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The marketplace store is returning errors

SO. I'm brand new to the whole selling things on SL deal. I made a single item that I thought I'd try testing the waters with; a cheap, basic skin. Went through all the processes and moved it into my outbox-- which then hung in a perpetual state of "initializing" mode.


So I googled the crud out of the error. Did everything I could think of to no avail. Came across a viewer made for specifically for this issue here. Downloaded, installed, ran. And now I'm getting, "the marketplace store is returning errors".


I don't even know what to do anymore.


- Tried reinstalling both viewers.

- Made sure my store is up and ready.

- Made sure all my settings are english (given, they always have been).

- Made sure there wasn't any bugs with the skin itself. It's a very simple skin with nothing special.

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Re: The marketplace store is returning errors

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I have the same problem since three days ...I sent several items and it was ok before , now I have always the message "the Marketplace is returning errors"...

I need help please ! :smileyhappy: