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Will second life ever introduce Prepaid Cards?

I really just wanted to ask if Linden Labs would introduce a Prepaid Card function for Second Life. I think it would be a great asset and it would get more money flowing into the game itself. I know for starters that some people don't like using credit cards or paypal accounts strictly because of trust issues. I think the safer option would be Prepaid cards where someone can just buy it from a store in their country, enter the pin digit and redeem however many Lindens they chose. Please, if anyone can, answer my question.

I strongly recommend Linden Labs considers Prepaid Cards as an option of payment or gaining money.

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I used one a while ago to buy L and it worked...but tried this morning and it said "transaction declined".....BUT, when I checked my card balance they had made a charge to the card. I called SL billing and they said that prepaid cards are not accepted.....but then WHY was there a charge from SL made to my card??? Apparently they can't reverse the charge either.

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I do not think that it is OK to advertise any specific company when answering someone post (especially when it is your company:smileyhappy: but you can google the problem of visa card for second life and for sure you will find something like prepaid card for SL.

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Honestly I don't know why Age verification would be required at all for a prepaid card (NOT a prepaid credit card) other games use prepaid cards for account gaming time or for in game currency... IF Second Life had a card for sale at a local store that I could buy Lindon's with (NOT to pay for my VIP nor to use to age verify or gain access to adult content) as far as I know anyone can obtain Lindon's regardless of age or game status so why not be able to obtain them at a local store?

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Every once in a while someone asks about prepaid cards.  Lindal's right.  Linden Lab has very cautiously accepted some prepaid cards, but they are not likely to move very far toward them because there's no way to verify the owner.

BTW, you should be aware that we are not Lindens.  There are never any Lindens here in this resident-to-resident forum.  We don't make (or often even understand) Linden Lab decisions.  We're all SL residents like you.

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I seriously doubt this will happen, and the reason is the same one you mention: trust.

Second Life is a game primarily for adults, although people as young as 16 may use it and access SL's General-rated content.  Those as young as 13 may use SL, but are limited to a "sponsored" and adult-supervised region.

People with a registered payment method (a major credit card or a verified PayPal account) can access all SL content.

It's easy for anyone, even a minor, to obtain a prepaid card.  Therefore, LL will only accept payment methods that are available to adult persons.

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That all sounds very logical but I have my doubts as to it actually being the case.

I have an age verified accont with a cc given. HOWEVER the secondlife site did not just take the cc and grant me age verification I had to directly answer identity questions.

I used the same cc on my alt's account without answering those questions and he is not age verified.

That blows up the "because the credit card grants age verification" theory based on experience.

So there obviously is some other reason. And (since I agree that a SL specific prepaid card would be a great move for both the membership and LL...) that being the case I see no reason not to pursue instituting such a card.

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