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Linden Lab

It’s time again to show off a few of the newest experiences and intricate locations in the Second Life Destination Guide. Make time to immerse yourself in the great destinations below.

Relay for Life of Second Life is back with the Paint Second Life Purple fundraiser. Paint Second Life Purple asks people to do just that: paint selves, clothing, homes, landscapes, and pretty much everything else purple. The event lasts through March 7th, visit www.relayforlifeofsecondlife.com to learn more.


Paint Second Life Purple

It is time to paint the grid purple again for of cancer awareness and fundraising. Join Relay For Life of Second Life for the start of the 2015 relay season. Paint Second Life Purple Week takes place from February 21st through March 7th. Turn your house, land, prim, even yourself purple! For more information, visit www.relayforlifeofsecondlife.org.

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Speculum is the newest installation by artist Giovanna Cerise. Too large to view from the ground, you’ll need to take to the sky to experience the entirety of this huge exhibit. What will you see in the mirror of Speculum?



Giovanna Cerise presents the latest installation, Speculum. In Speculum, the mirror is multiplicity and continuous playback. It overlaps and obfuscates, as illusions are wont to do. The mirror is a projection into an unreal dimension. Where does it lead?

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The Moulin Rouge is a neo-Victorian, community-themed roleplay region with loads of live stage shows, cabarets, burlesque and more. Active for more than seven years, the Moulin Rouge is a great spot for anyone with romance on their minds.


The Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is a community-themed roleplay sim with entertainment, romance, residential life, and shopping. They also offer weekly live events, burlesque, and live stage shows! Relax at a bistro, explore gardens, the Eiffel tower, take a romantic hot air balloon or boat ride – they're a perfect destination for romance.

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In Blithe’s forested park, breezes whisper through trees, fireflies flicker, and horses graze around artfully rusting trucks. You can even relax with someone special in rustic houses on mirror-still ponds. Blithe is a calming region built with an eye for nature.



Come explore the enchanting world of Blithe, an expansive two-sim region with plenty to discover. Wander the wooded pathways, enjoy the rocky coast, cozy up and dance with a loved one or friend. There's so much to see and do at Blithe. You can even join the inworld group to rez your own items for photographs and more! Get lost in the captivating world of Blithe.

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An easy-to-join freeform roleplay zone, Helion Alpha is a slick sci-fi region welcoming to all. Active players can claim living spaces, and faction leaders can even take over entire headquarters. Ignore the dross, go to Helion Alpha for sci-fi roleplay in its purest form.


Helion Alpha

Helion Alpha is a LGBTQ-friendly sci-fi roleplay region featuring freeform roleplay in a moderate-rated setting. Choose between mercenary, pilot, outlaw, scarper, or replicant. Come play, hang out, or just tour this amazing build. Active players can claim living spaces, and faction leaders can even take over entire headquarters! There's no applications, sign-ups, weapons, meters, or hassles.

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If you’ve just finished adding the final few touches to your next great creation, don’t forget to share it with the rest of the community! There’s still a little over a week to send in those submissions for the Photo Booth Fun Contest, it runs all the way through March 4th. If you’re looking for inspiration, sneak a peek at what your fellow Residents are up to in the official Second Life Flickr page. See you inworld!

Xiola Linden



Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! We have a box of treats lined up for you this holiday, and you can read on for all the details.



Our annual Valentine’s Day shopping event is back! Discounts on clothings, hair, accessories, decor, and more, plus gifts from many of your favourite Merchants and brands are available from now through February 26th. Drop by the Gilded and Golden shopping regions to collect your gifts and get some great deals. Many of our participating Merchants are also putting items in their Marketplace for sale, so be sure to visit them. Marketplace participants and links are available here. 

Shop Your Heart Out.




Love is a complicated creature — inspiring poetry, prose, songs, and art since the beginning of time. The Isle of View celebrates this complex feeling once again with the hub of all things Cupid and hearts - the Isle of View!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come hug and dunk some Lindens
At the Isle of View!

On February 14th from 10am-12pm SLT, join us at the Isle of View for a chance to hug and dunk some Lindens. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your one and only - when else are you going to get the chance to cozy up to a Linden or splash one into a cold tank of water? An opportunity like this comes around about once a year — so don’t miss out.


While you are at the Isle of View - you can hunt for some limited special Glytches. What’s a Glytch, you might ask? Part of a grid-wide experience that launched last September - Glytches are collectible little creatures that you can capture with tools that you can upgrade with gems. Get started (if you don’t already have a weapon and hud) at portal park, then bring your hunting spirit to the Isle of View to capture these adorably cute little rascals.  


A gorgeous gift of Glytches awaits those with Premium memberships - Just drop by the Premium kiosks to claim to your Love Bugs!


That is an overview of all things lined up this Valentine’s Day season - and if that’s not enough - you can always visit the Romance category in the Destination Guide for a treasure trove of places to celebrate~ 

P.S. Isle of View.


Linden Lab

Now that April’s showers made way for May’s flowers, come see what new and exciting places and events sprouted in the Destination Guide. Much like last time, we’ve scoured submissions to bring you dark urban roleplay, steampunk art galleries and walks, futuristic sci-fi, and a whole lot more. So what are you waiting for, come visit!

Don’t forget to share your creations. We love seeing what you come up with next!



Hollow Woods

Hollow Woods is a modern supernatural-horror experience that caters towards creative, paragraph-style roleplay. The game is based within the small island town of Hollow Woods, where unexplained events and a shady government-funded corporation are at the forefront of all those bumps in the night. Explore Hollow Woods and the rest of the island as it unfolds with real time events.

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Extension Centennial Celebration

Cooperative Extension represents universities in all 50 states improving lives by bringing applied research to help farms, homes, and communities. Cooperative Extension observes its 100th birthday this month with celebrations around the USA and also in Second Life, where it began creating virtual learning environments in 2007. Come and wish Extension a happy birthday!

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The Steampunk Gallery Opening Party

Come see the Steampunk exhibit in the Skywalk Gallery opening party in the Station. The Station is a highly detailed, fun-filled sim featuring ten well-known bloggers and artists. DJ Kate will spin the tunes while everyone dances and strolls the gallery halls enjoying steampunk sites, sounds, and activities.

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Botany Bay

Botany Bay is a unique multi-genere Sci-Fi roleplaying sim. With a unique, inclusive backstory and lore, this sim is friendly to many different types of Sci-Fi roleplayers. With no meter requirement and flexible play styles, the staff work to make everyone feel welcome, new or seasoned. Rental and space available.

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Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014

The Raglan Shire's 2014 ArtWalk opens Sunday May 4th, and displays the works of over 100 artists on four enormous outdoor sims. Artists grid-wide converge to exhibit their photography, art and sculpture in this annual arts festival, hosted by the Raglan Shire through May 25th.

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Punto de Encuentro

Punto de Encuentro es un lugar de reunion, para hablar, jugar a juegos de mesa, escuchar musica y todo lo que se nos ocurra, !bienvenido a nuestra familia!.

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Linden Lab

This episode of the Drax Files: World Makers focuses on the “perfectly imperfect” perspective of Nylon Pinkney. Nylon Pinkney is the owner of the virtual clothing and accessories store Nylon Outfitters - a brand that Drew Carey has mentioned as a favorite - and even had a hand in designing some of the original starter avatars in Second Life.

As a wedding photographer who deals with challenging clients in her offline career, Nylon enjoys expressing her whimsical artistic side in Second Life - applying her skills t o her brands as well as her region - Tableau. Check out Tableau for what Nylon describes as a “bombed out southwestern desert” from a Jersey girl’s point-of-view.

Watch the

 below for the full story on how working in Second Life has helped her to grow as artist, how it has uncovered some interesting niche communities, and more of Nylon Pinkney’s distinctive sense of Second Life style.


Want to see more personal Second Life stories? Find all the previous episodes at Draxtor’s Website or below:


The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 1: Kriss Lehmann
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 2: Jo Yardley
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 3: Eshi Otawara
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 4: Fantasy Faire / RFL
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 5: Engrama

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 7: Rod Humble
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 8: MadPea Games
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 9: Elie Spot
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 10: Robin Sojourner
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode11: Dwarfins
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 12: Ole Etzel
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 13: Creations for Parkinson's
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 14: Rose Borchovski
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 15: Scottius Polke
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 16: Feed a Smile
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 17: Zachh Barkley
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 18: Paradise Lost
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 19: Virtual Chemistry at Texas A&M
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 20: Flockers
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 21: Editorial Clarity
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 22: Virtual Health Adventures
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 24: MadameThespian Underhill
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 25: Oblee
The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 26: Absinthe


Linden Lab

Today, we’re updating Second Life’s default avatar options with 24 brand new mesh avatars. You may have spotted a sneak peek at a few of these as Lindens tried them out recently, and starting today, you can start using them yourself!

