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Getting Naked

My problem is that I can't get all my clothes off to ya know do naughty things. What should I do? I go to take clothes off and I still have a under garmet on...

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Rolig Loon
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You are wearing a modesty skin.  Linden Lab issues then to newbies so that they won't shock each other by getting naked accidentally.  You should find a few immodest skins in the Library folders of your inventory.  Just try a few until you find one that works.  Ultimately, you'll want to go shopping for one that matches your self-image, of course, but that can wait until you have a reasonably good idea of who you are.   :smileytongue:

Not as dumb as I look
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To get naked you will need a non-linden skin.  Belleza gives group members some very nice skins, it costs 250L to join but worth it since his single skins sell for much much more.

To do naughty things will need some naughty parts.  Avatars are not born with them, they need to be purchased.  Try Xcite for those

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I want  to have sex I can't becuse I need to be naked!

Charolotte Caxton
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The default skins come with a modesty layer that cannot be removed. You need a new skin. Skins range from free to expensive and vary greatly in detail and appearance. I take it by your name that you may be male, you may want to look into getting the proper equipment to do naughty things, those too range from free to expensive and vary greatly in features, quality, and style.