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Naked Landlady Rentals

Thanksgiving Holiday Special!


From Now until Thanksgiving we are having a Holiday Special. When you buy your first weeks rent you will get one day free! For residential and commercial parcels.

We offer excellent customer service from 8am slt to 10pm slt. There is always someone to help. You can terraform your parcel. We do weekly restarts and restarts on request.

We are among the lowest rates in SL. I urge you to come see what we can offer you and your family.

And we pay for referrals! That’s right, if you rent from us and recommend a friend who becomes a tenant then we will pay you for your referral! For more information please contact one of the staff. Referral fees are for new tenants only. Contact any of our agents for more information or questions.


Current listings available.


½ Homestead – Phoenix Outlands, 1873 Prims, 3800L weekly. Residential


½ Sim – Emerald City, 7500 Prims, 9999L weekly. Residential


¼ sim – Phoenix Twilight, 3750 Prims, 4999L weekly. Residential


¼ Sim – Amereagle, 3750 Prims, 4999L weekly. Commercial


¼ Sim – DiLemma City, 3750 Prims, 4999L weekly. Residential


¼ Sim – Riders Paradise, 3750 Prims, 4999L weekly. Commercial


15872 sqm – Amereagle, 3632 Prims, 4800L weekly. Commercial


3264 sqm – Phoenix Shopping, 822 Prims 1350L weekly. Commercial


3584 sqm – DiLemma City, 820 Prims, 1250L weekly. Residential


3584 sqm – Diamond Paradise, 820 Prims, 1250L weekly. Residential


4096 sqm – Endless Paradise, 937 Prims, 1400L weekly. Residential


4096 sqm – Lovely Paradise, 937 prims, 1400L weekly. Light Commercial


4240 sqm – Trinity Falls, 970 Prims, 1400L weekly. Residential


6128 sqm – Diamond Paradise, 1402 Prims, 2150L weekly. Residential


7440 sqm – Phoenix Determined, 1702 Prims, 2500L weekly. Commercial


8000 sqm – Phoenix Unleashed, 1831 Prims, 2700L weekly. Residential


8176 sqm – Phoenix Unlimited, 1871 Prims, 2700L weekly. Commercial


8192 sqm – Lovely Paradise, 1875 prims, 2800L weekly. Residential/light commercial


9200 sqm- Lunar Island, 2105 Prims, 3000L weekly. Residential


9712 sqm – Phoenix Enchanted. 2222 Prims, 3100L weekly. Residential


Our Staff;

Lyndsay Carson  Owner/CEO,

Agents; Synnamon Brandi, Lexis Bailey, Jacki Silverfall, SerenityDreams Destiny.



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