These avatars are designed to give new users a more appealing set of choices as they start their time in Second Life. Based on the most popular avatars picked at registration, these new options are much better-looking and take advantage of technology incorporated into Second Life over the past year (like fitted mesh and materials) for a more modern feel.

If you want to check out the new default avatars, just open up the Avatar Selector in the Viewer. Under the People tab, you’ll see a great variety of male and female mesh avatars to pick from. Under the Vampire tab, you’ll see those infamous creatures of the night along with some other monsters like zombies, werewolves, and winged beasts. (Tip: Make sure you’re running the latest Second Life Official Viewer for the optimal experience with these avatars.)

Under the classic tab of the Avatar Selector, you will find many of the most popular classic default avatars. Although not all of the old options will be available in the Avatar Selector, you can still access them all in your inventory library under Library/Clothing/Older Outfits - so if you were partial to one of them, don’t worry.

Login to your Second Life account and meet the new mesh avatars, today!



Note: These are just a few of the new avatars you'll find in the Avatar Selector. Login to see them all.

Linden Lab

Happy Birthday to …. Second Life!

While it’s only the middle of May, June is fastly approaching and the time is now to start planning your Second Life Birthday celebrations! As in past years, we’ll wrangle the best of the best in Second Life Birthday events and corral them into a special SL11B category on our Destination Guide during the month of June.

If you are planning an event that commemorates the occasion - submit your event or party information to the Second Life Destination Guide Submission Form (use the misc category) or via editor@lindenlab.com, using “SL11B” in subject line on the form or email.

There’s also the Second Life 11th Birthday Community Celebration - a resident-driven event that promises tons of amazing fun and excitement for everyone. If you’re interested in being part of SL11BCC and applying as an exhibitor, performer, or volunteer, be sure to submit before the deadline - Tuesday, May 20th at noon Pacific.

As the birthday approaches, watch this space for more information - we have a surprise or two planned as well!

Are you ready to party?

Linden Lab

10.13.2014: UPDATE: Oculus Rift DK2 Project Viewer Now Available.

At Linden Lab, we’ve been very happy to see all the recent activity and interest in the virtual reality space - it's a sign of progress and innovation in the industry and helps validate the space Second Life has led for more than 10 years. Developments like the Oculus Rift hold great potential for Second Life, and we're very excited to bring the virtual world into the future with new technologies and partners.

 A few weeks ago, we began a limited beta test of a version of the Second Life Viewer that makes it easy to use an Oculus Rift headset with Second Life for a fully immersive, VR experience. From the outset, we’ve seen strong interest in the integration, not only from existing Second Life users seeking a new way to experience the virtual world, but also from virtual reality enthusiasts eager to explore the enormous quantity and variety of user-created 3D content and social experiences inworld.

 The early beta testers of our integration have provided some valuable feedback, identifying bugs as well as providing suggestions for additional features and options that would improve the experience of using the Oculus Rift with Second Life. Today we’re pleased to announce that our Oculus Rift integration is now available as a Project Viewer, the first step toward becoming a part of the default Second Life Viewer.

 The Project Viewer features:

  • Full Oculus Rift Hardware Support - includes automatic hardware detection and display calibration for quick and easy setup.

  • Full UI Support - users can access the entire Second Life UI and HUDs while in Oculus Rift mode, so there are no limitations on what a user can do inworld while using the headset.

  • Customizable UI - users can tailor the settings for Oculus Rift mode that work best for their needs.

  • Avatar Head Motion - Oculus Rift head-tracking data is mapped to the avatar, so users’ avatars look where they do.

  • New First-Person View - allows users to enjoy the immersion previously available with mouselook mode, but thanks to the Oculus Rift, the mouse is free again to control the cursor, allowing for interaction with the UI and objects inworld.

