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  • What is a knowledge base?

    The Second Life Knowledge Base (KB) is the official self-help resource from Linden Lab and experienced Residents.

    Much of the content is inspired by common questions from Residents. Although moderators and Linden Lab employees will often read comments in the KB area, we will usually only respond when a comment is flagged as inappropriate. This is not the right place to give Linden Lab product feedback.

    When posting comments on the Second Life Knowledge Base, please follow the Community Participation Guidelines

  • How can I find specific articles in the knowledge base?

    Use the KB main search box, or navigate through categories and filters, to narrow down results and find the article that you're looking for. You can also search for knowledge base articles from any federated search box in the top right-hand corner of the Community website; this search box will return organized results from the entire community website.

    To use federated search for a knowledge base article:

    • Enter a search keyword and choose Knowledge Base in the list to the right of the Search button.
    • From there, you can use search results filters to zero in on the article you're looking for.

    To go to an article related to a post:

    • Click the Knowledge Base links at the top of the article.
    • You will also find links related to the articles.

  • How do I nominate content for a knowledge base?

    If you come across a great material in the community -- helpful questions and answers, or just plain useful information -- after you have been an active part of the community for awhile and have the Contributor rank, then you can nominate the topic for a Knowledge Base article. Your nomination will then be reviewed by the Linden editorial team for potential inclusion in the Knowledge Base. Once a topic is accepted, a Knowledge Base Linden author can use it to create an official Knowledge Base article.

    To nominate content:

    1. Go to the topic you want to nominate.
    2. Choose Topic Options > Nominate to Knowledge Base.
  • How can I contribute to a knowledge base?

    Every time you contribute to an article -- by adding more information, providing clarification, or just helping to keep published articles up to date -- you can receive credit for your contributions.

    You can contribute to the Knowledge Base in a number of ways:

    • By writing good answers to questions posted in the community.
    • By accepting good solutions to your questions (This automatically nominates the post to be considered for inclusion in the Knowledge Base).
    • By nominating good posts you find in the community.
    • By reviewing or editing articles (if you have the right permission, based on your role).
    • By commenting on published articles.(if you have permission, based on your role).

  • How do I edit a knowledge base article?

    Anyone who has achieved the role of Contributor or Helper can edit a knowledge base article. Helper-ranked Residents can edit published articles. Contributor-ranked Residents can edit unpublished (draft) articles. Both ranks can start new articles.

    To edit a knowledge base article:

    1. To edit a published article, click the Edit button on the article page.
      Note: You only see the Edit button when you have permission to edit the article.
    2. Click in the section you want to edit and make your changes.
      You can edit text, add text, or drag content from the clipping area on the right side of the Editor.
    3. To search for additional material, enter a search term and click Search.
    4. To find tagged material, click the Tags tab and click a related tag.
    5. Use the formatting and content buttons to add style to the text or add images.
    6. Use the spelling checker to check the contents of the article.
    7. Add contributors or related links as necessary.
    8. Add a revision note that explains your changes.
    9. Click one of the Save options.
      The buttons you see depend on your editing permissions.
      • Click Save to save your changes.
      • Click Save & Request Review to ask community members to review and comment on you revision.
      • Click Save & Request Publication to ask the article's publisher to make your changes public.
  • What icons are used in the Second Life Knowledge Base?

    The main icons used in the knowledge base are as follows: