which features free gifts and exclusive items from many of Second Life’s top designers.
There are too many SL14B highlights to list here, but we’ve assembled a few spots that you’ll want to check out:
Come As You Were Party
Party like it's 2003! Dress up and get down with your favorite outdated look from the earliest days of Second Life at this special SL14B event, held June 21 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. (Pacific).
Visit in Second Life Masquerade Ball
Don't miss the Masquerade Ball, a special SL14B event held on Monday, June 19, from 11 a.m. tp 1 p.m. (Pacific).
Visit in Second Life SL14B Cake Stage
The SL14B Community Celebration Cake Stage is on four regions. Built by Mikati Slade, it is the centerpiece of the SL14B Community Celebration and also serves as a venue for musical and performance Art.
Visit in Second Life The NeoVictoria Project at SLB14
Visit the NeoVictoria Project's parcel! This small community of artists is working together to bring their stories out of SL. The goals of the project are to enjoy great roleplay, make new friends, and create filmed stories (machinima).
Visit in Second Life Masked: Carnevale di Venezia
"Masked: Carnevale di Venezia" is a beautiful gallery of new photography done by Catalina Staheli, featuring the concept of amazing masks you'll see worn during Carnevale in Venice. Featured stylists include: Falbala Fairey, Beatrice Serendipity, Steele Sirnah, LeezahKaddour Resident, Zoya Braham, AnnaG Pfeffer, SeasidePurcell Resident, Xandrah Sciavo, Njegovanka Resident, and WrenNoir Cerise
Visit in Second Life Hybridisation - Trimmer Bay
Hybridisation is a process, an evolution. SL moved to RL and came back. The exhibit is an evolution in imagery and construction, through tortured prims, sculpties and mesh. From 2D to 3D, a new psychedelic experience.
Visit in Second Life Newspaper Factory
Newspaper Factory is passionate about publishing with a mission to encourage community-focused projects. Newspaper Factory shows the "whys" and "hows" over three floors in a beautifully re-purposed factory building. Contains two visual presentations and in-world papers for you to browse.
Visit in Second Life Cassini's Grand Finale: Leeward CC
This exhibit shows the Cassini orbiter in the final part of its 19-year Saturn exploration mission. Come explore the full-scale model then explore the seas of Second Life with the Leeward Cruising Club.
Visit in Second Life A Shakespearean Theatre Tribute
The Baron Collection presents A Shakespearean Theatre Tribute. Come test your knowledge of Shakespeare with the trivia boards and win original mesh prizes made exclusively for SL14B.
Visit in Second Life Carnivale Fashion Through The Ages
As SL14B has the theme of Carnivale, this exhibit shows some fashions which have been used in Venetian carnivals in the past. Information is also given on the history of some of the original wearers of these gowns and, finally, there is a (hopefully) humourous end to the visit at the top of the build.
Visit in Second Life In addition to SL14B, there are several other new events and locations to explore. Here are some of our favorites added to the Destination Guide this week:
Man Cave
Man Cave is a refreshing monthly event that caters to the modern man with exclusive items that promise to entertain, stimulate your mind and keep you looking your best! With everything from gear, rides and style, Man Cave promises to deliver the biggest, baddest and best that Second Life can offer. Opens June 18.
Visit in Second Life The Earth Repository
A holographic simulation located in a space server committed to curate the memory of planet Earth.
Visit in Second Life Forest Of Mystical Dreams
Mermaids,dragons, furries, elen, pixies and even humans are welcome at the Forest Of Mystical Dreams. Discover romantic spots for you and your loved ones. Lite roleplay without all the rules. Dance under the stars or find one of many hidden bubbles and spots around the sim.
Visit in Second Life Summer Of Love Concert (Relay for Life)
Bust out your best tie-dye for an afternoon of 60s music and optional LCC sailing cruise at the beautiful Mount Cooper estate in celebration of Relay For Life and the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Hosted by the incomparable DJ BennyThe Boozehound. Event held Sunday, June 18, from noon to 6 p.m.(Pacific).
Visit in Second Life Pictures of the Floating World
"Pictures of the Floating World: The Art of the Japanese Woodblock Print" at The Vordun Museum and Gallery showcases the centuries-old art of Japanese printmaking. Full of color, nature, and beauty, this exhibit will transport you to Edo-period Japan (17th-19th centuries), and explain how these intricate masterpieces were created, and are still being created today.
Visit in Second Life The Lost Cruise Ship
Before all living was ended through the huge storm, some survivors brought the old vessel in the harbor of NYC back to live. It brought them as far as it could ended by a tropical storm on an island in the middle of nowhere. Will you get by?
Visit in Second Life Nova Renegade - Colony of Ixion
Nova Renegade offers gritty western sci-fi roleplay set on a backwater, mudhole of a volcanic planet orbiting a Red Dwarf star on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy.
Visit in Second Life Share your SL14B and other Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features, and do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for the Sweet Tea Couture SL14 Shopping Event.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.
Xiola Linden
Did you know about the Official Second Life Flickr page? It is a great place to share images of your travels through the Grid, and we elect our Pic of Day from images submitted to that group. Keep it in mind as you explore these carefully curated spots from the Destination Guide editors — there are plenty of photographic opportunities!

Log inworld and check these places out!
Silk Road Hunt VIII
Silk Road Hunt is back! The theme of this grid-wide Asian-themed hunt is Byzantium. Along the way, you will find over 70 free gifts by SL's finest merchants. Event end June 30. 2017.
Visit in Second Life The Jersey Shore 2 Beach Bling Carnival
Are you ready to return to the shore? Jersey Shore 2 is now open and it's time to get your bling on! Come stroll the boardwalk, ride the rides and shop the $L10 gifts including exclusives and gachas. Over 60 designers! Wear a suit and jump on a raft...float the day away!
Visit in Second Life The Men's Zone - TMZ
The Men's Zone is a monthly event featuring male fashion and accessories and even some home decor items. The event starts the 10th of every month and ends the 5th of the next month. More info at themenszone.weebly.com
Visit in Second Life SL14B Shopping Event - Golden
Get free gifts and exclusive items from many of Second Life's top designers at the 14th Anniversary Shopping Event, held June 5-26.
Visit in Second Life Plusia Project
Explore Plusia Ars Island, a project for the creation and dissemination of art. Discover creative spaces for conferences and exhibits, including photography, sculpture, painting, music, theater, dance and poetry.
Visit in Second Life Art Box
Art Box is a place that fully recreates over 90 famous photos and paintings in 3D so your avatar can be the star. This is a great location for taking photos for your profile or with friends for lasting memories!
Visit in Second Life Goodnight Amusement Park
Come visit Goodnight Amusement Park and experience a roller coaster, bungee jumping, bumper cars, and other amusement park fun. All rides are free! Also, enjoy a stroll down the pier and watch the fireworks show.
Visit in Second Life Electronic Club ROCKON
ROCKON is an exclusive electronic club in Second Life. Come and have fun with your friends and spend a unique moment in the bar or in the meeting area while listening to the best of electronic music.
Visit in Second Life Neurolab Inc
The future is now! Neurolab Inc. is all about outfitting the fashion-conscious cyber/cyberpunk/fashion/avant-garde in the latest synthetic wear.
Visit in Second Life Palm Beach Resort
Come to this beach and discover a romantic scene for you and your significant other. Take a look at this hidden beautiful Palm Beach Resort filled with amazing panoramic views, tons of cuddle spots, saunas for couples, private skyboxes and more.
Visit in Second Life House Dunaisling
Manor Dunaisling sits at the center of lands surrounded by walls of stone and iron gates. The Manor and the family that dwells within serve the people of the land, protecting them from outside dangers. Magical and mysterious creatures inhabit all that surrounds them. Come and explore this great land and all that it has to offer.
Visit in Second Life The Lake House
The Lake House on Lake Templeton is a fun place to meet friends, have a laugh and play some trivia while friendly deejays spin blues, rock and country! Don't miss Live Music Mondays and themed deejay parties throughout the week.
Visit in Second Life In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Check out our featured Place Page this week at Bands of Cypher, and update your Place Page today!
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.
Xiola Linden
Long-time Resident Arduenn Schwartzman has developed quite the reputation as a prominent inventor, scripter and builder in Second Life. With a career that includes stints as a both a molecular biologist and assistant professor outside Second Life, Arduenn is perhaps best known inworld as creator of the air combat game WarBug.
“Second Life rekindled the possibility to be creative,” says Schwarzman. “Over the years, I’ve always been fond of flight simulators. I thought it would be awesome just to have an air combat game. Second Life is perfect for that.”
Arduenn’s enterprises in Second Life extend well beyond aviation. Over the past 10 years, he has also created over 400 items that can be found for sale at OMGWTFL$10. In addition to his inworld store located near the WarBug Headquarters in Second Life, many of his items can also be found on the Second Life Marketplace. Among his crazier creations are a scripted and animated fly swatter, a gun that shoots nachos, a tin-foil hat, and nine pieces of sculpted bacon. Of course, there’s also the Fart HUD 2.0 that is advertised as the “perfect Valentine’s Day gift.”
To find out more about Arduenn and his many adventures in Second Life, watch the latest episode of “The Drax Files” below.

Want to see more Second Life stories? Find previous episodes of The Drax Files: World Makers at Draxtor’s website, or at the links below — and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel — where you can watch the entire series.
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 44: Istanbul University
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 43: nnoiz Papp
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 42: Death Row Designs
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 41: Vista Animations
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 40: Bernhard Dörries
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 39: Sergio Delacruz
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 38 : Eboni Khan
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 37 : Nonprofit Commons
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 36 : Sominel Edelman
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 35 : Project Bento
Linden Lab
We are thrilled to re-introduce the Community Gateway Program!  Previously, the Community Gateway program helped bring new users to Second Life, by enabling Second Life communities to attract, register, an on-board new Residents. The program was shelved in 2010 as resources were reprioritized, and now we're excited to reintroduce the Community Gateway program along with some improvements that will make it even more valuable to Second Life.  We recognize the benefit of having Resident supported tutorial areas and have been working with several communities while fine tuning the new program over the last year.  
This program allows Second Life Communities to:
Create a new user experience and attract Residents to your specific community
Assist those new Residents in beginning their journey into Second Life
Lend a guiding hand in the creation of their new avatar personas
Assist with increasing new user retention.  
This powerful new tool will allow you to register new users right from your own community website and add them automatically to your group, thus helping your community to grow!
All details about this program (including how to apply) may be found here.

London City Community Gateway  

Firestorm Community Gateway
Xiola Linden
Summer time makes me think of mix tapes — compiling music tracks to create the perfect soundtrack for a long drive to the beach, or an evening out on the patio with friends and loved ones.
The Destination Guide  is a bit like those mix tapes, but set to shuffle — so every song is a surprise! You can switch from a cool, mellow vibe to an upbeat number with just a click of the mouse and a teleport to somewhere new. Shuffle away and discover a new place you’ve never been.
Share your Second Life summer pics to our Official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.
Also, do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Check out our featured Place Page this week at Zed Designz.
  Home and Garden Expo
Nine sims of shopping, auctions and events await you through June 4th at the annual Home and Garden Expo benefiting Relay For Life. Joining in with the Home and Garden Expo this year is the RFL Breedables Faire. Visit the blog for a complete list of events and landmarks during this exciting and fun event. More at slhomeandgardenexpo.wordpress.com.
Visit in Second Life Steelhead Bay
Steelhead Bay is a steampunk-inspired location with a 19th century American-Victorian vibe.
Visit in Second Life Another World by Solkide Auer
Another World is a flight in a pure geometric ambient space filled with shapes and colors.
Visit in Second Life Memories from Underground
The work of art premiered by Stefano Mingione for the virtual world stands out for its unique dimensions in real life. The drawing, done in pen, is 215 metres long and 2.80 high. The exhibition structure is created by Solkide Auer and the set design is by Mexi Lane.
Visit in Second Life Chess Wonderland
The life of black and white. Chess is all about black and white trying to conquer each other. There is no grey in chess and the same goes for life.
Visit in Second Life La Luna - Nature and Art
La Luna is where nature meets art.
Visit in Second Life Enchantment
Enchantment, held May 13-31, brings a fairytale to life every three months with an event jam packed with creators, dancers, art galleries, music and various other talents - all in an effort to submerge the event visitor in the tale. Each round a new build springs to life that is inspired by the story, impeccable in design and full of magic. This round brings the lady of locks herself, Rapunzel, to the Second Life grid. Shop themed items from over a hundred well-known designers and builders, participate in the free hunt, view performances by the talented Enchanted Lady Garden Cabaret, become mesmerized by the fabulous photographers of The Lost Unicorn Gallery, and much more, as you immerse yourself in a tale so sweet... you won't want to leave!
Visit in Second Life Transgender Hate Crime & Suicide Memorial
This monument is dedicated to all transgender people who have lost their lives to suicide or murder.
Visit in Second Life Shadewyck Presents Neverland
Come hang out at this version of J. M. Barrie's Neverland! Green tights and feathered hat not required.
Visit in Second Life Purrfection
Purrfection strives to provide a great environment for the Furry community in Second Life. All are welcome here including furry, neko, humans, etc. Enjoy the relaxing beach setting or take a ride on the bumper boats and explore the sim! Enjoy yourself and stay as long as you desire.
Visit in Second Life The Ruins of Tyme
Travel back in Tyme as you explore this beautiful and romantic open sim brought to you by landscape artist Rye Falmer. The Ruins of Tyme is a Meadow Rose Recreations sim open to all for romance and adventure!
Visit in Second Life Solaris Station
Solaris Station: a gigantic rest stop at the edge of civilized space for the weary galactic traveler. High-tech meets nature to offer something for everyone including orbital docks, hangars, holds, labs, rentals and an expansive entertainments/hangout deck for both RP and OOC. The planet below boasts enchanted forests, meadows, cuddle spots, dance venues and a summer resort.
Visit in Second Life Last Hope - Karibik
Eine kleine malerische Insel in der Karibik, liegt zwischen Guadeloupe und Dominica. Einst von den Piraten gegründet und von den Spaniern übernommen. Hope ist perfekt für einen Urlaub oder um in entspannter Atmosphäre zu wohnen. Doch der ruhige Schein der kleinen Stadt kann auch trügen, denn hinter der Fassade gibt es Verbrechen.
Visit in Second Life The Elite
In a dark and fearful atmosphere, you stop at the metro station for the small urban city known as The Elite filled with strange creatures. Will you meet (or be) one of them? More info at theelite89.wixsite.com/elite
Visit in Second Life Mayhem
The fog lifted, exposing a land that time forgot and an island killed off by nuclear energy gone wrong. A government cover up created death and monsters, vampires and more.
Visit in Second Life
Xiola Linden
The month of May is upon us, and it’s hard  to believe we are only a month away from the middle of the year! We’ve already seen so many events and incredible creations inworld, and it’s not even summer yet!
All year round, the editors of the Destination Guide seek out some of the newest spots for you to visit and finding destinations week after week. Take a look below at the most recent list they’ve pulled together to make your inworld travels easy peasy.
Share your pics to our Official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.

If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Check out our featured Place Page this week at Holly Kai Park.
