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How do I earn fast L$'s?

How do I earn money fast without a credit card or playing games? I want to earn a lot & earn it really fast. In the answer please include:

*The name of the way

*How much I earn an hour

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Ansariel Hiller
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Get a real life job! Seriously! There is no fast and easy way to earn L$!

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Honestly it is so rude to think that you can just magically obtain lindens without putting some effort into earning them. 

Just like everything else in life, you have to EARN it to get it. Like the previous commentors said, the fastest way is to pay for them with RL currency, which does not normally come to too much. If you are unable to do that, you should settle for completing tasks that allow you to gain your lindens. That is how I earn the majority of my funds and the tasks really aren't difficult at all. 

LoveAngeL Lyre
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Hello alison. If you want them fast, you buy them of course. No other way.

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Create content that a lot of people want.  Sell it.  L$2,000/hour if you're lucky.

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Rolig Loon
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The name of the way >>>> Buy it.  See

How much I earn an hour >>>>  As much as I am worth.

Seriously, who in his right mind would spend time in world working just to earn money?  You can earn much more in much less time with a RL job than you can earn in SL.  Save your lunch money for a couple of days and you'll have enough to cover a month's expenses in SL and have money left over.  And you won't have wasted your in-world relaxation time working either.

If you want to work, of course, that's different. Just don't fool yourself into thinking that it's an easy way to get much L$ in SL.

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Marigold Devin
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There was a chap on another thread who boasted he had made 50K linden dollars by playing zingo. What he didn't tell everyone is that he'd been playing the game for years, and spent way more than that, so his "winning" were a drop in the ocean.

If it were so easy to make money fast, do you think we would be sitting on the forums waiting to give you our secret?

Look up on Google for Second Life millionaires, or the rich list, and see how it's done. For real!   There are millionaires in Second Life - but they did not make their fortunes overnight or without hard work.

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In retail I think skin makers likely earn the most but it it highly competitive and you would have to spend a lot of RL time and money up front in creating your product, setting up a store and marketing...assuming you even have the creative skills to make fabulous skins that would put you at the top of the market.

Am told escorts can make a decent amount of Linden, especially those who offer RL voice and cam.  Understand some charge RL money but you would need to research carefully I would think.

Land owners can make decent money in SL but you have to spend large sums of RL money upfront to buy your sims from LL, market your land for rent, and then manage your land and taking care of client issues on-going.  So again not fast or easy proposition


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go on lindens realms and run really really really fast (:

Claireschen Hesten
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there are several ways to make cash inworld that don't require you to work for someone those that i have used include:

Meetro - initally pays you in points which you can later redeem for L$ at selected locations you get L$1-2 per average 6 minute stay (some places require you stay longer)

Bletaverse - pays you as long as you stay in a location a set number of minutes usually 10 minutes you get about L$3-4
SL Travel Money Hud - pays you to visit locations as long as you wander round the location and don't afk you can get L$2 for 3mins up to L$20 for 13minutes you cash out via the hud

Coin Hunting - all the coins i've seen (scrap coins) give you L$0.05 though there are higher value ones if you collect enough coins you can exchange them for L$

Earn2Life - not one i'd recommend at all it works in a similar way to the travel money hud except the e2l hud is more complicated to use there are different user levels and the lower your level the more days you have to wait before you can get your earnings after cashing out on their website also you can get hefty fines (a negative balance on the hud) you have to work off with the hud and if they think you're someones alt you're banned 

Linden Realms -  this is a new Linden run game you complete quests and collect different coloured crystals when i 'played' it all i got was 3 misely L$ for completeing it 

selected Lucky Chairs & Boards - some owners allow their boards to dish out money as low as L$1 in exchange for the user's name starting with the same letter on the device

Camping - if you can find it the typical payout is L$1 per 10 minutes