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OK..... So I am a day new to this game so I know nothing about it.. I was fooling around with this guy in one of the places and all of a sudden a popup said I was pregnant or something and that I would reciece more health info in 9 days... WHAT IS UP WITH THIS? I have no idea what is going on or what is going to happen. Anyone care to enlighten me please??? Thanks.

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Cinnamon Lohner
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Ignore it.  And get a new boyfriend.  You probably had pixal sex with someone who has an OnDuty part.  These were designed as a marketing tool to get people to buy into a pregnancy roleplay.  Bottom line, being pregnant in SL is a role play like being a vampire or a pirate.  You can choose to play or you can choose to ignore and play something else.

Your choice.


Lindal Kidd
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Cinnamon gave you a perfect answer.  Pregnancy, like much else in Second Life, is all roleplay, 'let's pretend".  If you WANT to be "pregnant", there are lots of props and toys you can get to add to the fun.  If you don't, just ignore that silly message, your BF's equipment doesn't know what it's talking about.

For more on pregnancy roleplay, see my blog post, "How Does Babby Grow?"

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