Halfway There Fair for Relay for Life
Every year, Relay For Life of Second Life leads the way in fundraising with 100% of the proceeds benefitting The American Cancer Society. Join the celebration of the halfway mark of this season's efforts with a special Halfway There Fair on May 5th through the 7th. The event features live entertainment, games, a Gotya (gacha) event and so much more! Don't miss out on the fun!
Visit in Second Life The Dark Style Fair 4
Flair For Events brings to you the 4th edition of the wildly popular annual event The Dark Style Fair, held through May 22. Shop the very best in dark fashion -- everything from nu goth to emo, dark magic to steampunk, metal to punk and so much more with a twist! Come and explore the darkness, you will never want to leave!
Visit in Second Life Spring Fling Fair
Spring Fling Fair, a Relay for Life of Second Life event, brings together over over 50 creators to offer L$50 sale and 50% off items, There's also free gifts, over 100 Gachas, and more! Brought to you by the Old World Artisan Guild, this event is active until May 14.
Visit in Second Life London City Disco Spectacular
Join London City for a month of disco events, weekly concerts and light shows celebrating the acts who created this unique and popular music genre including a special Eurovision show. For info see mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk
Visit in Second Life The Endless
The Endless are a group of fictional beings appearing in the comic book series "The Sandman" by Neil Gaiman.For this exhibition, seven photographers were invited to create an artwork, each of them representing one of the Endless. Participants included ariel Brearly, Awesome Fallen, kiki, Maloe Vansant, Nevereux, paola Mills and Whiskey Monday. Learn more at daphnearts.com/the-endless.
Visit in Second Life PaliHub
PaliHub is a friendly place for philosophy discussions and other activities, including board games, karaoke, chess and more. For the next few weeks, you can view a special display of all of the Linden Bears! When a Linden is first hired, they are asked to make a bear of their very own! Then, if any resident sees them and asks for it, they may give you a Linden Bear!
Visit in Second Life Reykja Island
Relax in this beautiful Nordic nature spot, which is newcomer-friendly. Explore the airport and ferry or be adventurous with skydiving, a hot air balloon or wall climbing activities. There's lots to do here, including fishing, motorboat riding, camping, mini-golf, and much more.
Visit in Second Life The Autumn Cafe
The Autumn Cafe has year-round autumn scenic views that evoke a rustic feel. This is the perfect place for couples or anyone can just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. There's also a discussion area for respectful conversation.
Visit in Second Life Whimberly
Come and explore the spring-themed Whimberly, a photogenic spot to meet friends, capture videos and have fun!
Visit in Second Life Orion Tales 10 Years
Celebrate 10 years since the founding of the artistic group Orion Tales with this special Art Expo that features 280 works in three buildings, a park and four skyboxes.
Visit in Second Life Hibiscus Atoll
Rest and relaxation await you on the tropical isle of Hibiscus Atoll. Enjoy the freedom of being one with nature and getting lost in the sound of the waves crashing along the shore.
Visit in Second Life Tailspinners Rest Memorial
Tailspinners Rest is a memorial site dedicated to fallen aviators from WW1, WW2 and the Korean, Vietnam, Gulf and Afghanistan wars.
Visit in Second Life Ilha Buzios Brasil
Visit Buzios Brasil, a fantastic place to make new friends and engage is beach activities. Play volleyball or board games with friends and take amazing pictures chasing the sunset. Or, you can just chill and cuddle up with someone special. Buzios welcomes newcomers with a friendly staff that is always willing to help.
Visit in Second Life Patankar
Explore, relax and take pics at Patankar.
Visit in Second Life Universe
Discover an alternative mysterious universe with an interesting background story while enjoying a magical music soundtrack.
Visit in Second Life
Linden Lab
Place Pages are Linden-hosted web pages  for every Second Life location listed in Search, which landowners can customize and make their own. These pages make it easier to discover great places in SL and give Residents another way to promote their destinations.
We started a limited Beta program for this feature back in January 2017. This allowed us to respond with tweaks and polish to help get it to where it is today. This current offering is our “Unrestricted Access” release, which now allows all landowners to access their Place Pages and personalize them. Many of these pages will also soon be discoverable via popular search engines, such as Google. This means that more people than ever have the potential to learn about your Second Life place!
Moving forward, we’ll be continuing to improve Place Pages with more user-facing features, so stay tuned! For more information, visit the Place Pages Knowledge Base. A forum thread was also started for those wish to get even more history or would just like to leave us feedback.
Check out these example Place Pages:
The Pen
Time Portal
We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to see even more places to discover and explore!
Linden Lab
Hello Residents!
Whether it's the significance of one's appearance or persona to fellow residents or how they impact the performance for all users, avatars have always played an important role in Second Life. Because of this, we are constantly trying to improve the quality, overall selection or choices and how performant these Linden curated avatars are. Every iteration we hope to be better and more efficient.
Today we’re excited to announce a set of 8 new starter avatars which are themed Renaissance, Mystic Heroes and Angels & Demons. In this release, for the first time ever, we’re offering Bento avatars!
Yes you heard it right, all but the Mystic Heroes in this offering will be Bento-equipped. Some of the avatars are ride-alongs, which mean they include horses as a Bento attachment, while others boast animated wings!
These avatars are available through the viewer in the "Choose my avatar" section. You can also view or choose them from your inventory and customize each to your liking. We hope you enjoy trying them out as much as we did creating them!