  • “Align to Look” -  allows users to quickly start moving the direction they are looking.

  • “Action Key” - interact with objects by pressing a key, works great in mouselook mode.

Like our initial beta release, this Project Viewer is more about making it easy to get started using the Oculus Rift to view Second Life than it is about optimizing the UI for headset users. We’ve made some minor adjustments to the regular Second Life UI in order to present it in head-mounted display (HMD) mode, but the UI headset users will experience with this project Viewer is still essentially the same as you’d see without an Oculus Rift.

If you have an Oculus Rift headset and would like to use it with Second Life, get the Project  Viewer here. Getting started is easy - the Viewer includes automatic hardware detection and display calibration, and we’ve created this brief

to help:

You can use the Oculus Rift for an immersive 3D experience anywhere and everywhere in Second Life, and we’re also creating a new category in our Destination Guide to make it easy to find places that are particularly compelling with the Oculus Rift.

It’s still early days for the Oculus Rift (the hardware isn’t yet available to consumers), and we have more planned for our integration with the Second Life Viewer as well. We’ll keep you posted as development progresses, and we look forward to hearing more about your experiences using the Oculus Rift with Second Life!


Linden Lab

Once again, it’s time to show off a small selection of the many and varied regions in the Second Life Destination Guide. With charities, holidays, pubs, and more, this weekend’s a great time to experience some the fun things available in Second Life.

It’s time for the official Relay for Life of Second Life’s Kickoff Celebration! The start of 2015’s fundraising season is packed with ceremonies, live musical performances, DJ’s, a bring-your-own-kiosk party, and good times all around. Be sure to visit http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/ to learn more.

Delve into a bewildering Escher-inspired landscape in Metamorphosis Exhibition. Designed to inspire visitors to create 2D objects in 3D spaces, and this installation boasts a myriad of cubes, arches, staircase mazes, kaleidoscopic villages, and interconnecting animals.


Metamorphosis Exhibition

Metamorphosis is full-region art installation inspired by Esher's Reptiles and Altrani, Amalfi coast artwork. Created by Relay for Life and Fantasy Faire builder Beq Janus. Take a journey through the eyes of Escher and reflect on how Second Life inspires people to transform the 2D into 3D.

Visit in Second Life


If a dystopian future ruled by evil corporations is on your role-play wishlist, Era of Salvation is a place you won't want to miss. Taking place in the year 2082, enter the neon-lit darkness of Metroplex 17 as you make your way through a dark world of mega corporations and augmented humanity.


Era of Salvation

Era of Salvation takes place in the gritty, futuristic, neon-lit mega-city known as Metroplex 17. Taking place in the year 2082, enter a world of mega-corporations and augmented humanity. EoS is an immersive environment for role-players to weave their own intricate stories in a completely original and amazing atmosphere.

Visit in Second Life


The Guy Fawkes Inn is everything you’re looking for in a British pub and nightclub. Take time out from a busy day to chat with friends, dance, and enjoy a pint (or two). Just be sure to stand your round, huh?


The Guy Fawkes Inn

The Guy Fawkes Inn is a British-inspired pub and nightclub, built by British Residents for an authentic experience. Set in the Britannia sim, the Guy Fawkes Inn is inspired by the London historical icon Guy Fawkes. Enjoy a beer at the bar, a dance in the club, or a beer in the sun out by the pond!

Visit in Second Life


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early at 2015 St. Patrick Day’s Town! This yearly build returns with rainbows, brimming pots of gold, dancing, food, gifts, and a whole lot of green. So dance a jig and join the festivities today.


2015 St. Patrick's Day Town

The all-out festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day Town will blow through your senses like a virtual Irish breeze. Ride on flying gold coins, dance a jig with leprechauns, drink green beer, sing along with friends at the piano, and fill your basket with everything Irish. The most colorful party is waiting for you, so follow the rainbow to St. Patrick's Day Town.

Visit in Second Life


As great as these destinations are, we always love seeing what you do next. So share your creations! Or show off that new look in the official Second Life Flickr page.

Linden Lab

Back in March, we blogged about a British documentary company that was looking for couples who first met in online communities, like Second Life, for a TV piece with a working title of “Happily Ever Avatar.”

