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how do i get a job in second life
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Irene Muni
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A side note: ask yourself why do you need a job in SL? Is it ONLY for money? If the answer is yes, think carefully about buy L$ and enjoy SL without a job :smileyhappy: Just a side note.

Amadeu Callow
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You can get a job like a fisher so you can fish all day and earn money depending how much fishies you fished in this day.

Please read about fishing using


However you can ask your friends, or go to parties and ask owners of the clubs , shoppings if they need someone to work there


I hope had helped you

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i want a job please


Hippie Bowman
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Check out he employment section  of the forums!



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first ask yourself how old you are in sl most dont hire under 30 days.


they you can go to where hippie sent you the link to.

and you can say that you are looking for a job.

we usually ask you to list skills you have such as building, textureing, scripting, emoting, djing, or other skills. there are many i am just drawing a blank.

lots of luck to you on your search!!

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How I can have a job in Second Life?

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you search jobs or what job you like exsample: nanny jobs. After that there should be some places for the jobs you wrote down. read through them if you want that is, then teleport to one you fancy.OK and maybe there might be groups to this job or a helper bot. I there is any think like them ask or go to the group because they will tell you next.Some times there is a bit where you might have to fill some think in like your login etc. So you will have to do that. Some times you have to where huds I hope you no what that is If not there attach ments maybe for your avvatar of for a job like im saying now.

Im gonna add a emote for no reason so ignore this.... Hope this answerd most of your question     :cathappy: ok bye.

This is so new to me spoilers!


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Most of the good active clubs won't hire under 30 days, if not 90 days. :/ It's kind of something a lot of them do so you can get used to SL.