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Do you have a Second Life app I can download to my new Android tablet?
I've just received an Android tablet as a Christmas present. Does Second Life has any apps for me to download to my tablet? If so, how can I do it? Thanks.
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LoveAngeL Lyre
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Hello PrettyDandelion and welcome to SL Forums. As Ariel said you can download Mobile Grid Client and also to trust it when is included in Third-Party Viewers list in SL Wiki. You can find it also at Android Market and install it automatically in your tablet.

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Innula Zenovka
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There's the Mobile Grid Client for Android.  

I've never tried it, but Inara Pey has, and reviewed it quite favourably in her blog.

Ariel Vuissent
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Take a look at this page:

The Mobile Grid Client is Android-compatible, but you will not be able to see the world, only chat with friends. In my opinion, it's not really worth it; might as well just download Yahoo Messenger, really, but if you want to chat with your inworld friends and can't get their IM addresses, it might work for you.


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Dunno if there are full viewers available, but there's at least a mobile grid client:

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Is there an app for an i pad to get second life?

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how can I download second life to my tablet