The production company says that in response to our first blog post, they found some great stories to tell, but they’re still interested in a few more from Second Life users. Here’s their updated casting call with more information on the angle they’re pursuing and what they’re looking for:

British documentary company Back2back are currently making a documentary for Sky Living about relationships that start in online communities such as Second Life, with a working title of “Happily Ever Avatar”. The programme is a completely positive documentation of these relationships, where we look at relationships that have blossomed through online gaming, with players falling in love through their avatars and going on to have meaningful, committed relationships in the real world. It will look at unconventional relationships in a counterintuitive way, overturning many of our prejudices and misconceptions with honest storytelling. It will challenge us to realise that committed, successful relationships can embrace the unusual.

It’s set to be a heart-warming series celebrating dating and relationships in the 21
Century. The theme is very much about 'love conquering all', and showing the incredible lengths couples that meet online go to in order to become a real life couple. I am currently seeking couples of all sexualities and backgrounds to take part in the programme. These can be new or established relationships – even those where the partners haven’t met. The only prerequisite is that one person in the relationship must be based in the UK.

If you’d be interested in taking part, or would like to find out more, email
toni.tyldesley [at] back2back.tv
. All emails will be treated with the strictest confidence.


Xiola Linden

Well, hello October! Even though it can be any season at any time in Second Life  there’s something extra magical about this time of year inworld. It’s like all the parties, costumes, events, and fun take over.

The Second Life Destination Guide is filling up with oodles of fantastic spots. It’s probably no surprise that Autumn and Halloween are some of my favorite things  so expect a bucket-load of tricks and treats this month to be highlighted and featured here on the blog and our social media channels. Links to our various official social media presences are provided at the bottom of this post for those who aren’t already following us there  but for now  let’s get on with the first batch of fresh-baked treats to gobble up with the glee of a child eating candy!



Halloween Rock and Shock 2015

Take a journey into your darker nightmares. Visit one of the many locations including the haunted house or church. Take the canoe ride to the ghost cave and play trick-or-treat and enjoy awesome tribute concerts and rock parties.

Visit in Second Life



Pumpkin Town 2015

Pumpkin Town is one of the most famous Halloween towns in Second Life! It's a place to visit and have fun! Here you'll find deejay sets, concerts, freebies, shopping, a hunt and more. Learn more at pumpkin-town.blogspot.be. Open Oct. 1-31.

Visit in Second Life



London City Fall Fest

Join London City through October for a month of seasonal concerts and shows celebrating autumn and enjoy exhibitions from turn of the century London. More at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

Visit in Second Life



Rock Your Rack 2015

Rock Your Rack 2015 supports the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This 3rd annual event has 64 designer booths with event exclusives providing 100% donation to the cause, a 10L hunt, silent auctions, live musical entertainment and more. Visit rockyourrack.wordpress.com for a complete listing of designers, entertainment and events.

Visit in Second Life



The Guy Fawkes Exhibition

Want to learn the real, grizzly story that inspired V For Vendetta? A 17th century plot to blow up London's Houses of Parliament is told at our Guy Fawkes Exhibition in all its gory detail. Come visit, learn about the terrorist bomber from long ago and pick up some freebies in our special medieval exhibit! Open all through October to November 12th!

Visit in Second Life



Haunted Cornmaze -Trick & Treat Hunt

Welcome to Botanica's 5th Annual Haunted Corn Maze and Trick-and-Treat Hunt. Wander Botanica's garden for fun, low prim Halloween decorations and explore the Haunted Corn Maze where daring the tricks will win you 20 treats. Collect all 20 for a choice of four grand prizes. It's a little scary and a whole lotta corn.

Visit in Second Life



Watercolors in the Rain: An SL Experience

Step into the mind of real life author David Lavigne as he brings his real life novel to life. With the Watercolors in the Rain team, Mr. Lavigne's literary vision has been recreated in Second Life as chapters on this highly interactive sim. Visit and experience the story, join in on a unique quest-styled hunt, or come to the many live events planned for the entire LEA season.

Visit in Second Life



3D Republic Haunted Captain's House

Walk the hallways of "The Captain's House," an early New England sea captain's house notorious for his tragic tale. Captain Channing returned from the sea one ill-fated October evening in 1806 and found his wife in bed with her lover, Roger. It is said he buried their bodies not far from the house and tossed their heads over the cliff. Ever since those gruesome events, the area has exhibit paranormal phenomena and the wailing sounds and apparitions inside the building never cease.