Xiola Linden
On June 26, 2017, Linden Lab performed some upgrades on our billing system that resulted in an unanticipated issue. After we completed the maintenance to implement the intended upgrades, many attempted L$ purchases on the LindeX, in addition to Marketplace purchases, began failing to deliver L$ or items, respectively.
Thanks to Residents quickly contacting support and confirming our growing suspicions, we immediately disabled payment processing at 12:05PM PDT to prevent additional users from being impacted.
After some intensive troubleshooting that - despite our best efforts - took longer than we’d have liked, the base cause of these failed transactions was resolved as of 3:51PM PDT on the same day. However, we still have the task of refunding the thousands of failed transactions to the impacted users ahead of us. A large number of Lindens across several departments have been coming in early and staying late between Monday and today to fulfill that responsibility to our users. Your patience is greatly appreciated, and we hope to complete the work as quickly as possible.
We’ll post an update to this blog as soon as we have more information to pass along. Our support agents on the phone lines and live chat do not have any additional information to provide at this time. Support cases which have already been submitted will be answered once this situation has been resolved.
If you missed it, April recently shared a bit about the role of ‘Shrek Ears’ in the Linden culture here. You can believe that this week, Shrek ears are being worn. 
- The Second  Life Support Team
Xiola Linden
Have you ever wanted to know more about the “Lindens”? At the recent SL14B celebration, Prim Perfect owner and editor Saffia Widdershins hosted four community Q&A sessions featuring several employees from Linden Lab who work on Second Life. Each of these interviews reveals enlightening insights about the people behind Second Life, as well as their experiences and challenges running the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world. 
Take a look at the videos below to learn more:
Meet the Lindens: Engineering Director Oz Linden and Director of Product Grumpity Linden

Meet the Lindens: Lead Community Manager Xiola Linden

Meet the Lindens: VP of Operations and Platform Engineering Landon Linden

Meet the Lindens: Senior Director of Product Operations Patch Linden and Land Operations Supervisor Dee Linden

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
Linden Lab
To celebrate, we put together a special (and somewhat mysterious) gift set. 

We’re not entirely sure what a Sananok is, but the Moles assure us they are friendly creatures that tend to keep to themselves and need a good home. Each Sananok avatar comes with a mysterious egg, which is  in fact so mysterious, not even the Moles know what it will hatch into.
Sananok Avatar

A wearable avatar that includes a shape and an alpha layer.

Mysterious Egg  (Rezzable or wearable)


Things you can do with the egg:
Rez it out your parcel, make it feel at home. Add it to your avatar to carry it around with you (perhaps for a night on the town?). Have a tea party with it, it’s all good. Keep an eye on your Egg as it will, from time to time, tell you things (like when it’s getting ready to hatch!).
Stop by the SL14B Birthday Regions and grab this gift from any of the gift kiosks available!
Linden Lab
Second Life’s virtual economy and the ability to process Linden dollar credits for real money on the LindeX exchange has long been a powerful and important aspect of the virtual world, and last year alone, users processed credits amounting to $60 million (USD) from the Second Life economy. The opportunity to turn virtual creativity into real profits creates a virtuous circle - it provides a financial incentive for creators to provide high quality goods and services, which add incredible richness to the virtual world for all to enjoy.
Underlying SL’s successful user-to-user L$ economy and the ability to buy and sell L$’s for real currency is a significant amount of ongoing work to ensure that everything remains compliant with applicable laws and regulations, while also preventing fraud and money laundering. 
Investing in improvements to these processes and the ongoing compliance work required comes at a cost to Linden Lab, and we will be making some LindeX fee adjustments in order to share a portion of those costs with Residents active in the SL economy.
The changes are as follows:
The fee for purchasing L$ on the LindeX will increase from $0.40 (USD) to $0.60 (USD) per transaction The fee structure for process credit transactions (i.e. paying real money into PayPal or Skrill accounts) will remain as a 1.5% fee with a $3 (USD) minimum, but the maximum fee per transaction will increase from $15 (USD) to $25 (USD). These fee adjustments will be effective as of June 19, 2017.
Xiola Linden
Second Life hits its 14th Anniversary this summer. That’s worthy of celebration, and you do not have to wait until the actual Anniversary ( June 23rd, if you’re curious) to start enjoying the fun!
While we have a few things in the works for later this month, yesterday we launched a HUGE shopping event in honor of the occasion. Sixty Merchants with some of the most popular brands in Second Life have set up shop across three Regions  -  Golden, Gilded and Halcyon - each providing a FREE gift and some major discounts on their top-selling items!
 You’re going to want to find some time to make your way through each of these stores, as there really are some amazing things to find.
 Go, check it out now! Sales ends on June 26th!
