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how to have a baby?

how to have a baby?


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Hello keaona. You need to buy a kit for that at Marketplace . Also you can find some products for free in world.

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Buy one, make one or find someone who wants to roleplay being your baby.

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Welcome to Second Life Answers. Here was similar topic. 

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Well You Can Go on MP and buy a prim baby or in game buy a baby that stays the same age or grow and there zooby's my fav!!!!xD

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As indicated by LoveAngel, you can buy a maternity kit. If you don't want want to go through the pregnancy thing and just want a baby, you can buy a prim baby either on the marketplace or inwolrd (searching "baby" will lead you to LMs for baby stores) and you can be a mother instantly! :smileywink:

PS: and also: make love!!! :smileyvery-happy:

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"Having a baby" in Second Life can be as simple as two people just doing text chat role playing about it, or as complex as buying a HUD system and sexual add-ons that respond to each other and give a statistical chance of impregnation, complete with being able to use "the pill", condoms, and cheating about using a condom.

There's a system called "Mama Allpa" that can be found on Marketplace that automates the statistical chances, and provides feedback on whether or not you got pregnant, and how many months along you are. They also offer paternity tests that can tell which partner impregnated you (all requiring that each participant is using their system). Their website has information on what happens throughout the pregnancy cycle, so you can accurately roleplay the behaviors. I've used that system, and found it to be pretty good. Unlike some others, it doesn't spam the area with chatter about your baby kicking or enforce any specific timing in your lovemaking.

There are animation pose ball sets for giving birth, too, and people who will roleplay as obstetricians or midwives to assist and guide you through a birthing.

The baby itself can be (and usually is) a simple prim doll, which you can purchase, or make yourself. It's technically possible to make an avatar that is an infant or toddler, but for the most part it's difficult to make an avatar look younger than about 8 years old. Most people that I know who roleplay pregnancy will do the 'getting pregnant' and 'being pregnant' phases, and maybe roleplay the birth itself, and then after a few weeks of playing with the prim dolly, they 'fast forward' and have someone roleplay the kid as a school-age child for a while, then 'fats forward' again and the kid is a teenager and of 'legal age' to fully participate in Second Life.

But what you do and how you do it is entirely up to you. It's just role playing, with or without scripted props and gadgets.


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