Visit in Second Life



Hestium II...The Stories Continue

Hear the echoing cry of seabirds as they swoop and dive with the warm sun on your back as you relax over a cup of tea in the cafe. You are in Hestium II. Soon you will walk its paths, find its secrets. A daydream made true, come alive before your eyes.

Visit in Second Life

Don’t hesitate to share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

Is our Destination Guide missing your spot? Let us know by filling out the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

See you inworld!


Second Life on Social


Linden Lab

If you keep an eye on Linden Lab announcements, you might have seen that we recently acquired Desura, the community-driven digital distribution service that puts the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers’ fingertips, ready to buy and play.

Now, Second Life is available on Desura (oh, and Patterns is too)! You can still access Second Life as always, but this now makes it easier for anyone with a Desura account to get into Second Life as well. If you have friends who are Desura players, help spread the word! And, if you’d like to check it out yourself, it’s free and easy to create a Desura account.


Xiola Linden


A-haunting we will go! This year we’re going to take inworld meetups and Halloween shenanigans and mix them together for a frightful mashup of mind-blowingly fun times. But - we need your help to make it happen.

Are you interested in hosting a stop along our Second Life Creepy Crawl? We’re looking for spots that will have music, are appropriate for general and moderate audiences, and don’t mind having a few Lindens and Residents dropping in all at once to dance and hang out for a bit.

The Creepy Crawl will be taking place on October 30th - more details to follow for those who just want to come along for the fun! But for those interested is potentially being a stop along the crawl - here’s what you should do.

  1. Make sure your place is listed in the Destination Guide - here’s how to submit.
  2. Hop over to this form and fill it out before October 20th - we’ll start selecting the venues after that!
  3. Keep an eye out for an email and/or notecard after the 20th to let you know if your venue was selected.

We’re excited to visit as many Halloween spots a possible - and can’t wait to have some spook-tacular fun!


Pic by Gia Nikai Juliesse

Linden Lab

Machinima artist Draxtor Despres is at it again, this time with an uplifting interview with Robin Sojourner, best known in Second Life for her texture tutorial and wonderfully crafted skins and clothing.


Join Robin as she shares her insights on creativity, teaching, and balancing offline and online life. Not to mention the importance of nurturing the creative spark in each of us. So pull up a chair,

and go make something!




As always, be sure to catch up on previous Drax Files at Drax’s website and below!


The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 1: Kriss Lehmann

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 2: Jo Yardley

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 3: Eshi Otawara

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 4: Fantasy Faire / RFL

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 5: Engrama

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 7: Rod Humble

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 8: MadPea Games

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 9: Elie Spot

Linden Lab

The best summer is eternal in Second Life - so even if it’s raining or snowing where you are - the water and weather is perfect in Second Life! Not only does this June mark the 11th birthday of Second Life, it’s also a great time to explore some virtual places with the ease of teleporting and the best travel rates you can find.

There’s plenty of great spots to investigate in the Second Life Destination Guide, but here’s a few to get you started.

Does a lone radio tower packed with mystery pique your interest? Dip beneath the waves for an exciting underwater hunt or traverse a dense jungle for the perfect photograph. Visit a recreation of the historic Titanic or Zen Buddhist temple, and maybe take in some live music at a towering amphitheater.  Sounds like you’ve got a lot of fantastic plans this weekend! Your travel itinerary is below. Don’t forget to send us your snapshots.



No Signal

The new installation by Nessuno Myoo entitled No Signal is a very special work, with a small mystery to unravel. Find the clues and venture into the solution of an enigma, revealed as a singular interpretive key. The exhibition will remain open through June 14th.

Visit in Second Life




Titanawak is a huge boat frozen in time and ice. Come and have a drink at the bar with friends, a talk by the fireside, have a dinner, dance, play the piano for your lover, relax in the lounges, games room, library, bedroom or pool. Learn the exhibited artwork, the museum dedicated to the Titanic memorabilia. Explore the sea ice, icebergs and their secret places.