Participating Merchants
 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. / .TeaBunny. / [ west end ] / [Tia] / {CA} CALIGULA™ / *KC|Couture* / % anxiety / • Zuri Jewelry • / ^.^Ayashi^.^ / || Fashiowl Poses || / ~Tableau Vivant~ / 1313 Mockingbird Lane / 220ML / addams / Alice Project / alme. by ChloeElectra / Aphorism / Bella Moda / BigBully / Blueberry / BOYS TO THE BONE / by Crash / Cae / Candle and Cauldron / Canimal / Catwa / Chez Moi / ChiMia / CONSTRUCT / Deadwool / Deccan Arida / eve / eXxEsS Hair / FUSSY x FOXCITY / G&D The Italian Style / Gos / Heartsdale Jewellery / Hello Dave / Hucci / Ison / jacinda jaxxon / Lapointe and Bastchild / Lemon Chilliz / Lure / Lybra™ / Mina / Murray / Patron / RealEvil Industries / Rebel Hope / Refuge / Silvan Moon Designs / STRAY DOG / Sweet Tea Couture / Thalia Heckroth / The Cube Republic / Titans / titzuki/FAKEICON / WILD Makeup Studio / zed designz /
Xiola Linden
The season of swimsuits and flip flops is upon us! Even in Second Life, you are sure to see a few more barefeet and tanlines than usual. The last few fresh blossoms of spring have reached their peak, and the water has warmed to a perfect temperature for dipping or sipping umbrella drinks in the sand — or poolside.
There are parades in the streets as festive crowds dance along the sidewalks and pinwheel their arms against the sun. There is no way to deny that summer has shone her sunny face, and the Destination Guide is prepped with a ton of sun activities to keep you entertained. Come join us for the Music Fest auditions today and tomorrow for a little live music!
Share your Second Life summer pics to our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features, and do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Check out our featured Place Page this week at The 1920s Berlin Project.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.
Now, slather on some virtual sunscreen and meet me at the pool!
SL14B MusicFest Auditions
Come support your favorite music acts at the official auditions for SL14B MusicFest! From bands to solo acts, electronic to acoustic -- you'll experience some of the best talent inworld at this two-day event. Round one auditions held June 2 from noon-2 p.m. (Pacific) with the regions open from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. only. Round two auditions are held June 3 from 6-8 p.m. (Pacific) with the regions only accessible from 5-9 p.m. Above photo by Elo.
Visit in Second Life SL14B Shopping Event - Gilded
Get free gifts and exclusive items from many of Second Life's top designers at the 14th Anniversary Shopping Event, held June 5-26.
Visit in Second Life Destination Hope Hunt for RFL
Use the Passport Travel HUD and travel around SL getting your passport stamped at each stop to receive prizes.The Destination Hope Hunt, held throughout June, is an official RFL event and benefits Relay for Life.
Visit in Second Life London City Pride
Celebrate a month of UK pride in London City through June. Experience top cabaret performances and concerts and discover collectible memorabilia and summer activities live from the amphitheater. Hang out on the beach, paddle in the pool and bask in the sunshine. More details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.com
Visit in Second Life UAC Medieval Faire for Relay for Life
Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life Team (#38) presents the Third Annual Medieval Faire, running though June 18. The Faire, similar to a real world "Ren Faire," offers medieval tournaments in jousting, sword play, archery, horse racing, chess, Slurbbage, and all day trivia. There are over 80 merchants throughout the Faire grounds, as well as a village, travelers' camp and Gotya garden.
Visit in Second Life Summer Kick-Off Fun & Sun Fest
Celebrate the kick-off of summer with the Summer Fun & Sun Festival at Templeton Cove. Join this week-long celebration starting with a Black & White Ball on June 3rd and live music and deejays throughout the week. Event ends June 10th.
Visit in Second Life Seira
Seira is a space dedicated to music lovers: dark techno, deep house, progressive, tribal, reggae and whatever you like. An Open-Stage concept where everyone is invited to come DJ, dance, hang and have fun! On June 10th more than six DJ's will take the Open-Stage to generate feel-good vibes in a mystical desert environment at the foot of a beach, where its music, and its people give life to Seira, convoking fire and energy for a great festival that starts at 9 a.m. (Pacific) and will last more than 12 hours with the best Techno and DnB.
Visit in Second Life Phabolaois Stran
Phabolaois Stran is a mysterious rocky island in the middle of nowhere.Guarded by seagulls, only just a few shipwrecks and ruins tell of the island's eventful past including invasion and occupation. And then there is the abandoned mansion that had been the refuge of Lord Gwynplane one century ago. Attentive explorers might even discover the secret entrance to the bizarre circus in the sky.
Visit in Second Life Flash Back / Flash Forward
"Flash Back / Flash Forward," Giovanna Cerise's newest installation, takes an abstract and dreamlike approach to time's passage, our tottering on the precipice between past and future, and the commingling of time and space. Showing at Split Screen through July 31.
Visit in Second Life The Empire
Welcome to Bastards Hollow, nicknamed in 1893 as The Empire. Come explore this once booming town with your friends or family and discover vast caves and historical sites.
Visit in Second Life WarBug
Fly WarBug planes here for free! Shop for the latest models and engage in air combat. You will find many awesome L$10 items for sale here, too.
Visit in Second Life Care and Hope Center
The Care and Hope Center is a not-for-profit info hub to instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence and violence against women. Visit the Care and Hope Center Domestic Violence Awareness Exhibit where prominent SL residents share their photo artwork. Free and confidential monthly classes on various topics such as domestic violence, emotional abuse, love addiction, etc. are offered.
