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How do I lock my house when I'm away
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LoveAngeL Lyre
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Hello Cafighter and welcome to SL Forums. Depends of the house. If you speak for a Linden Home you have no problem, because only the onwer is able to open the door. Some houses have controllers where you can lock and unlock the doors. If you can't lock the doors at your house, you can put a security orb, so noone can approach the house if he is no in the whitelist (= list with the residents who are allowed to come into your house when you are no there).

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Lindal Kidd
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Many homes have lockable doors, but these are easily bypassed.  Someone can move their camera inside your house and sit on your couch, and presto!  They are inside.

You can put up ban lines around your property, to permit only named persons to enter, or you can put up a security system to eject trespassers.  But these are really more trouble than they are worth...because even if someone goes into your house, they can't steal or break your stuff.  Security is really only important when you are actually at home, and want to avoid being disturbed by strangers.

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