Visit in Second Life



Formanails Underwater Hunt 2014

The Formanails Underwater Hunt 2014 runs from June 1st through July 15th. This hunt takes you on an underwater journey to find the hidden objects. To hunt, you'll need a free HUD from the starting point. For more information, be sure to visit http://bit.ly/SMWdXu.

Visit in Second Life



Goodnight Photography

Goodnight Photography is an island sim that explodes with color from the moment you arrive. The island features many wonderfully photogenic locations for your picture-taking delight.

Visit in Second Life



Kinkaku-ji Garden

Golden Pavilion is the popular name for one of the main buildings of a Buddhist Japanese temple in Kyoto, Japan. The name Golden Pavilion comes from the Japanese term Kinkakuji, which literally means the temple of the Golden Pavilion. Come experience the serenity.

Visit in Second Life



Mystery at Crescent

This is the Second Life home of the Invisible Band, sometimes known as the Interplanetary Liberation Front or the Deep Space Jug Band. Come hear music streamed 24/7 as well as regular live music shows.

Visit in Second Life

Discover something else amazing on your adventures? Share it with us here.

Xiola Linden

As promised - Halloween has taken over a big part of Second Life this month. There are hunts, shopping events, haunted houses, and much more in the ‘fright and delight’ vein to keep you and your friends busy.

The Second Life Destination Guide has received an overwhelmingly awesome number of submissions this week all in theme with the marvelous and macabre so we’ve plucked a few treats from the bucket to share here. There are a few non-Halloween spots as well for those who prefer a less spooky experience.

But for the rest for those that do not fear proceed with caution into the depths of the dark imaginations behind these terrifyingly terrific spots in Second Life.


Havenhollow III

Holiday Appreciation Association presents: Havenhollow III, an interactive neighborhood featuring a door-to-door trick-or-treating experience. Trick or be treated. Leave no corner left unturned or unexplored. This town is packed with fun, mystery, and excitement for you and your friends to experience together.

Visit in Second Life



SL's Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt

Join the Tour of "SL's Top Haunted Places" with approximately 50 or more really scary places for you to explore. Although mainly tours of haunted places, each has a hunt and some have places to shop. Pick up an updated list from the sign at each location.

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Halloween Haunt at Two Moon Paradise

Visit the fifth Annual Halloween Haunt at Two Moon Paradise. Dance to the skeleton rock band, take a ride on the skulls or just hang around with the bats. There's lots of gifts, as well as spooky places to visit, live entertainment and a whole lot more. Everything is interactive!

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The Unseen Kingdom

Days before Halloween, teenager Tommy Wilson and his friends discover a dream portal to another dimension…one that holds a horrifying secret that threatens their relationships, their sanity, and their lives. Explore the setting of Daniel R. Mathews' debut horror novel "The Unseen Kingdom." Lots of clues in the form of laptops, cell phones and newspaper articles abound. Come enjoy some scares!

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Prichard Project

Carlton was once a vibrant bustling town and home to Prichard Industries, manufacturers of advanced military vehicles. Now it languishes in the hills of New Hampshire, isolated by a military cordon. Officially, there is a quarantine, but is that really all that is going on?

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The Marathon Caye Underground

Explore the depths of Marathon Caye in a subterranean sewer complete with man-eating plants, and subterranean volcanoes.

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The Nightmare Event 2015

Visit The Nightmare Event throughout October and face some of your darkest fears. Walk through terrifying experiences and hunt for tons of free awesome prizes! When you are finished, enjoy the large shopping area featuring many great creators that bring you new Halloween horror items and prizes!

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ROMP is an adults-only shopping fair focused on all things elegant and kinky. This event, held through Oct. 16, caters exclusively to the adult community and its participating creators offer some of the most unique, exquisitely made apparel, furniture, poses and accessories available on the adult grid.

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The Plastic Ocean

Come visit Betty Tureaud's art installation inspired by the problem of plastic waste in our seas. When you arrive you can catch a shark and swim round in Betty Tureau's color world.

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The Gathering

The Gathering presents to you a fantastical gacha experience, featuring a selection of Second Life's most original and imaginative 3D content artists. Uniquely handcrafted items for an extraordinary gacha experience.Event held through Oct. 14.

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Madpea's Peatonville Asylum

In 1943, 22 people mysteriously disappeared from the Peatonville Asylum. Dare to find out what happened? Join others as you seek answers in this interactive and immersive grid-wide point-and-click adventure game from MadPea, held through Nov. 30.