Visit in Second Life
Linden Lab
In recent server deploys, we rolled out valuable updates to land access in Second Life. These improvements made a change to allow estate owners and managers to always enter the regions that they administer, increased the population limits on regions, and granted premium members priority access to popular events.
But wait, there’s more …
Now, we are happy to announce another improved capability for estate managers. Estate managers may now enforce parcel access settings across their entire estate. They can choose to allow parcel owners to prohibit public access (creating a banline), or require that parcel owners permit public access so that most Residents experience the estate as a contiguous area.  
As an estate owner, if you want a welcome area that is accessible to all, you’ll no longer need to manually check your parcels for banlines on your estate! Just set it and forget it. You will be informed that this change may impact any existing parcel settings, and you can rollback to previous individual parcel settings. We’ll keep the previous parcel settings - for a limited amount of time - in the simstate to temporarily safeguard against accidental changes.
We’ve adjusted the access management UI to try to make the effect of each change more clear, and have additional UI improvements in the works!
You can read a great (and highly detailed) recap of these changes on Inara Pey’s Blog. Thanks, Inara!
Keep a light lit... we have more exciting land enhancements coming on the wind in the future.
Xiola Linden
When I was a teenager, my parents and friend’s parents would buy us season passes for the local amusement park to keep us busy during the summers. We’d get dropped off in the morning, run wild on the rides, and wait for our parents to pick us up as the sun set behind the skyline of roller coasters tracks and ferris wheel spokes. Summer always brings back those memories of good times with good friends — some of whom I am still close to all these years later. There is something magical about an amusement park, and you can enjoy all that excitement without the vertigo in Second Life.
The Destination Guide  is crowded with fun, interactive spots full of rides for virtual thrill seekers and summer lovers alike. Take a look, and you are sure to find something that brings back memories of the summers of your youth — regardless if that’s decades or last summer.
Share your Second Life summer pics to our Official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.
Also, do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Check out our featured Place Page this week at Virtual Railway Consortium Headquarters.
Wolf Valley Ranch Amusement Park
Wolf Valley Ranch Amusement Park is home to numerous adventurous thrill rides, including the Holly Jolly Coaster, Aqua Scape Coaster, water slides, bumper cars and much more!
Visit in Second Life Mountain Lion Night Club Amusement Park
Enjoy live deejays spinnin' at this open air rock club in a mountain park setting with ocean view. Experience the classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. Hear pop, new wave, top 40 and more including themed events and concerts. There's also an amusement park for all!
Visit in Second Life Raglan Shire's 12th Artwalk
Raglan Shire celebrates its 10th year in Second Life and its 12th Artwalk! This five-week long event, which spans four of the eight sims, features over 150 artists from around the world. Here you'll find everything from photography, paintings, drawings and sculptures from both the "real life" and Second Life. There are also live musical events, weekly games, a poetry slam, deejays and more. Held May 14 to June 18.
Visit in Second Life Proverbs of the Low Countries
A picture is worth a thousand words...and then some! Proverbs of The Low Countries will take you through over 110 proverbs portrayed in the famous painting Netherlandish Proverbs by 16th century painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Utilizing Second Life's experience key system, Proverbs will guide your camera around the monumental piece explaining the old sayings use at the time of the paintings creation, which are portrayed in the painting itself.
Visit in Second Life Fade Away by Cica Ghost
Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it's like they didn't fade away at all. - Bob Dylan
Visit in Second Life The Garage Fair
Have fun exploring the best brands with exclusive specials and unique items at The Garage Fair, held May 22 through 26. Don't miss the many gacha and gifts available from participating designers. More info at eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com
Visit in Second Life Draftsman
Draftsman is a home decor and architecture shopping event made for those looking for the latest products from both their favorite and newly discovered designers. They feature a unique, custom venue allowing visitors to easily shop through the 20th of every month through the 15th of the following month. More info at draftsman-events.com.
Visit in Second Life Aloha Beach
Aloha! Aloha Beach has spacious sandy beaches, big waves and the best surfing features. Come to this welcoming place for good sun, great water, dancing, live music and more. 広々とした砂浜、波乗りにもっとも適した大きな波が特徴のビーチです。サーフィンするもよし、日光浴をするもよし、散策はいつでもどなたでも歓迎します!ダンス、ミュージックライブ、DJクラブイベントなども楽しめます。
Visit in Second Life Brand New Colony
The Brand New Colony is a scenic, adult-oriented sim. The waterfront woodlands, beach, and dungeon are open to all adult avatars. Enjoy private intimate moments, wandering, sightseeing, exploring, photography, and meeting new people in this friendly, uninhibited environment.
Visit in Second Life The Foresta Harbor Community
The Foresta Harbor Community is a fully-functional marina with rental moorings for large and small boats. The Foresta sim also offers roleplaying opportunities including firefighting and Harbor Patrol for community residents. All are welcome to come wander the sim and relax. There's even a public rez zone so you can sail from here without renting.
Visit in Second Life Town Of Nightingale & Boone Hill
You’d heard stories of Boone Hill. It was noted in history books that it was founded by Henry Boone in the 1700‘s. However, long before that it was a home to a notorious Wiccan family (the Nightingales). More info at townofnightingale.wixsite.com/nightingale.