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Linden Lab

We at Linden Lab love

 video series. Draxtor Despres consistently does a fantastic job presenting the stories of some of the many talented people who are creating incredible things in Second Life.

From artists to educators, game makers, fashion designers, community builders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, musicians, magicians, and more - there is no shortage of fascinating people making and doing wonderful things in Second Life, and The Drax Files presents their stories in a way that shows not only the creative power of the platform, but also the unique personalities that make up the global community of Second Life users. As compelling as the series is for those of us already familiar with Second Life and stories like these, it’s also extremely powerful in communicating the magic of Second Life to those who haven’t yet experienced it firsthand.

The Drax Files has been a labor of love for Draxtor from the start, but there are real production costs associated with creating something of this quality. We want to ensure that the series continues, so today we’re very happy to announce that Linden Lab is now sponsoring The Drax Files: World Makers!

This sponsorship has no impact on Draxtor’s editorial independence; we’re not taking control or trying to dictate what stories are told or how they’re presented in the series, nor does our agreement have any impact on his other work (his podcast, for example). What our sponsorship does mean is that Draxtor will be able to continue to produce new episodes of The Drax Files: World Makers series each month, which we can all enjoy and which Linden Lab can use in support of our Second Life marketing efforts.

Also starting today, a newly refreshed SecondLife.com homepage will feature a brand new trailer from the series as an introduction to just some of the people that make Second Life and its community so interesting. Check it out below, and be sure to share it!

Xiola Linden

Now that the month of October is in full swing let’s keep the Halloween party going!

The Second Life Destination Guide receives tons of great submissions all year, but there is no doubt that the creepy, campy, colorful, and creative side of the Second Life community really shines this time of year.

That means you have got to log in and start exploring before the winter holidays start to sneak their way into the grid. Take a peep at these fine selections and get ready to prowl some of the coolest regions in Second Life.


BURN2: Carnival of Mirrors

Experience Burn2 - held Oct. 17-25. Burn2's flat, dust storm-plagued playa seeks thousands of campers, participants, music lovers, artists, performers, builders, and partiers. Come burn the man! This year’s theme is "carnival of mirrors." In this endlessly diverting spectacle, who is the trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are? Learn more at burn2.org.

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Prison by Cica Ghost

In this prison, all the doors will open for you, and you'll be able to escape at any time. But you won't feel like going away. And even when you finally leave, you will want to come back.

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The Epiphany

The Epiphany is a new gacha event featuring exclusives from some of the grid's best designers!

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LTD: The Event

LTD: The Event is now open. This bi-monthly home and garden event is dedicated to the top-quality designers of Second Life who "Love to Decorate"! More at lovetodecoratesl.com.

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Trancescending's Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Trancescending will turn pink for three days to support the fight against breast cancer and to help find a cure. Held Oct. 16-18, join the cause and community with 36 live mixing trance deejays from all over the world, who will gather all weekend long to bring you the finest trance music around. It's all to help raise much-needed funds to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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TAG! Gacha - The Haunted Mortuary

Join your favorite creators this Halloween for another adventure in Second Life gacha. This round will take you to the Haunted Mortuary and then out across the grid to discover the collections of creators like AptB, O.M.E.N, Contraption and Seven Emporium. Join the group Gachatopia! inworld to stay in the know and be the first out of the gate when the event starts. Event held Oct. 17-31.

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2015 Blaze Halloween Sim

This Halloween spot features numerous haunted attractions, including a zombie apocalypse maze, haunted house, pumpkin patch and more. Make sure you take the boat near the arrival spot to get to the two islands filled with spooky surprises.

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Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze

Bay City becomes "Hay City" with it's annual autumn hay maze! Find your way through, find some fun prizes...or find yourself on the dinner plate of spooky ghosts, spiders and rats!

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Welcome to Disturbia, an abandoned carnival where the freaks come out to play. No one truly knows what happened here. You be the judge. To all that enter, BEWARE! You might just leave a little deranged!

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The Liaison Collaborative

The Liaison Collaborative is an innovative, intimate events company based entirely within Second Life. The Boutique and The Garden are housed here and opens to the public every 7th through the 30th.

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