Visit in Second Life Terra Nova
Welcome to Terra Nova, a community where civilization has picked up the pieces after a meteorite struck and an otherworldly race stuck around. Sky crystals can alter your DNA and 'half-breeds' live here, so be careful to not stray beyond the city walls where the Reapers take and do what they want!
Visit in Second Life Second Life International Airport
SLIA offers everything you would want from a major airport including but not limited to main terminal facilities, sim security, crash rescue, a fuel station and two levels of rentable space (connected with a custom build aircraft lift) suitable for everyone’s needs. Ticket counters, offices and plenty of public space rounds out the experience at SLIA.
Visit in Second Life Lake Templeton Beach
The Beach at Lake Templeton is a community beach open to visitors. Enjoy relaxing on the beach or exploring this nine-sim open water region.
Visit in Second Life Eagle Town
A place to call home. Take a walk around the newly-renovated community of Eagle Town. This family-friendly sim offers many amenities and endless opportunities to be whatever your heart desires. Roleplay in the police or fire departments or play as an officer of the courts, shop owner...or perhaps a restaurant owner?
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Xiola Linden
The Destination Guide editors have once again collected some of the latest and finest destinations for you to visit — so don’t hesitate to start making your way through the list below and share your pics to our Official Second Life Flickr.
If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Check out Time Portal, which is our featured Place Page this week at: https://places.secondlife.com/regions/46933/time-portal
BURN2 Burnial Equinox Sacred & Profane
Sacred represents interests of the group, while Unity is embodied in a sacred group of symbols or totems. Profane involves mundane individual concerns. Art installations depicting these themes are abound at BURN2.
Visit in Second Life The Grab Monthly Event
Luxury, elegance, fashion, beauty, power and quality can all be found at Second Life's latest exclusive sales event, beginning April 28. With some of the best designers coming together to present to you amazing clothing, furnishings and accessories, this is definitely the event to add to your calendar.
Visit in Second Life Hollow's End - City of Portals
Hollow's End - the hub of realms with seven unique realms built inworld for roleplaying. Your character can be involved in many contexts at once without needing to create new characters per genre. The seven realms are of different time periods and different contexts but the storyline is interwoven as fingers to the same hand.
Visit in Second Life LICK - Asian Fusion Country in the Orient
Asian Fusion Country in the Orient is a picturesque sim with a collection of different Asian cultures. A touch of old and new merged together on one sim. Explore, take pictures or just hang out.
Visit in Second Life Celebrities Bay Surf & Music Festival
Rebel Yell Concerts presents Celebrities Bay Surf & Music Festival. Enjoy the biggest waves at the surf beach, the luxurious VIP beach, a panoramic restaurant on the ocean, tribute concerts, parties and more.
Visit in Second Life The Reading Cafe
Welcome to The Reading Cafe. Sit back, relax and espresso yourself.
Visit in Second Life Niamh's Journey of Dreams
Niamh's Journey of Dreams is a story sim in watercolor textures based on Cybele Moon's "Tales of the Tuatha." Follow in Niamh's footsteps as she looks for her lost dreams.
Visit in Second Life Ynys Seamaide
It is said that Ynys Seamaide stands upon the grounds of the last great battle of the Elder ones, the Tuatha da Dana and the Femorians. The land holds the key to their banishment. For years, Seamaide has been a haven for those seeking a peaceful life. Its waters, it is said, are doorways to other realms. Behind a reflection in each pool lies a new world, a secret that should have been better kept.
Visit in Second Life Wrong Turn City
If you have arrived, turn your car around! Wrong Turn City is a dark urban sim where crime flourishes and people seldom live there by choice - unless they are running from something. With a community of roleplayers who are fully inclusive of people of varying roleplay skills, you will not find cliques at Wrong Turn City nor overbearing admins. Come along and start writing your stories today.
Visit in Second Life The Anthropic Principle
Live the exploration of an alien planet and discover TRON-like sites, full of fractals and lights (cased on a short novel written by Gem Preiz). This installation is open until end of June and held concurrently with No Frontiers (another Gem Preiz exhibition).
Visit in Second Life A Yorkshire Tale
Feel the warmth of Yorkshire's rural villages and the soul-warming comfort of rustic fires and homemade food. The fulfillment of a simple life is yours for a little while, so let Yorkshire awaken your senses and ease all your worries away as you lose all track of time. Perfect for couples, photographers and explorers alike.
Visit in Second Life Visigoth Kingdom of Caucaland
Visigoth Kingdom of Caucaland - the place where history, adventure, romance and fantasy are present...and, yes, love is present, too. A place which might astonish you because of what you'll find and what you'll expect to find. A place where you can have fun or relax. A place where you can come and take romantic or kinky pictures. Come and make an impression by yourself.
Visit in Second Life Costa Blanco
Costa Blanco is inspired by the southernmost province of Sweden, mixed with Bretagne in France. It is a sophisticated place to take pictures, where nature's spacious beauty surrounded by ocean is combined with adult pleasures.
Visit in Second Life Maduro Lounge
Maduro Lounge is a beautiful waterfront outdoor club. This friendly place features good vibes and good music while live deejays play R&B, soul, hip-hop, reggae and calypso genres.
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